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5 reasons to avoid moving companies that use day laborers

We all know that moving is a difficult period in people's lives. There are plenty of things you need to do - pack your belongings, clean the house, prepare your pets for relocation, say goodbye to neighbors. The last thing you need are worries about the people who came to your house to take and transport your belongings. Especially if you see them for the first time. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid moving companies that use day laborers. An important point that distinguishes professional movers from other companies is that they never send temporary workers or day laborers to work to your home. Instead, all of their movers are trained and trusted staff members who are experts in their work. While some moving companies often hire day laborers to cut costs or get more jobs, these savings are rarely suitable for you. In the end, what really shrinks is the level of quality, service, and security. Let's look at the greatest dangers of hiring a company that uses day workers to cope with your moving to Austin.

So what are the main reasons you should avoid moving companies that use day laborers?

1. Liability for an accident

A full-time employee will be insured in insurance policies and licenses of a moving company. However, the contractor, most likely, does not fall under the same protection measures. That is extremely dangerous for you for several reasons. The most important is the liability.
Paper with writing Personal injury
When a company sends contractors to your home who are not under their insurance policies, they put you at risk
Suppose a worker carries a heavy piece of furniture on a ladder and slides. This employee has now had an accident on your property. If workers' compensation insurance does not fully cover them, they can file an injury claim against you, demanding payment of medical expenses and loss of wages.

2. Handling your belongings badly

If you are concerned about the safety of your property, then the best choice would be a professional moving company Texas with full-time employees. One-day workers most likely have no experience or training to know how to handle, pack, load, and unload things carefully. Thus, there is a higher risk of damage to your belongings. Regardless of whether they didn't protect the furniture correctly, boxes with fragile objects have fallen or scratched the walls - the day laborers simply do not have the experience and know-how necessary to move your belongings safely. Even if the moving company takes responsibility for the full value of your goods, no one wants their favorite things to break because of unwary movers. Not to mention all the time and headache when you need to replace these damaged goods.

3. Improper use of equipment

A reliable moving company trains its employees in every moving equipment so that they know exactly how to use it. This includes furniture pads, blankets, trolleys, hand carts, and shrink packing tools. Improper use can lead to:
  • Loss of time
  • Damage to objects
  • Accidents on your property
Also, there are certain protocols that moving company must take to ensure the well-being of your belongings. For example, thoroughly clean the truck before and after each move. The daily worker may not adhere to these protocols or even not understand how to implement them properly.

4. Slow and inefficient

Relocating to Texas can be a stressful process. Most likely, you will spend weeks on planning and preparation. So when the big day comes, you want to do it quickly and efficiently.
Old clock
You don't want anyone to slow that down
More than just the desire to end this, you are likely to have specific deadlines that you are trying to keep. For example, you need to leave your old house at a particular time or unload certain things at a new place at a specific time. That way, you can settle your family for the night. That is when you need to avoid moving companies that use day laborers. You cannot expect them to move efficiently and meet your timeline for the move. They simply do not have enough knowledge and experience for this. In the end, there are a lot of skills that allow someone to effectively (and safely) work on a moving project, for example:
  • Understanding which items to load into the truck first and last
  • How to load items so that they all fit the truck
  • Ability to move multiple items at once
  • Understanding which items to pack in a box together

5. No incentive to maintain the company's reputation

Professional movers
If you avoid moving companies that use day laborers, you can get an entirely professional service
When you consider hiring a moving company, you will probably talk to someone from the business on the phone or read their website to determine if they are the right choice. You will expect what level of service will be provided to you, based on these interactions, as well as other important factors, such as company reviews on Yelp. However, if the moving company decides to use day workers for your move, you cannot expect to receive the promised level of service. That is because their level of control over the contract worker is limited. With an employee, a moving company pays for a person who is doing his job. That person also controls not only the nature of the work but also the method, manner, and means by which they perform it. On the other hand, day workers can only be hired to get a finished result, which in this case is moving your items. Legally, a moving company cannot control how a day laborer does it. What does this mean for you? A few things:
  • An employee may do the work at his own discretion (even if it does not give ideal results);
  • He does not have to uphold the value or integrity of the company;
  • And he does not have to maintain the level of customer service that the company promised.
Although a day laborer, of course, can provide good service, he is not required by law to provide everything that the company promises you. So, the best way to keep yourself away from problems is to avoid moving companies that use day laborers. That way, you will know that you are working with real professionals.


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