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Best South Austin Neighborhoods to Move To

You have decided to move to South Austin but do not know where?  We, as reliable movers South Austin are here to help you. We have prepared the best south Austin neighborhoods to move to just for you. Now the prices might be a bit off since the post-pandemic inflation kicked in, and with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the prices of gas are not going to plummet any time soon. So let's dive in and see where you will find your heaven!

One of the best south Austin neighborhoods is South Manchaca

According to the website Realtor, the median price of a house is $688K. If this is too expansive, but you like it look for nearby neighborhoods. Currently, there are 26 houses that you can buy and 25 that are free for rent.  The median price of a square foot is $499. Now, why did we choose this as the best? First of all, the crime rate is lower than in the rest of the city, and the population is above 7,000. South Manchaca is a great place to live since it has reasonably priced housing, and it is to get downtown also; your major stores are here, and you can easily access highways and other roads. There is a St David South Austin Hospital nearby, which is one more reason why young professionals and pensioners are attracted. Residents in South Manchaca enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority own their houses. There are several pubs, eateries, cafés, and gardens in South Manchaca. South Manchaca has a large population of families and young professionals, and the locals lean liberal. South Manchaca's public schools are better than average. If you like to work out, there is a Gold's Gym, Austin South.
Suburban area with houses and trees
This is one of the best south Austin neighborhoods; it's safe, beautiful, and a bit expansive.

South Congress is the best for youngsters

South Congress, or how the locals call it SoCo, is what they call hipster paradise. This area best exemplifies the cool, urban vibe of south Austin. With its distinctive, locally-owned stores and boutiques, eateries, coffee shops, and lounges lining Congress Ave., it may be Austin's most well-known area. Here was the first location for the California-style food trucks that are now commonplace throughout the city, and they have since migrated to other areas of the city. The area is a city icon, a hotspot for pedestrian traffic practically all the time, and a walking display of Austin's distinctive, slightly eccentric local culture.  We, as one of the more reliable moving companies Austin would like to provide you with some of the best places in our opinion.
  • The greatest coffee is served at Cosmic Coffee
  • Breakfast is excellent at Café No Sé
  • New York-style pizza is available at Home Slice
  • For the greatest burgers in SoCo, visit Hopdoddy
  • The greatest smoked meats are sold at Leroy and Lewis
  • The greatest Tex-Mex restaurant is Guero's Taco Bar
  • Scooped ice creams and milkshakes are available at Amy's Ice Cream
Now, homes in South Congress are sold for a median price of $1.2M in May 2022; that is a 41.1 % increase from the previous year. As we have mentioned in the introduction the prices are probably going to be even higher by the end of the year.
Tables inside a restaurant;
Some of the best restaurants can be found in South Congress.

Barton Hills, South Austin

Baron Hills is a paradise for young families. There are many parks, and people like to hike, ride bikes, and enjoy the nightlife, nice shops, and good schools are also here. All the before-mentioned places are easily accessible by vehicle or public transportation. The price of electric scooters is not that high in Austin it is about $5 per hour, so you can use this eco-friendly option. Also, this part of the city attracts a lot of your professionals. Here you can find big companies like AMD, Apple, VISA, Whole Food, Dell, eBay, Facebook, General Motor, etc. So if you decide to work in one of them and you need any moving services Austin Texas you can count on us. Always check the online review when it comes to movers. Also, we have to mention Barton Hills has some of the best schools and generally lower crime rates. Now when talking about housing costs, the median price is $1.3M per home, and the median home price per square foot is $677. Currently, there are 17 houses that you can buy listed on Realtor. If you are not sure about whether to move or not, you can ask yourself some critical questions.

One of the most desired South Austin neighborhoods, Zilker

This place is trendy in South Austin and more than 9, 000 people live in this neighborhood. The median price of a house is $700,642, and the median rent is $1,884/month. Now we have mentioned renting because it is more popular in this part of the city. The majority of Zilker inhabitants rent their houses, giving people a sense of living in an urban-suburban mix. There are several pubs, eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Zilker. In Zilker Park, there are many music festivals, and there is held a festival Holiday Trail of Lights. It is also home to some of the most famous restaurants like Cypress Grill,  Uchi (Japanese food), Terry's Burger Stand, Casa de Luz, and Citizen Eatery.
People sitting in a park thinking about the best South Austin neighborhoods to move to;
Zilker Park is one the most popular in the city of Austin, and it's a part of the local culture and identity.
Now that would be it for this blog post, thank you for reading it, and we hope that we have helped you. We wanted to share our thoughts and opinions about the best South Austin neighborhoods to move to. Do not forget that you will also have to deal with post-moving exhaustion, so we can maybe help you with this. We hope that you will have a great move and enjoy South Austin!    


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