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Common mistakes when moving furniture

Common mistakes when moving furniture

Moving in general is a task with many potential pitfalls and frustrations. There are so many things you can easily forget in the preparation phase, that will surely come back to haunt you later. Regardless if you're planning a small-scale or a large-scale move, you should always be 100% focused on the task at hand. Of course, the bigger are the items you plan to move, the bigger may be the consequences. That said, moving furniture is particularly tricky. Not only because it is usually rather heavy and bulky, but because of how costly any negligence may prove out to be. Therefore, you should consult the moving experts from Evolution Moving Company or somebody of their ilk. Don't hesitate to get some professional assistance or at least advice from professionals. They'll surely help you avoid some of the most common mistakes when moving furniture.

Not protecting it properly is one of the common mistakes when moving furniture

That you need to protect the items you are planning to move beforehand is something that goes without saying. But not every item requires the same kind of protection, nor the same amount of protection. That said, furniture is at the top of both lists. It indeed demands a special treatment protection-wise, both in terms of quality and quantity. Having said all of that, hiring some professional movers San Antonio to help you out would probably be a smart idea.
Woman with her furniture
Not protecting your furniture properly is one of the most common mistakes

Not disassembling everything that can be disassembled is a big no-no

The first rule of furniture moving is to disassemble everything that can be disassembled. Sure, one could say that something like that is an obvious thing to do. Still, for whatever reason, that step seldom gets skipped. People either don't want to waste their time or foolishly believe they can do it in one session. Disassembling furniture, especially the intricate one with lots of small bits and pieces may turn out to be immensely time-consuming. But, if something goes wrong, and it usually does, it's too late to fix things. The advice is - it's more convenient to waste time than money. So, if you can disassemble your furniture, regardless of the headache that disassembling may cause you, do so. Or call some reliable furniture movers San Antonio to do it for you.

One of the mistakes when moving furniture is not packing screws, nuts, and bolts separately

Forgetting about the screws, nuts, and bolts that hold everything together is something that happens all the time. We are usually more focused on "the big parts" and fail to see the wood for the trees, as they say. But those little tiny pieces are just as important, if not even more important for specific types of furniture. In order to be transported safely, they should be placed inside sealed plastic baggies, parallelly with the disassemblement of the furniture parts. Furthermore, the baggies need to have a proper label that corresponds with the right piece of furniture. That way, when you begin to reassemble your furniture, you won't have to spend countless hours looking for them.
Screws and nuts
Screws, nuts, and bolts that hold furniture together should be placed inside sealed plastic baggies

Wrapping furniture properly is extremely important

Making sure that your furniture sits safely in a moving truck is the most important part of the furniture moving. Tips for packing large furniture is to hire a guy only to stand beside the furniture during transportation, considering that driving in a moving truck is usually a bumpy affair. That's why more unstable or fragile items often get damaged during transportation. In order to prevent this from happening, wrapping furniture parts at least in plastic wrap is absolutely mandatory. The plastic wrap protects furniture and other items while in transit rather effectively. Also, it's a convenient way to keep furniture parts like table legs together. That said, if you feel that plastic wrap isn't enough for some of your more valuable furniture, you can do the following:
  • Use moving blankets. Their thickness will protect not only the furniture during the move, but your walls also. That the sharp edges of your furniture cannot penetrate plastic wrap and damage the walls of your new apartment is another in a long line of mistakes when moving furniture.
  • If you don't have moving blankets, is to use some large sheets, flattened cardboard, or towels instead.
  • Also, you can add another layer of protection with cardboard boxes, quality packaging tape, or any other kinds of wrapping material.

Moving heavy furniture by yourself is another among the common mistakes when moving furniture

Don't try to be a hero and lift heavy furniture by yourself, period. You won't impress your neighbors, on the contrary, they'll probably think you're a fool. Not to mention your medical bills. Joking aside, as silly as this tip may sound, the examples of people attempting to pick up heavy furniture by themselves without help are many. Usually, those attempts end up with the person lifting the heavy furniture breaking its back, or breaking or damaging the furniture itself. Sometimes even both. That said, the ultimate advice when moving large, heavy furniture is to obtain as many helping hands as possible. Those will usually be the hands of your friends or family members, that should be informed well in advance that their assistance is needed. If you aren't the most social person around, see to hire labor-only movers or some moving professionals. Just make sure that your budget can cover it.
Man disassembling the table
The first rule of furniture moving is to disassemble everything that can be disassembled

Make the most out of the special moving equipment

Speaking of the helping hands, as handy as they may come, sometimes they won't be able to pull it off. Of course, some furniture like small tables and chairs are easy to handle. But the large furniture pieces such as pianos, pool tables, or heavy chairs, for example, will require additional equipment. That equipment being in most cases a dolly or hand truck. Both dollies and hand trucks are extremely useful when you need to lift heavy furniture. Apart from the already mentioned ones, some of those large, heavy items may be heavy refrigerators, dining tables, etc. If dollies and hand trucks aren't enough, consider including a trailer, moving straps, or a skidboard.

What's the ultimate lesson?

So, what have we learned about the most common mistakes when moving furniture? Well, we have learned that all of them have the same lowest common denominator. Which is the fact that moving large furniture isn't a job for a rookie. Professional assistance or at least a piece of advice is absolutely mandatory. So, get in touch with a reliable moving company that will help you protect your furniture the best way possible. Use their knowledge to your advantage and make sure to move your heaviest belongings safely.


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