5 simple ways to secure your new home

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    Home Improvement Guide - March 23, 2019

    Moving into a new home is often stressful. There is a lot to do in a little span of time and you have to find long distance movers Texas to help you out. Therefore, it is fair to assume, that you will be anxious after you move in. The new environment, combined with fatigue and stress you’ve experienced is bound to have an effect on you. But, you should know that before you can start relaxing in your home, you need to make sure that it is safe. Only then will truly be able to unwind. Well, with that in mind, we are going to give you some simple ways in which you can secure your new home.

    Secure your door

    If you want to secure your new home, the first thing you should do is to secure your door. Once you buy a condo in Austin, make sure that you get a door made out of sturdy material. Flimsy doors made out of cheap wood, or ones that have windows in them are not safe. A burglar can easily break them down or bust through them and enter your home. What you need to do is to get a door that is made out of solid wood. Or, at least, one that has a solid wooden core. You also need to make sure that your frame is sturdy enough to withstand a kick from a large burglar. Finally, every door is only as strong as its weakest point. And the weakest point for any door is the lock.

    Secure your new home with a solid wooden door.
    In order to secure your new home, you should start off by getting a solid door.

    Get a good lock

    Before buying a new home you need to know that a standard cheap lock is a burglar’s dream. All it takes is some basic break-in tools and a little bit of skill and your lock might as well not be there. Heck, there are even online guides on how to break those locks. Therefore, what you need to get is a deadbolt. Now, these are a bit more serious. It takes a lot of tools and substantial skill to break through a deadbolt. And, if you get a more expensive one, it is almost impossible to get through it. So, do not get stingy, and spend $80 – $100 to make your home a bit safer.

    Improve windows

    First off, keep your windows locked. Too many people have high tech security systems, strong doors, and excellent locks, but they leave their home vulnerable. If you are not in the room, the windows need to be locked. Similar to turning off the lights. Next step is to place security bars. This is one of the safest ways to secure your new home and it is not expensive, but it can look ugly. People usually opt to use security bars on their windows when they are really scared of break-ins. But, if you are moving with your family to San Antonio, or someplace that is similarly safe, you will not have to worry about this. You can simply reinforce your window glass. A protective film will be more than enough to deter any burglar from breaking in.

    Secure your new home with a security system

    Smart Security System
    There are many smart systems that can make your home as safe as a bank.

    By strengthening your doors and windows you can really do secure your new home. But, you can only know that it is secure while you are in it and you are awake. This is where security systems come in. There are numerous types of security systems and you need to pick the one that will suit both your needs and your budget. But, almost all of them, will have motion sensors and cameras that will greatly help with securing your house. You are bound to wake up if the security alarm goes off. Plus, burglars are usually scared off by the alarm as it is really loud. And, a camera is bound to deter any burglar as they will be clearly visible during the break-in.

    A dog can be of help

    A great guard dog
    German Shepards can be trained to make excellent guard dogs. You just need to get one that is young and either hire a trainer or look for online guides.

    It is a known fact that having a dog helps secure your new home. If you currently have one and are moving to Seguin, you better hire local movers Seguin TX to help you out. Moving with a dog can be difficult, and you should only have the best movers helping you out. If, on the other hand, you do not have a dog, you should consider getting one. Not only are they great companions, but they are suited by nature to guard your home. You can get a breed that is more suited for guard duty. These are usually shepherding dogs that are big and that can be scary. With some training, they can be quite formidable and present a substantial threat.

    Get a safe

    Safe as a decoy
    Most burglars admit that if they see a safe in a home, they completely focus on it. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

    Most of the people that try to break into your home are doing so in order to steal something from you. And, while you can never make your home 100% safe, you can make some items as close to 100% safe as possible. What you need to do is to get safe. In it, you can place some of your more valuable items. Mind you, it is actually not advisable to put your document and your most valuable items in it. Burglars are bound to do their best to break into it. They even might simply take the whole safe and break into it later. With that in mind, it is not a bad idea to use your safe as a decoy. Place your items in a hidden place in your home. Burglars will probably not even bother to look around once they see the safe.

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