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5 reasons to move to Selma from downtown San Antonio

Moving is always a complex process because you have a lot of things to finish before, during, and after the relocation. If, in addition to that you don't really know where to move to or you aren't quite sure that you have made the right decision, it can be even more stressful. If you want to move to Selma from downtown San Antonio but you are still contemplating, you shouldn't. We have a solution for you. We will tell you what are the main reasons to leave downtown San Antonio and move to Selma. After reading, you will know exactly what to do and whether you want to contact some of the moving companies San Antonio to help you organize your relocation. Just keep reading and give yourself some time to decide.

Find out more about Selma, TX

Historically, people believe that Selma is one of the several communities built by German pioneers along Cibolo Creek. It started because The Harrison and McCulloch Stagecoach Stop was established in 1849 to convey passengers and freight between locations in central, southern, and eastern Texas. At that time, Selma, located sixteen miles northeast of downtown San Antonio, had a population of 100 people in 1940. Fortunately, it has witnessed remarkable development.
Buildings under clear sky
If you decide to move to Selma from downtown San Antonio, there will be a lot of things for you to do.
The development occurred in 1964. Namely, companies along the Interstate 35 Austin / San Antonio corridor have expanded, and because of its incorporation, Selma has expanded too. Selma is situated on Old Austin Road, which has now become Interstate 35. The city encompasses around five square miles and is located in three counties: Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe. Today, it has a population of over 6,000 people and it covers an area of 13,06 km². So, if you like the history of this nice city and you think that you can get used to living there, maybe you should contact Texas movers on time. They will help you plan, organize, and conduct your relocation.

The first reason to move to Selma from downtown San Antonio is the location

We have already mentioned that the location of Selma made it possible for this city to expand. Even though San Antonio is also a great place for living, and in the center of all happenings as well, many people still choose to call residential movers San Antonio TX, and move to Selma. Also, there is another fact that helps people decide to move to Selma. The distance between the two is only 18 miles. This means it takes 20 minutes of driving. So, whenever you want, you can visit San Antonio. If you don't want to miss out on anything, but still have a small community and peaceful area at the end of the day, move to Selma from downtown San Antonio and get just that.

Another reason for moving to Selma is the cost of living

Naming the cost of living as one of the reasons to move from San Antonio downtown to Selma can be a bit strange. Namely, San Antonio is in general more affordable than Selma. However, Selma isn't a lot more expensive than San Antonio, and it offers the peace that downtown can't. For that reason, many people would rather pay more and live in a smaller and much more peaceful area, than stay in San Antonio and still have to go through its hustle and bustle each day.
City during the night
Selma is more peaceful than San Antonio
Planning your budget is always one of the first things you have to do before you decide to move. That means you have to do some research. In this case, we have gathered for you all the differences in costs between Selma and San Antonio. If you decide to call Selma TX movers, you will know exactly how much money you would need to live in Selma.

General costs of living in Selma vs San Antonio

We have already said that living in San Antonio is a bit more affordable than living in Selma. To be more precise, living in San Antonio means you will spend 4.5% less money overall monthly, than in Selma. So, the overall living cost index in San Antonio is 89.8, while in Selma it is 94. In addition to that, transportation costs are also cheaper in San Antonio. Namely, the transportation cost index is 102.6 in Selma, and 96.3 in San Antonio, which means San Antonio is 3.2 % more affordable. Food and groceries are also more affordable in San Antonio, but slightly. Selma is 1.3 % more expensive when it comes to food and groceries. The index is 92.6, compared to San Antonio and the index of 91.4. Of course, there are some costs that are more affordable in Selma also, and we need to take them into consideration. Namely, utilities are more expensive in San Antonio. The difference is only 0.3 %, but it still can mean a lot in some situations. So, the utility index is 94.6 in Selma, and 94.9 in San Antonio. This is not the only feature that is less expensive in Selma. For example, clothing, restaurants, entertainment, etc. are less affordable in San Antonio, although they are only 0.2 % more expensive. Health costs are the same, and they are even more affordable than the national average. So, knowing all these costs will help you settle in after moving to Selma. Still, we need to tell you more about the housing costs.
Calculate your move to Selma from downtown San Antonio
Plan your budget well before moving

Housing costs if you move to Selma from downtown San Antonio

All the differences between the cost of living in San Antonio and Selma are best seen when it comes to housing costs. They are significantly different, which is much less affordable in Selma. However, we have already mentioned that many people would exchange the rush of San Antonio for the small closely-knit community of Selma, even if they have to pay more. So, if you want to buy a house in Selma, on average, you will have to pay $251,900. When we compare this sum to San Antonio, we realize that it is more expensive, because the median home cost in San Antonio is $220,300. We see that the difference is $31,600. Or we could say that buying a home in Selma would be 12.5 % more expensive than buying a home in San Antonio. In addition to this, other housing costs are also significantly higher in Selma. The difference is 19.3%. This means that the housing costs in Selma are 94.1. On the other hand, San Antonio has a housing costs index much lower than many cities in the USA. That index is 75.9. When we look at these differences and only compare Selma and San Antonio, we would say that Selma is not at all an affordable city. However, when we compare the prices with the national average and compare the costs to some other USA cities of similar size and number of residents, we come to the conclusion that it is also affordable. So, don't hesitate to contact some of the best moving companies in San Antonio and Selma and get a free estimate from them. When you compare those, you can choose the most appropriate moving company for you and start the process of relocation.
Thunderstorm and tornado
No big natural disasters are possible in Selma, TX

The third reason for relocation is the job market

Selma has a relatively stable job market. The unemployment rate is somewhat higher than the national average and it is 6.7 %. It means it is 0.7 % higher than in the USA. However, the positive fact is that the job market in the city of Selma has seen a growth of 1.6 %. Even better, over the course of the next 10 years, the job market in Selma is expected to grow even more. It is expected that the job market will grow by 39.6%. It is higher than the expected increase in the job market in the USA.
A suburban house
Houses in Selma are less affordable than in San Antonio
Selma residents earn an average of $28,192 per year. That is slightly lower than the annual salary in the United States, which is $28,555. A Selma resident's median household income is $75,949 per year. The annual salary in the United States is $53,482. In San Antonio, the average household income is $53,420. So, if you want to move to Selma from downtown San Antonio, the job market can be one of the main reasons. Also, if you don't find an appropriate job for you in Selma, we have already mentioned that San Antonio is only 20 minutes away, so you can always find something for yourself there.

Moving to Selma for safety is also a good reason

The fourth reason we have decided to mention when it comes to moving to Selma from San Antonio is safety. When speaking of crimes, both places are relatively safe. Of course, there are neighborhoods that should be avoided, as in any other town. However, we can speak of Selma as one of the safest places in the USA. First of all, there are 15.19 of all crimes per 1,000 residents. That is 3% lower than the crime rate in the USA. In San Antonio, the crime rate is 8.07 % per 1,000 residents. When we speak of violent crimes, the rate is 74 % lower in Selma than in the USA. Another good reason to move to Selma when it comes to safety is the fact that natural disasters are highly unlikely to happen. For example, there is a possibility for severe storms and tornadoes, but they rarely make a lot of damage. On the other hand, earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes never happen in this area.

Many things you can do in Selma or in the proximity are also a great reason for moving

There are many interesting things you can do if you decide to move to Selma from downtown San Antonio. You can do many outdoor activities, and there are also many family-friendly ones. You can go cruising because there are many cruise planners you can choose from and decide on. Also, there is Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling, where you can try different types of whiskeys, bourbons, and beers. In addition to these, there are many things you can do in the proximity of Selma, if you organize trips to Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos, for example. You can decide to visit:
  • Amazon Adventure,
  • The Rush Fun Park,
  • The Haunted Magnolia Hotel,
  • Holiday Magic Festival of Lights.
One thing is for sure. You can never run out of things to do if you decide to move to Selma. So, if you like all the things you could be doing there, it is time to start moving to Selma and making the plans on how to prepare yourself for that important day. It can be a busy period in your life, but it will be worth it.

Prepare for moving to Selma from San Antonio downtown

If you think the reasons we have mentioned are enough to decide and move to Selma, then you need to prepare well. One of the most important things you should do is plan your budget well. In addition, it is important to find a reliable and experienced moving company that will make your move easier. It can be really helpful when you don't have to worry about your items and when you know they will be transferred and delivered without any problems. So, the best thing you can do is contact furniture movers San Antonio and let them take care of your items, especially the bulky furniture.
Key in the keyhole
Moving to Selma has many benefits
Additionally, packing can be one of the most time-consuming processes. You can hire professionals to help you with that part too. Even though there are only 20 minutes of driving from San Antonio to Selma, it can be a lot when you need to move your belongings. There are many reasons to move to Selma from downtown San Antonio and these are just some of the main ones. If you think they are enough, good luck with your relocation.


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