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7 most challenging items to pack when moving

When you're moving, there are many different items that need to be packed. A good way to ease your burden immediately is to hire packing and unpacking services. But the reality of the situation is that moving is expensive on its own. Not everyone has the money to spare for professional packing and unpacking services. That's why we at Evolution Moving Company NB have decided to share a list of 7 challenging items to pack when moving. If you know what to expect, it will make moving easier!

1. Fishtanks

If you have a fish tank and you're preparing for a move, you must have asked yourself: What will I do with this fish tank? Fish tanks are first on our list of most challenging items to pack when moving. It isn't impossible to transport it, of course, but it is a great deal of work. Not only will the packing need to be very specific, but also the relocation itself can pose an issue. Aquariums are huge and heavy and the move will be stressful for the fish. Fish are animals that usually don't make it through a move, but preparing carefully for moving your aquarium will make things ten times easier.
A person packaging a box
We have decided to share a list of 7 challenging items to pack when moving.
The best way to go about transporting and packing your fish tank is to empty out the water, but leave a little on the bottom. This bit of water will contain all the useful bacteria colonies that are living in the aquarium. Take out the fish and place them in smaller containers or bags for transportation. The fishies should go in the car with you. The tank should be wrapped up tightly in plastic wrap. The plastic will keep it in place as well as prevent spillage. Your movers Kyle TX will take care of carrying the heavy tank to and from your apartments.

2. Pianos

Pianos are next on our list. They are also pretty heavy and they tend to be weird in shape. This makes moving them around more difficult than some other items. Even transporting the piano through the door can be a problem. It isn't impossible though and professionals from various moving companies in San Antonio are skilled in moving bulky furniture like pianos. Doing this job by yourself is risky. The piano can easily be damaged and cost a lot to repair. And not only the piano, but the floors, hallways, and walls can take a hit.

3. Artwork

The artwork is extremely valuable. It tends to be pretty expensive, or it has emotional value. Art includes framed paintings as well as everything else: ceramics, statues, paintings with no frames, etc. The goal is to pack the artwork so that it takes no damage while being transported by your trusted long-distance movers San Antonio. Framed artwork can be secured in sturdy boxes the same size as the painting. And even corner cardboard pieces on the frame. Paintings with no frame need to be rolled and secured in special packaging for rolled artwork. For statues and bulkier pieces, place them in boxes with a lot of bubble wrap and cushioning to keep them from moving. Be sure to label the artwork boxes as fragile so your movers will pay special attention to them!
A framed artwork
Fragile artwork needs to be handled carefully.

4. House plants

Next on our list of the 7 most challenging items to pack when moving are house plants. Moving plants causes them stress and can turn into a very messy time. Also, if you were to give your movers your plants for transport, they might get hurt in extreme temperatures that can occur in moving trucks. For short-distance trips, you won't need to worry too much, but when moving long-distance you need to be prepared. Transport your house plants in your car. This will make it so you can control their environment and avoid any damage. As soon as you arrive at your new home, find a nice place for your plants where you won't be moving them around.

5. TVs

Modern flat-screen TVs are much more prone to damage than older and thicker models. But, they are more beautiful and offer better picture quality as well. A good tip we've come across is to wrap your TV in a soft blanket. You should remove the cables and stash them in some spillage-proof plastic bags, and then wrap up your TV in one or two blankets. Be sure to secure the blanket with packing tape! But, an even easier way is to just move it in the box it came in if you've saved it. TV boxes have styrofoam filling in the perfect shape of your TV. So try and keep your boxes for future use!

6. Firearms

If you own any guns or firearms, they can be a bit of a risk to transport. Especially if you're moving from one state to another, due to the many different laws. Most states have their own rules on how guns are transported. Usually, this includes disassembling your gun and keeping the bullets in a separate location. Be sure to ask your movers or Google the laws and rules of the state you're moving to. But one thing every state has in common is to never move a loaded weapon!
A gun
Firearms need to be specifically disabled before you move them.

7. Vehicles

Most often you can just drive to your new residence in your vehicle. But if you have more than one car, you will need to look into car shipping services. You can make things easier for yourself if you ask a family member or friend to drive your second car to your new location instead of you. You can also take the bus to your previous location and drive it yourself. The difficult part of moving vehicles is the abundance of paperwork that needs to be taken care of. The minimum of documents you will need to update or issue anew is registration, insurance, driver's license. And there are many more.


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