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Common moving discounts to ask about

Whether you are moving to another city for work or moving to the home that you have just purchased, it can be quite expensive. Everyone likes to save a dime, especially in this situation. You also should not be embarrassed to ask about a moving discount with your moving company. Also, be aware that cheaper movers will end up costing you more by causing damage to your things. You should always stick with the professionals. Here are common moving discounts that you should ask about.
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Ask about common moving discounts, everyone likes to save a dime.
 Be sure to always double-check if you meet the conditions or requirements set by the company that is offering a discount. You will just waste your time chasing a discount for which you are not eligible. For military personnel, be sure to have your service ID, veteran card, or another relevant form of ID before applying for it. The overall idea is to save money, however, if you are not careful enough you could lose both money and property if you get involved with scammers. Always look for companies with a good reputation. No matter if you are moving to Texas or another state. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Common moving discounts

Use discounts to get discounts. In case you have already been offered a discount, use that offer to get an even better one from another moving company. One of the ways to get a discount is App discounts. Trying to find moving discounts online can be a tough job, because of all the information available. A bit easier way is to find an app with notification deals on specific services like moving. Be sure to check that out! When you research local moving companies in your area, keep in mind that they might offer discounts for customers who find them online. Be sure to check their website or social media if they have one, for printable coupons and special offers.

Who can be eligible for the common moving discounts

  • Military
Military personnel no matter if it is a duty assignment, change of station also need a cost-efficient move. Those people put their lives in danger to ensure that we all live the American dream. Active and discharged soldiers, including veterans, can also get discounts on moving and related services. No matter which branch of the armed forces you serve in, you may be able to save a lot on relocation costs if you’re moving yourself to your next duty station.
  • Teachers
Just like military members, teachers also have discounts as a benefit for shaping up the future of the nation. Several moving companies offer discounts to teachers who need to move, both personal and professional reasons. In case you are moving your precious piano, you can contact the best piano movers Texas to do that.
  • Seniors
Moving for seniors can sometimes be difficult. Most of the moving companies honor seniors by providing moving discount for a safe relocation. Whether you are moving from your family home or flying south for warmer winters and calmer neighborhoods you should know that there are moving companies that will provide you with the discounts. You just need to find one.
  • College students
With the new Covid-19 outbreak, students are constantly changing plans about their moving. Since most universities were shut down, students had to return to their parent’s homes. The international students on the other hand are in a much tougher situation since returning to their parent’s homes may not be easy, which leaves them with no option but to move to cheaper accommodation. Few companies have put together discount schemes for students who are affected by this situation.
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Check all the options for the discounts.


The unemployment rate in the United States has jumped to above 14%. Many of them are losing their jobs due to the COVID-19 outbreak and have no other choice but to move to another city, state to find work. Should you find yourself in this situation, you may want to check out discounts on moving services that will save you cash as much as possible. Many companies are doing what they can to keep the customers that they have due to the bigger percentage of unemployment. The time to ask for a discount is NOW! Use it to your advantage.
  •  Union Members
The union members also work with companies in order to ensure that the salary that they get from their members stretch even further.
  • Membership discounts
Discount sites and loyalty programs can help you reduce your overall moving costs. Promo codes, deals, and coupons can save you a significant amount of cash on various services and products. You can also download some apps in order to receive notifications regarding the offers.

Off-season common moving discounts

People are much more moving during the summer than in any other season. During less work over that period, a lot of moving companies offer discounts. The prices vary, depends on the company and region. If you are moving off-season during October and April, mid-week, you can get a much cheaper price then usual. Keep that in mind!

Referrals discounts

If a friend of yours used a service from a moving company and refers you to use them as well, you may receive a discount. Word of mouth is the best commercial you will ever get, the moving companies know that and appreciate it!  
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If you were satisfied once with a moving company you should consider them again.

Repeat Customer Discount 

If you were satisfied with a moving company that you used in the past, then you should call them again and they will give you a discount. They love repeated customers and are already familiar with your belongings. No matter what you do, always ask about discounts. Help yourself and check out what are common moving discounts. Do the research, protect yourself, and choose the company that can be trusted. You can use the saved money to get things for your new home.


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