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Because of the fact that you will eventually leave a rental apartment or house, and sometimes sooner than expected, it can be difficult to justify spending money to spruce up a rental property in San Antonio. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make that place your own and get creative while you’re at it. When you do spend money to spruce up a rental property in San Antonio, think long term! When you tweak your rental home, you should aim to minimize labor costs. Especially because you can’t take that with you. Why not spend instead on packing services San Antonio and materials that can be repurposed in a future home?

Check your lease before any changes!

Beyond that, you need to check your lease to understand what really shouldn’t be touched. Some landlords don’t like the idea of a tenant rewiring things, for example. Instead, you can pick a few you like from our list of 5 clever ways to spruce up a rental property in San Antonio:
Wall art
Luckily, there are a number of alternations and interventions that don’t necessarily impact the structure of the house or flat.

1. Change the walls

Wallpaper is currently experiencing its biggest comeback since the 1970s. And wallpaper today is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. It’s a smart way to create a feature wall, a focal point or a touch of playfulness to the room. Even your office could benefit from this as well as our commercial movers San Antonio TX and the best news is that certain wallpapers are removable, which means you can quickly and easily remove it again when you move out of your rental.

Add a different coat of paint

The amazing thing about paint is that it is not permanent and you can simply paint over it again. Neatly painted walls will make all the difference in a home. Whether a beige palette is more your style, or you prefer pops of color paint is the way to easily enhance the overall aesthetic of a place.

2. Changing the light in order to spruce up a rental property in San Antonio

Mirrors are a clever way to enhance a space. Not only do they create the optical illusion of expanded space, but they also reflect light, both natural and from the fittings. And that works to make a room appear even more inviting. Replacing an outdated mirror with a more contemporary one in terms of shape and a more trendy frame will do wonders for sprucing up a rental property in San Antonio.
Many tenants think renting is frustrating because even if you don’t own the property, it’s definitely still your home and it's understandable that you want to make it look and feel like yours.

Replace outdated or impractical light fixtures

Much like mirrors, when you have outdated, impractical or unsuitable light fixtures you have a real eyesore in a home. The good news is that they are extremely easy, and usually very affordable, to replace in order to spruce up a rental property in San Antonio. A chandelier is a great solution when you want to double-volume space, while an elegant pendant light can really add that extra something if you want to lighten a room. Especially when you have spaces with ceilings of a conventional height.

3. Replace hardware to quickly spruce up a rental property in San Antonio

This one is not an easy or cheap intervention, but certainly, one that makes a huge difference when you want to update a rental property in San Antonio. But this only works if you have a long- to medium-term lease. Items such as sanitary fittings, kitchen counters, shower doors, and even carpets are some of the hardware of a home that people should update every 15 years or so. This is not the type of intervention you should do without consulting the landlord if you want to spruce up a rental property in San Antonio. In fact, it is the kind of thing that the landlord or homeowner might even be willing to pay for. Because it adds to the overall value of the property.

4. Spruce up a rental property in San Antonio with discrete design changes

  • When it comes to interiors, and the overall look and feel of a room, the difference is often in the detail. For example, little things like door and cupboard handles are seemingly small, but if you want to spruce up a rental in San Antonio, changing knobs and handles can really help to update the look of a room. It’s a refreshing way to discreetly add a design element to a room that can effortlessly be vitalized to its former state.
  • Consider replacing the kitchen faucet. You might want to let your landlord know you’re going to do this, but if you’re paying for the change (a possible whopping $30 Amazon Prime bill) they probably won’t mind.
  • Tile a (removable) backsplash. If you opt for a stick-on subway tile, decals will change that real quick.
  • Swap out the old cabinet knobs. Scout some beautiful replacements in the clearance bin at Anthropologie.

Or simply add more plants

Before you run out and grab the first plastic version of a plant you see, consider that there are tons of shade-loving varieties! You will see that they are happy to grow indoors. Then buy some cool planters! While terra cotta is fairly attractive and good-looking, consider the fact that there are so many chic, inexpensive planters out there that will make a bigger statement in your space!
Living room
Most landlords allow for a reasonable measure of interventions, provided you check with them in writing before doing anything.

5. Add more storage space to spruce up a rental property in San Antonio

Shelves are a very practical feature that can spruce up a rental property in San Antonio in several ways. Floating shelves, especially, are unobtrusive, easy to install and are as attractive as they are useful. It’s a cool way to add more storage space to any room or to display your favorite collectibles.


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