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A Complete Guide on Moving your Austin Business

Moving your company or business is a big challenge. However big or small it might be, it requires a lot of concentration on a lot of details. Office moves are more complex than residential moves, simply because they involve different parties and a lot of paperwork.  When you organize an efficient business move in Austin you want to have movers that know what they’re doing. The best among them are Texas movers. They have the right experience and equipment to make everything happen for you. But before you hire reliable movers, you need to prepare many things for your relocation. Especially if you need to move your office on a short-term basis. Therefore, make sure to give yourself enough time and start making your moving plan right away. Also, discover in this guide all the necessary tips for moving your Austin Business.

A good plan will help you organize your next office relocation

Moving your business is much more than your ordinary home relocation. Moreover, it requires a lot of planning. Without a good plan and organization, even the smallest problem can become huge. In addition, if you miss some important step in moving preparations it can easily affect how your business works. For that reason, it’s important that you know all the stages that your relocation will include.
people reading tips for moving Austin business
Make sure to create a stable moving plan for your business relocation
Aside from a good plan, you will need to hire commercial movers Austin TX.  With professionals who have years of experience, everything will be done in a more efficient way. But even if you do it on your own, it’s best that you have a good game plan for it. Therefore, the moment you decide to relocate, start preparing your moving plan. Make sure to start at least three months in advance.

Set the timeframe for an efficient business move in Austin

Relocating your business means downtime and that is why many businesses put off their move until the very last moment. And that is when all the fun starts. However, with a good organization, you can avoid or at least minimize all the errors that can happen.
Beige timeline letters on a light green surface
Create a timeline for moving your Austin business
People move their businesses for different reasons. It is either the desire to reach new markets, upgrade their business, facilities, equipment, etc. Whatever the reason for your office relocation, make sure to contact your Austin movers on time. Consequently, putting your move off can wreak havoc on all your other deadlines and plans. You will need to decide on a timeframe for an efficient business move to Austin as soon as possible. To ensure a feasible relocation schedule, you should first discuss it with the company’s higher management. You will most likely need three months to manage office relocation, depending on your company’s size.

Carefully inspect the new office location

An office relocation doesn’t mean only packing up the office furniture and other things you have in the current company’s space. And then unpacking them at the new location. You will need to have in mind that the new office space will have a different size and layout. That is why you should inspect the floor layout before you actually start packing. You first need to determine where your reception area, storage spaces, and, of course, offices will be located. Before you hire moving services Austin inspecting the space layout is essential. You might find out that the new place doesn’t provide as much storage as you require. Or that the space is not suitable for the classical office layout you are used to. Once you inspect the space and put everything on paper, you can proceed with making the necessary changes.

Measure everything before moving your Austin business

You need to see what from your office will suit your new office. Can you place the desk in the same order?  Is installation in new your new office going to sustain the consumption of electric energy? These are all the questions that you need to answer to place everything right. For that, you will need help. Ask your employees for help. Measure desks, chairs, and electronics. See if there is enough space for everything. If there is not, you will need another solution. Maybe new desks, new chairs, and new equipment.
a drill, nails, and papers on a brown table
You need to measure everything before you start packing your office items

Budget to move your Austin office

Another important step to take is to create a moving budget for your relocation. Budget is important because you then know how much you can spend on moving. The more money you have, the more services you can use and transfer everything quickly. In case you will be moving long-distance, you need to know how much long distance movers will charge you. Please bear in mind that local movers will charge you per hour. While for moving long-distance they will charge you per kilogram.

Get everyone involved from the start

When it comes to moving your Austin business, the crucial moment is to pass on this information to all of the employees. This way, they will know how much time they have to finish their work and optimize their activities for the best performance. In addition, some of them will not be able to follow you into your new office. To organize an efficient business move, inform your employees about the moving date and their responsibilities. They should know what you expect from them so that they would be able to plan accordingly. In addition, talk to managers and team leaders. They should help you organize and coordinate the move so feel free to delegate tasks. Also, to make the packing easier, each department head should make a list of all the things you plan to transport. Finally, remind your employees to take their personal belongings on time.

Moving your Austin Business- things to do before you start packing

There are a lot of important items that you will need to move when the time comes. Among the first things that should be on your list of activities is to create an inventory before you start with the move.
people creating a plan for moving Austin business
Make a list of items that you will put in a storage unit
That will help you know what things you have around your offices and workspaces. Before you start packing, it is vital to go through all the items you have in your office and storage space. Everything that will not fit into your new space, you should not pack. Instead, you can use storage services to store these items away until you realize what to do further with them. In addition, you can put electronic devices and other sensitive gear in a storage unit and make more space in your office to pack less sensitive items. Finally, see what packing materials you will need and obtain them on time.

Downsizing is always a good option

When moving your Austin business, it is important to keep things as simple as possible. That means that getting fewer items with you will ensure that you do everything more quickly. On top of everything, moving your office will be cheaper and more efficient. with the help of your employees, see how much you can declutter. Before booking furniture movers, you need to know exactly which furniture pieces you are going to put in your new office.  In addition, movers will remove all the unnecessary furniture from your premises.

Packing when moving your Austin business?

Moving your business is never easy. It involves many activities, moving office furniture, important paperwork, and expensive equipment. That is why it is crucial to prepare and pack all your possessions carefully and avoid any potential damage.
three women packing items at the table in the office
Make sure to include your employees in the packing process
Organize everything, from electronic devices to office supplies. Also, it would be a good idea to take pictures in case something gets damaged during transport. Next, contact moving professionals that provide packing services Austin. Professional packers will provide all the necessary supplies – moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, scissors, tape, etc. In addition, if you let professionals do the packing, they will do this in the quickest possible time frame. This way your business will not suffer if you spend less time on relocation. In case you wish to pack some items on your own, you should organize your employees to help you with this action.

Packing materials that you need to pack your office

Packing is a complex procedure and you need to know in which order you will be packing your office items. In addition, you need the proper packing materials. These are the things you need for successful packing:
  • Moving boxes – They can be made of cardboard, plastic, or wood. Cardboards are the most famous when it comes to electronics. Use the right size, don’t leave space
  • Packing foam – It is used to fill the box space, so things don’t move
  • Bubble wrap – This is good for keeping things safe from breaking. They are good for glass, tv screens, sensitive electronics
  • Packing paper – Cheap and good material for packing stuff. They are good for almost everything
  • Packing tape – You will need it to seal the boxes
These are just some of the materials, but for the office, you won’t need anything else for packing.

Notify your clients and customers

To continue working with clients, you need to inform them on time about your relocation. If you change the location and do not inform them, they will get confused. In addition, there is a big chance they will change you for somebody else.
a person writing at a white keyboard
Notify your clients and customers about moving your Austin business
You want your business up and running in no time. It is easy to let both your clients and customers about your move. Simply send an e-mail to everyone informing them of your relocation. In addition, you can put the information at the top of your website. Social networks play an important role in doing business nowadays. For this reason, you need to notify your customers via Facebook, Instagram, or any other network that you are using for advertising your company. Your suppliers should also be among the first you notify before moving your Austin business. They will be directly affected by this relocation.

Who else to notify before moving your Austin office?

Once you communicate your plans to staff members and partners, notify the post office and tax agencies of your upcoming move. In this way, you will ensure that all your mail is forwarded to the new address. Also, notify your current landlord and terminate your lease. Next, contact utility companies – water department, garbage company, sewer utility company, etc. Call your phone, cable, and internet provider as early as you can because everything needs to be prepared before the moving day. It is imperative to notify your bank about the change of address. Make sure that your bills and statements are sent to your new office address. Also, your billing address has to match the one in the bank records and company credit cards.

Setting up the office space

This is one of the most important things to get right since you will be spending most of your time here. Do not do this on your own; make use of your entire team, gather together, and brainstorm the best ways how to make the new office a better place. Also, you can instruct your movers where to place certain large items. Remember to keep up the good spirit when setting up your office space. The best starting point for this is to add some potted plants to your workspace. And some items and gadgets that can lift the mood of the entire room. In addition, things such as coffee makers, tee makers, and snack dispensers can make the setting process much easier and fun. Brake rooms with a wide space with a pool table or a table for table tennis. Optionally, you can put other games such as darts.
people in the office sitting on the floor
Make sure to keep up the good spirit when setting up the office
Organizing a commercial move is not an easy task. There are many people and places to notify before moving your Austin business. You need to plan relocation, make a list of moving activities, and create a timeline. This will help you stay organized and on track. Also, don’t go through this process alone. Talk to your employees and make a moving strategy. The goal is to minimize disruptions to your daily business operations and make this a successful relocation. References:


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