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2023 home decor trends to try out in your New Braunfels home after moving

The period behind us was a turbulent one. During the past few years, the COVID pandemic, quarantines, global panic & economic turmoil made us take our home surroundings a lot more seriously. This is namely because of the fact we were forced to spend so much time indoors. When it comes to interior design, many specialists agree that people around the world shifted their focus from functionality to aesthetics. The trendsetters and trend followers agree on one thing: the dominant characteristic of 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels and elsewhere will be a move towards serenity, harmony & simple living. Your New Braunfels moving company will suggest some details to keep in mind if you want your new home to be up to date with the current home decor tendencies.

The New Braunfels style

Having recently moved to New Braunfels TX, you must already be acquainted with its rich history. A big part of the city's cultural heritage revolves around the love for antiques. Many local artisan designers are on the Texas Antique Trail. The famous Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture, located in the city, is another proof that home decoration is a huge part of the local identity. Descendants of old German craftsmen who excelled in the carpentry of the Biedermeier style, local masters still exist. Thus, you'll have enough resources to draw inspiration from when your residential movers New Braunfels arrive with your items and you decide to give your new home a makeover. Not to mention you'll have plenty of places where you can buy anything you can think of.
Maximalistic decor in a nutshell - one of the forecast 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels
Try to give it a contemporary look by applying some of these 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels
But, what to do with this inspiration? How to combine the elements you've supplied yourself with? What style to pick? What to be focused on? Keeping up with the current trends might seem superficial, but it is one way not to blow it. If there's anything we've learned from designers, trending experts, and influencers - it's that thinking ahead of time is the best way to stay fresh when it comes to style. The same rule applies when keeping up with the current trends in interior design.

Let Mother Nature inspire you

If you're one of the many people that were infatuated with the "biophilic" design fad at the beginning of the 2020s, rest assured - you've made a good choice. Experts like Amy Youngblood are positive that this trend will continue. According to her, "bringing the outdoors in" will still be a thing in 2023. Besides, this means that sustainability and eco-friendliness will still be among the top priorities in arranging interior spaces. Expect this rule applied everywhere, from materials and colors to finishes and furniture. For example, cozy organic materials such as wool, cotton, and clay are predicted to become all the vogue among home decor connoisseurs in the New Year. Furthermore, adding some mossy greens or bright sky blues to the color palette of your home might create a calming effect, taking the edge off the chaotic reality of contemporary everyday life. Nature-inspired art or some good old-fashioned greenery could deepen this. Incorporating these simple tricks will make your home a pleasant oasis after your moving services New Braunfels deliver your items and you move into your new home. Also, it will recreate the harmonizing impact Mother Nature has on us all.
Biophilic-styled living room
Experts say biophilic designs will blow up and become even bigger in the following year.

Appreciate your heritage

Vintage chic has been all the rage for almost two decades - in fashion as well as interior design. Home decor know-it-alls anticipate this trend won't subside for at least a couple of years more. So, it seems it's time to pay a visit to your grandma or the local thrift store! Specifically, the art deco style is predicted to come back big in 2023. After your local movers New Braunfels deliver your items and you start decorating your home, be on the lookout for unique antique-looking patterns and shapes, old, stylish, wooden pieces of furniture, etc. Locally crafted, artisan homeware is the new "new" furniture. More and more decor experts are looking for vintage and upcycled furniture instead of just stopping by the nearest commercial shop. An interesting lamp, even a tad tacky photo or painting frame can be an excellent conversation starter for your guests. One thing is sure: it will add patina and charm to your new home. And here are some more examples: long, sophisticated vintage curtains, elegant lace napkins on bedside tables & dressers, furniture with floral upholstery, Persian-styled carpets made from organic materials, etc.
A girl with an interesting face holding a vintage typewriter
Add retro-looking objects to give your interior a cozy, laid-back, yet stylish feel!

Be on the lookout for shiny stones

Designers and trendsetters agree that 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels and all over the world will see a twist toward bold use of stone elements all across people's living spaces - not just in the kitchen. But, the kitchen will after all be the primary location for such decor experiments. Expect veined marble with bold coloring to be the next big thing when it comes to countertops, kitchen surfaces, etc. Saturated, decadent shades will become prevalent, with shiny jewel tones dominating cooking areas worldwide. Earthy colors will also kick in, with deep reds, greens, and browns leading the way. The monumental look of granite, marble, and soapstone will be big for years to come. And is guaranteed to stay fresh in the eyes of guests and homeowners alike. If you are moving your kitchen, make sure that you hire packing services New Braunfels to ensure the safety of your countertops and other kitchen elements.
Stone elements in a modern kitchen
Sophisticated stone surfaces will lead the way in kitchen design, and be one of the top 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels.

Let the light in!

One lousy phone photograph is enough to convince you how big of an impact bad lighting has. Especially on the whole mood and quality of a composite whole. Experts argue that lighting ought to be one of the keys focuses of 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels. And the rest of the USA. Good lighting can designate the "vibe" of your entire living space. It has both a functional and a decorative purpose.  A simple desk lamp, when put in the right place, and aimed at an appropriate angle, has the potential for both grounding a space and providing subtlety. The market offers what seems like infinite possibilities. From modern brutalist-revival-type chandeliers to Danish-styled wooden lamps, they’ve all been among the top choices within designer circles for a long time. But tender, emotional lighting may be the best to soothe the eye. A soft lighting source covered with paper, various types of fabric, or silk, can be a decisive factor in designating the atmosphere of your new home in New Braunfels, especially in the evening hours.
getting an intensely bright living space by applying 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels
Try to think of original ways to Illuminate your living interior or provide enough space for natural lighting to come in.

Don't shy away from expressing yourself - manifest your individuality through eclecticism!

Home has always been a place of intimacy. However, specialists say the next year will be all about exhibiting unconventional design moves that represent our own identities. Individuality is always exciting. Tried-and-true tends to quickly become boring - nobody likes deeming himself a conformist, commonplace, vanilla-type. Remember one thing when it comes to interior design and home decor. Generating a space you are satisfied with is the only thing that matters. What it means to be yourself in an indoor space is free for interpretation. Yet, an unorthodox solution for decorating your walls is one of the ways to give it a go. Combine different styles & trends that you like, but keep it lavish - don't hesitate to show your eccentric side! Over recent years, a trend of draping fabric on the walls and using it as a decorative treatment emerged. This resulted in accentuating the droopiness and softness of the textures themselves. Remember, interesting and off-beat textures will be one of the big  2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels, so you can pay attention to this aspect. Be whimsical, and show your soft side by giving your safe space an intimate makeover. Your friends and family, and above all else you, will come to appreciate this bold move. Moreover, consider this as an investment toward preparing your New Braunfels home for sale in the future. It will certainly add to your home's value.
A working desk with a computer and owners personal belongings arranged according to 2023 home decor trends
Decorate your living space with items and elements that are meaningful and important to you personally - that way your home will always feel like a true haven.

Consider organizing separate home areas as multipurpose spaces

Home decoration trends in 2023 are sure to support and promote multifunctional living spaces. Customized interiors will provide room for everyday activities as well as entertainment and exercise. The goal is to assist people in overcoming obstacles imposed by situational isolation. This became a reoccurring phenomenon tied to the events of recent years. Therefore, the number of deluxe home theaters and game rooms, gyms, and saunas is most likely to rapidly increase. A lot of areas in our homes already gained more than one purpose. For instance, the basement gym or the home office closet is already on that list. But what about another you might've not thought of? A space that should also be multifunctional is your living room. Yet, among forward-looking designers, this concept is nothing new. Some of the top-notch home decoration specialists already have this in mind and have been including game tables, stationary bicycles & other workout or leisure elements in all of their living room designs for some time now. Many of them say it is because they want clients to truly live in that space. Be it as it may, consider moving the old couch-and-TV set to your storage New Braunfels, and adding something new. A pinball machine, pool table, or even an indoor swimming pool or sauna in your living room will most surely freshen up its decor. Blame the pandemic, but home decor aficionados such as Dustin Askland agree that another emerging worldwide interior design trend is an emphasis on wellness. This goes for mental, as well as physical wellness. People have started turning their rooms, even whole wings of their homes into leisure, spa, game, and resting areas. When there isn't enough space - multipurpose areas are the solution. If you have the opportunity, try it. You will agree that the benefits outnumber the disadvantages!
A lavish indoor swimming pool
Experts say multipurpose indoor areas will be one of the next big things in 2023 home decor

The most important things to keep in mind when implementing 2023 home decor trends

The fact is, there is an overall consensus among experts. It is that people are moving away from the minimalist, stripped-down looks of interiors popular in the past decade. Global uncertainty and turbulence resulted in people turning to their home environments for comfort and relief. Thus, 2023 home decor trends in New Braunfels and elsewhere will reflect this tendency. Expect people's homes to gain more character and individuality. If you are just planning to move, make sure that you get moving quotes New Braunfels and find reliable movers to ensure a safe move!


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