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Best TX cities for young couples

It is always exciting to start your life together with your loved one. However, you have to decide where to live. Should you stay in your city or maybe move to another one? If you plan to move to a new city, you should consider the following cities in Texas. Luckily, you can easily find the best moving company Texas that will help you with your household relocation. Your job is to find a suitable city for yourself and your partner. For this reason, here are all the best TX cities for young couples. You will recognize most of them as usually young couples who prefer to live in a large city due to many employment and entertainment opportunities.

Let's start with one of the best cities for couples – Dallas

If you are moving to Dallas, then you should know that this city has over 1,3 million residents. The city is the economic center of Texas which means it offers one of the best job opportunities in the entire state. It is really important to find a stable job, especially when you are a young couple starting your life together. In addition to this, there is another important reason why you should have a job before moving to Dallas. The median rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is around $1100. Considering that the median household income is around $54,700, you can afford to rent a better apartment. As for the city itself, it is on the bigger side yet it still has that sense of close community. Therefore, you will have no problems fitting in and making new friends with other locals.
Aerial view of one of the best TX cities for young couples.
Many young couples want to live in Dallas as it's one of the best TX cities for young couples

San Antonio is the next good choice

The second city to consider for your potential new home would be San Antonio. This Texas city is pretty popular among young people in general. It has more than 1.5 million people. The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment would be around $1,025 which is a little bit more affordable than in Dallas. However, when moving to San Antonio, you also have to know that the median household income is around $53,420 which is again lower than in Dallas. In addition to this, San Antonio is well known due to its slower and more relaxed lifestyle. Locals are quite friendly so you can meet new people and make new friends pretty quickly after your relocation. As for job opportunities, San Antonio’s market is not big when compared to Dallas. However, if you are looking for a military placement, then this would be the perfect city for you. Find the best one among so many moving companies San Antonio has to offer, and you'll relocate without a hitch.

Best TX cities for young couples – Fort Worth

Moving to Fort Worth has many advantages. First of all, it is usually ranked second as the best city for employment. Just as was mentioned before, you should find a good job so you can support your new family. Young couples usually hesitate to expand their family due to financial reasons. In addition to this, the average cost of living is lower than the national one. The city is known to give you a big-city experience at a little-city price. As for its size, it has almost 900,000 residents. The average rent is around $1,100 while the median household income is around $64,500. It is important to mention that this city has the best schools in the entire state. Again, this is important for young couples that plan to have children soon. After all, your future kids should attend the best school in Texas.
A couple watching the sunset
Young couples will enjoy living in Fort Worth

Next up is Austin

All the most famous cities in Texas are perfect for young couples. The reasons are pretty much all the same. They have a growing job market, and a huge community of young people and all the residents are friendly and welcoming. This is what most young couple looks for when searching for a new suitable country. In Austin, the average rent is around $1,300 while the median household income is around $75,700. However, what is so special about Austin? Most recent college graduates love this city because of its exciting nightlife and entertainment options. Do not worry since this is not the only reason. Austin also has one of the strongest economies and job markets in the state. The employment rate is pretty low while job opportunities are numerous. This is why this city is popular among younger generations. If you wish to start your new life here together with your partner, research the best moving companies Austin has and start planning your relocation.

Best TX cities for young couples – Houston

Probably the largest city on this list, Houston is also extremely popular among young couples. It has over 2.3 million residents and it is the 4th largest city in the entire country. The median rent is around $1,086 which is pretty affordable considering its size. As for the median household income, it is pretty much the same as the rest of the cities on this list with almost $53,600. The food scene is probably the best in Houston. You will never get tired of trying the delicious cuisine from all around the world. When talking about Houston, you have to mention Houston’s museum district. It is the center of the city’s culture and the most beautiful part of the city. One of the disadvantages of living in this city would be its public transportation system. It is not the best so you will need a car.
Houston during the night
Huston is a great place for both families and young couples

Other places for couples

The best TX cities for young couples need to include some less-known and smaller cities as well.  They are the following.
  • Plano – this city only has 288,870 which is just the right size for young couples who plan to have kids. In addition to this, it is pretty close to Dallas so commuting is possible.
  • El Paso – its median rent is only $857 which is amazing considering this city almost has 700,000 residents. In addition to this, it is close to Mexico but unfortunately, it is pretty far away from other cities on this list.
  • Denton – this city is close to Dallas and Foth Worth so again commuting to these cities is possible. In addition to this, Denton is the home to the University of North Texas so the city is filled with young and friendly people.

Hutto, one of the finest Texas locations for young couples

Hutto is one of the smaller places that is great for young couples. It has only 26,778 residents. However, most of them are younger people. The median age in this location is 29 years. As you can see, you can find many young partners there that are just starting their families. What's interesting about Hutto is that there are only 7% of the people above the age of 65 or older. There are ten schools in Hutto. They are rated above average, so you won't have to worry about the education of your future child. The area is very safe as the crime rate is extremely low. Therefore, this is one of the best Texas places for young couples.
Yellow flowers are in bloom.
Small rural places can be great for raising a family

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is a town with 84,622 residents. Median rent is about 1,200$. However, most of the people in this area, more than 60% to be precise, own their homes. If you'd like to buy a house, you should know that the median home value is $237,900. The median household income is around $71,000, which is higher than the national one. The unemployment rate is only 2,9%, and you can easily find a job that fits your needs. People in this area are kind and accepting of others. Therefore, you'll surely find your place here and feel at home. This is also a place with a sparse suburban feel, with lots of parks and green spaces. If all of this has made you interested in New Braunfels, find the right moving services New Braunfels has to offer and relocate to this beautiful location.
People doing group hand cheer.
New Braunfels is full of friendly and accepting people

How to choose only one of so many great Texas cities for young couples

So far, we've covered many Texas cities that can be great for young love birds. However, we're here to help if you're still not sure which one to pick. Here are the factors you should consider when making the final decision:
  • Size of the city - together with your partner discuss what better suits your tastes. Some prefer to live in big cities, while others like quiet rural places.
  • The closeness of your loved ones - moving with your partner is a big decision. If you're still not ready to let go of your friends and family, why not choose a closer city? There are many cities that can be considered the best TX cities for young couples. You're bound to find one that is close to your loved ones.
  • Weather - many people don't think about this point when choosing a city to move to. However, if you're one that despises certain climates, take this into consideration too.
  • The cost of living - we've already covered average rent in most places on this list. However, don't forget to take into account the price of food, transportation, and other everyday things.

Final thoughts

To begin with, we've covered all the best TX cities for young couples. Next, we talked about the factors you should take into account when choosing the city you'll move to. Hence, now you should be ready to make the final decision. We hope you'll have a wonderful life in one of the best Texas cities for young loved ones!


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