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Benefits of going solar in Texas

When you're living in Texas, you can expect hot weather and high temperatures. Since Texas is quite huge, its weather also varies depending on the location. However, generally speaking, you can describe Texas’ weather as subtropical. This makes Texas a perfect place for going solar. Why should you consider going solar at all? Solar energy and panels have become extremely popular in recent years. If you consider moving to Texas, apart from finding moving services Texas, you should also consider installing solar panels. If you still need more information on this topic, here are all the benefits of going solar in Texas. 

Benefits of going solar in Texas – financial reasons 

Most people go solar because of financial reasons. When you live in a state that has many sunny days, why not use it to your advantage? First of all, going solar will drastically reduce your electric bills. You can also completely eliminate your electric bills if you produce 100% of the energy you consume. However, even if your electric bill is 50% lower than usual, you will save money. Contrary to popular belief, installing solar panels is not that expensive as many people believe. You will get a great return on your investment in the future years. Additionally, going solar will protect you against the rising energy costs. You might have noticed that each year living costs are steadily increasing. If you have solar panels, you won't have to worry about increasing electric bills. You can save money on your move as well if you hire Texas movers. 
person counting money
You will save money if you go solar

More advantages to consider 

The next benefit is also tied to financial reasons. If you plan to renovate your Texas home, maybe you should consider installing solar panels. Besides already mentioned financial reasons, you will also increase your property value. This is especially relevant when you're living in Texas. Most homebuyers will rather purchase a house with solar panels as opposed to one without them. For this reason, if you end up selling your house sometime in the future, you can ask for more money. Going solar also has communal benefits. If more people opt for solar panels, they will create jobs and support the solar industry. In addition to this, you can actually help with American energy independence. If more and more people produce energy and electricity from the sun, the country will not be affected by the price fluctuations from the global market.  

Benefits of going solar – going green 

One of the biggest and if not the most important benefits would be the impact it has on the environment. Here are some of the most important environmental benefits of solar energy. 
  • It is better for the environment – solar energy is clean and renewable unlike the energy generated from fossil fuels. If you opt for solar energy, you will help to reduce carbon footprint, thus reducing the greenhouse effect as well.  
  • Greenhouse effect – as mentioned before, going solar will decrease greenhouse gas emissions. By now, you should know all the negative consequences the greenhouse effect has on the planet. For this reason, do not contribute to global warming, but rather, help to save the planet. 
  • Good for your health – since it reduces harmful gases, solar energy is good for your health, especially if you suffer from some respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.  
people protesting on the street
Solar energy reduces the emission of carbon dioxide

Federal and state incentives 

Now the big question, how much does it cost to install the panels and go solar? The prices depend on the city and the company. However, it can be anything between $13,000 to $18,000. It sounds expensive, but, you can be eligible for a tax deduction. Federal and State incentives exist in order to support people that wish to install solar panels. You can qualify for a tax credit that goes up to 26%. You can cover labor costs, for example, with this money. In addition to this, you can also be eligible for a tax deduction if you donate some part of your items. This is beneficial if you plan to move. You can also reduce your moving cost if movers Wimberley TX have a smaller number of items to transport. If you save money on your relocation and taxes, you can install solar panels.  

Benefits of going solar in Texas – a situation in major Texas cities 

Let’s see the situation in some major Texas cities is regarding solar energy. 
  • Austin – almost 6,500 houses have solar panels. Additionally, some important institutions such as schools and municipalities, have solar panels. The city also has a residential solar rebate program. People need to take a course in order to go solar here.  
  • Dallas – the situation in Dallas differs quite a lot. Since it has many farmlands, the city tries to encourage landowners and farmers to use solar energy. In addition to this, you can sign up for the program that helps with the costs. 
  • Houston – if you want to go solar in Houston, you will need around $15,000. However, there are several programs that will help you with the cost of up to $4,500. 
  • San Antonio – the situation in San Antonio does not differ much from the other cities. The solar industry grossed over $15 million in the last year.  
workers installing panels so you can enjoy all the benefits of going solar in Texas
Make sure to find a good company that sells solar systems

How to choose the right solar system for your house? 

In order to enjoy all the benefits of going solar in Texas, you will need to choose the right solar system. This depends on several factors, such as location, weather, house’s energy requirements, and so on. It would be wise to contact a company that sells solar panels to discuss your home conditions. Employees should be able to help you choose the correct solar system for your home. In addition to this, panels are divided into three categories, premium, standard, and economy. The prices depend on these categories as well. When choosing a solar system, company, and panels, make sure to read reviews so you can purchase only the best one.    


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