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Best brunch spots to visit in Austin

With warm weather all year round and a distinctive inner courtyard culture, brunch never disappoints in Austin. Here, you will most likely see more margaritas than mimosas on the table, along with a daytime dinner, which includes whole roast pork, southern comfort food served to the jazz band melody, and even more refined food, like fresh coastal oysters with wine. We choose the best brunch spots to visit in Austin, so you can find the one that suits you best after moving to Texas.

So, what are the best brunch spots to visit in Austin?

Brunch on the table
Keep reading to find out something about the best brunch spots to visit in Austin

June's All Day

Restaurant "June's All Day" serves French bistro-style dishes with Boursin omelette, egg white, and black beans chalupa. Take a walk in the open courtyard at South Congress Avenue to watch the style with neon-pink lighting. Cake donuts, pastries, and brunch cakes will certainly impress you. Be sure to use the help of the sommelier of June to dive into the global wine list. This place can be a great reason to hire Austin movers and move to that city.


Perla's porch is the place where you want to spend the whole brunch, which longs the whole afternoon. Spacious and nautical picnic seating on the backdrop of oaks seems luxurious and coastal. Frozen cocktails, such as prickly pear and cucumber, are favorites of the fans. Don't worry that they are too sweet - even a tropical fruit margarita is balanced. Large groups for brunch can make their way through the common plates of fresh oysters, parmesan crabmeat and specialty - shoestring fried potatoes.

Cafe No Sé

With a steady stream of guests from the ultra-fashionable South Congress Hotel and locals who are here to refuel, strolling along the strip, this is a place where you can immerse yourself in Austin, and the food will deliver. This modern hotel restaurant with reliable professional and helpful service offers excellent ricotta pancakes. But also offers more wholesome dishes such as fruit porridge and an excellent stewing bowl. Come for the people, stay, because of the cocktails based on the rose flow. Isn't that a great reason for moving to Austin?

Pitchfork Pretty

Hill Country kitchen is raised in the Pitchfork Pretty restaurant, built in Art Nouveau style in the trendy Eastside district. Here everything becomes eclectic; it inspired the ranch and yet deviated from what they expected. Poached, marinated quail egg is a favorite local snack, and cornbread is served with miso-honey oil. This is a great example of why Austin’s culinary scene is gaining popularity in the country.
Poached quail eggs
And why this is one of the best brunch spots to visit in Austin


Superbly designed, with an enclosed patio and a stunning glazed glass dining room inspired by the conservatory, Eberly serves a young and trendy crowd that is also here to document the Branch Board (sausages on a rustic chopping board). As they are for the attentive bar staff and signature cocktail menu. Despite the fact that it shines especially at night, Eberle’s brunch is special because of the atmosphere of the Old World.

Emmer and Rye

This fully modern kitchen concept specializes in a daily changing menu that focuses on fresh local ingredients that are available every day and grain dishes from around the world. It is also true for the cocktail menu, which lists seasonal drinks. Or ask the bar to whip something - they will use your favorite ingredients. The Hotel Emmer & Rye, on Rainey Street, is ideal for a variety of occasions.


Geraldine's offers jazz brunch on nightlife-oriented Rainey Street. The concept of live music is inspired by the Van Zandt hotel, named after country star and Texan, where it is on the fourth floor next to the pool terrace. Cocktails, such as Mission-style Martini, seasoned with jalapenos and fresh, tangled cucumber, go well with heavier dishes such as French toast with a bun. The energetic and friendly staff can easily handle large groups, and you should not miss the view of Lady Bird Lake. It can also be a great place for meeting new neighbors.

Holy Roller

Brunch on the Holy Roller is surely playful, if not more. There are cocktails with sass (the specialty is Earl Gray’s tea and gin, served hot). Before an inward confession, no one should take himself in hand too seriously here, fixing a hangover, working on another. Choose cookies made from scratch and expect huge, voracious portions (remember, you can confess later).


When sunlight spreads through untouched green landscapes and peacocks stroll, Mattie's begins to sense its own world from outside Austin. A variety of excellent menus offer a stay in a lush southern theme: milk punch, juleps, bourbon tea on the cocktail side, as well as buttermilk biscuits and eggs cooked with fried chicken for eating for the soul. The menu is complemented by world-class dishes, such as a vegetarian bowl of basmati rice and curry.
Glasses with alcohol
This South Austin gemstone is commendable with a strong drink

Tiny Boxwoods

Tiny Boxwoods is spacious and stylish, and the restaurant overlooks an unspoiled lush garden. Tables match each other, with fresh white hydrangeas and blue-and-white striped linen. You can order buttery croissants with freshly made jam and whipped butter. White wine mojito and red sangria complement almost any brunch, including a cheese board with hazelnuts, sprinkled with rosemary, and jalapeno jelly. And feel free to take warm chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

Bouldin Creek Café

If you are looking for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free best brunch spots to visit in Austin from a place where there is no compromise on the variety or menu of drinks, you should go to the Bouldin Creek Café. This local favorite is casual and eclectic. And even visitors who do not care about their health can return to excellent Austin-oriented dishes such as breakfast tacos. Allergies and food sensitivities are also welcome in this convenient place for a late breakfast.


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