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If your house is your castle, then your yard is your courtyard. Not only can it represent a significant portion of your home capital, but it can provide you with a relaxing retreat, entertainment area or garden plot for those of us who are committed to self-sufficiency. Like any other renovation project, the planning and design stages are things that depend on everything else. So how should you improve your free space after moving to New Braunfels? Here are 5 classic ideas to remodel your backyard on a budget, from concept to completion.
Chairs in backyard
So, what can you do to remodel your backyard on a budget?

1. Use mulch alternatives

Mulching saves time and money, as it reduces the amount of water and weeding in your garden. But the mulch itself can be expensive. That is why one of the best ideas to remodel your backyard on a budget is to use an affordable alternative to mulch.

Cheap Mulch Alternatives:

  • Grass pruning: The next time you mow, cut pruning — and savings — and lay them out in flowerbeds.
  • Leaves: Shredded leaves are an excellent, cheap alternative to mulch and provide nutrients for your plants.
  • Pine needles: Pine needles are a low maintenance mulch, they are light and easy to apply.
  • Compost: If you have already made your own compost basket, then use it in your landscape. Just be careful not to put too thick a layer, as too much can heat your plants and damage them.
  • Newspaper: After you’ve finished Sunday funny newspapers, let the plants take a look at about five pages on the ground, lightly water and then cover with topsoil before planting.
  • Stone: Stone mulch is not suitable for all plants, but if used properly, it can reduce your weeding and maintenance costs in the long term. It is important to choose the right place for your stone mulch.
Stone mulch works particularly well in clean environments, such as around poolside decks, traffic islands and narrow layers between buildings and sidewalks. This is due to the fact that cutting grass and other organic matter is unlikely to contaminate stone mulch in such places. In addition, stone mulch is less commonly washed on pavements or blowing into pools than wood mulch.

2. Use old tires

Tires are bulky and it can be difficult to get rid of them since many local movers New Braunfels will not accept them. Why not use them in the backyard? Old tires are cheap and easy to find. They can be picked up at a local processing store for a few dollars. But most people are willing to give away all the old tires they have on hand. Here are some cheap ideas to remodel your backyard on a budget using tires:

How to create a landscape with recycled tires

  • Cover with outer pillowcases or rope for strong, rustic ottomans.
  • Stack and smash tires to create decorative planters.
  • Create a suspended planter by filling one half with soil and attaching it to a wall or fence.
  • Make an artificial garden pond using a tire as a base.
  • Give your children a fun place to play with a recycled climber.

3. Go vertical with your gardening

Simply put, vertical gardening uses vertical space for growing plants. If you are looking for small ideas for landscaping the backyard with a limited budget, vertical gardens are a good place to start. They not only make the most of the limited space, but can also be inexpensive. Especially if you use recycled materials, such as old plastic bottles.
Vertical garden
Love gardening, but you don't have much space or money? Consider a vertical garden

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

  • Use wooden stairs, terracotta pots and some wire for a rustic porch of a vertical garden.
  • Wash the old paint cans, cover with soil and hang them to create a vertical herb garden.
  • Modify the picture frame to create a vertical, lush garden.
  • Waterproof unused shoe organizer for a vertical garden that is easy to move.
  • Turn your wooden fence into a vertical garden using a few hangers and screws.

4. Use the available lighting to remodel your backyard on a budget

Cheap street lamps are one of the main elements of budgetary backyard landscaping. Their soft ambient glow can turn any patio into a cool summer party. White flickering lights cost about $ 6 for each thread, or for a touch of luxury for your home, you can purchase a chain of transparent globe lamps for about $ 9. Although the strands of light are a bit more expensive, they are usually more durable than flickering lights, and the lamps are easily replaced. Once you have chosen affordable lamps, try these low-cost ideas for landscape lighting:

Cheap backyard lighting ideas

  • Wrap the strands around the outer pillars to create a pillar of light.
  • Run the lights from the house to the tree, using the eyebolt and insulated cable to tie the branch.
  • Create bollards using wooden poles, planters from whiskey barrels and some concrete.
  • Cut off your flowerbeds with rope lights so you can see your hard-earned flowers even at night.
  • Drap your trees with lights for a charming, glowing grove.

5. Buy (or build) cheap seating

After you have completed your backyard landscape design projects, you will want a place to relax and enjoy the fruits of your work. But you don’t have to go to a furniture store - you can easily find used things online or make your own cheap outdoor seating right at home.
Patio seating
Here are some ideas

Cheap outdoor seating ideas

  • Find Craigslist or Letgo for used patio seatings. Check the “Free Stuff” sections often and get ready to move quickly — good things will sell fast.
  • Do not limit your searches to outdoor furniture to remodel your backyard on a budget. With a small amount of waterproof sealant, you can turn ordinary indoor chairs or bar stools into patio chairs.
  • Did not find anything you like? Make your own cinder block and lumber bench.
  • Turn the stump into an ideal place to read by attaching a waterproof cushion on top. Things you make can significantly increase your home's value if you decide to sell it at some point.
  • Use the remaining tire to create a sturdy child seat.
  • Attach the weather-resistant cushions to the milk crates so that they can be easily stored.
  • When all else fails, drag a few old logs around your new fire pit for easy placement of a fire.


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