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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

We are sure that you have a lot of questions to ask before hiring movers. Not only that you should know important information, but you must also inform yourself about unexpected troubles, too. However, if you have not moved recently, or never, you may be confused with questions that you should ask. Some of the questions you already could assume.
  • You should know the budget you will need for your moving;
  • There should be a precisely written plan that you must prepare;
  • Everybody must know how long their moving will run and possible delays;
  • Speaking about timing, one of the questions to ask before hiring movers is which date to choose as the best for moving;
  • How to adapt to the new home?
However, questions to ask before hiring movers also include specific details about the company. In every job you do and hire professionals, you should prepare questions about their knowledge, experience, and references.
Workers that give an answer to questions to ask before hiring movers
Workers in a moving company should answer any question or doubt

Importance of asking before hiring movers

Everybody knows that finding a moving company is the most difficult thing when moving starts. Depending on the company, your moving could be less stressful or become a total disaster. On the other hand, many people do not know that they can compare companies before hiring. So, do not hesitate to ask for quotes from a few different companies and then compare them before hiring. Questions to ask before hiring movers should be serious, detailed and highly informative. Do not forget that the first step before hiring a perfect moving company is interviewing several companies.

Common questions to ask before moving

There are a lot of questions that you may have before the moving process. Some of them are closely connected with the worry about their experience and professionalism. On the other hand, you may have information about practical things like price or how long moving will take.

How long should the move take?

It is actually very important information you should know. The experienced moving company would know how specific moving like yours should take. They could also predict possible delays in accordance with the date or weather conditions. It will also show if a moving company is professional. Every possible change in moving process they had to plan and include in the final duration of the process. It will also help you in setting the budget for moving.

Packing and storage service

We know that a moving company should have packing services Texas and storage solutions. However, sometimes it is included in the price and sometimes you will be forced to pay extra cost. It would be best if you can define all before hiring. In case packing is included in the price, you should ask for the possible reduction of cost.


Big moving companies sometimes hire small companies for moving. You should be able to know it before hiring the professionals. On the other hand, the moving company should provide you every information about the small company they have hired. Of course, the moving company guarantees for the company they have hired.

How you can contact driver or workers during moving

Do not forget that you will not be able to actually see your stuff during moving. Many people feel uncomfortable with that fact. A professional moving company should know how to help you in that case, too. So, before hiring ask the moving company how you can contact the driver during moving. Better moving companies will offer GPS tracking.
Boxes on the balcony
Good movers won't mind answering all of your questions.

Cancellation policy

Obviously, you must have an option of cancellation of the moving before it starts. Moving companies usually have cancellation time during which you can cancel your moving without extra costs. So, one of the questions to ask before hiring movers is how long before moving can you cancel the process without paying.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

Finally, everybody should prepare for hiring professionals. There are a few very important questions to ask before hiring movers. They should provide information about the moving company and their experience. Some of them are crucial for protecting during moving and possible complaints.


A very first question you should ask before hiring movers is if they have a license. It should not be hard to check that information, though. Luckily, there is an organization United States Department of Transportation that provides that information. You may check not only for how long the company has existed but complaint history and possible financial troubles. They have information about local movers, too. On that way, you can check even moving companies Wimberley if you plan to hire one of them.


This applies to the company’s experience, too. The best way to know if they are experienced and for how long they have existed is to check on official sites. Some of them are Better Bussines Birous, or American Transportation & Storage. You can find the best moving company Texas easily. There are numerous forums and sites about people’s experience with moving companies. You can also check their site for testimonials.
Do not hesitate to ask moving company everything about packing


Every moving process could end with damaged stuff or injuries. Those should not cause moving company every time. However, you should define responsibilities in that case. There is an official company for that, too. You can choose full or released value protection. There are also no limitations in choosing a third-party insurance company. One thing is for sure, though - it's very important to understand valuation and insurance.


You cannot start with the moving before setting a budget for moving. So, one of the questions to ask before hiring movers is how much it will cost. We certainly recommend negotiating and comparing the prices. However, you should precisely define a non-binding option or not. If the non-binding complaint is included, the moving company can change the final bill depending on extra cost during moving. In another way, you can choose a fixed price which is slightly higher.

Complaints and claim

Every company should have an option that provides complaint service. This way, you will be able to decrease the price after moving and put an official complaint on the site. The company should have a mediation service, too. It certainly is one of the questions to ask before hiring movers.


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