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The difference between local and interstate truck rentals

Moving involves a lot of decision making. If we are moving by ourselves, one of those decisions is what type of truck rental to choose. The choice depends on the kind of move we are making. So, what exactly is the difference between local and interstate truck rentals?

What are the benefits of renting a moving truck?

A do-it-yourself move may be more challenging than having a full-service moving company New Braunfels do everything for you. However, it has proven to be cheaper and allows for more flexibility in terms of time management. So, not only will you save some cash, but you'll also have more control over the move. You will have the freedom to decide when to start and end the relocation, as well as which route to take. In addition, by hiring a shady moving company to take care of everything and leaving them in charge of your possessions, you are more likely to become the victim of a moving scam.

How to pick the right moving truck?

Trucks that rental companies offer normally come in different sizes. You can probably check this on their official websites. Before picking your vehicle, consider how big your home is, how many rooms you are relocating and how large your items are. Moreover, there should be (at least) 10% more room in the truck than you estimate you are going to need, just in case. Do not underestimate the amount of stuff you are moving, which many people do. You will be able to choose anything from smaller 10-foot trucks used for studio apartments to larger 26-foot trucks that fit more than 4 bedrooms.
Four trucks parked outdoors on a sunny day
Learn the difference between local and interstate truck rentals to chose the vehicle that suits your needs.

What affects the relocation cost?

When making a price estimate, rental companies take into consideration the size of the truck, the duration of the move, as well as the distance. Additionally, there are moving supplies, additional fuel, toll costs, etc. People often forget about toll costs, for example, when planning their relocation budget.

Moving insurance

When moving, everyone needs adequate protection against potential damage and loss. Apart from hiring the first company you find (without proper research), not getting insurance is one of the most common moving mistakes to avoid. In addition to your basic insurance, it is recommended to buy some kind of supplemental moving truck insurance, in case you are moving a long distance. There are several kinds of insurance. Some of them are Supplemental Liability Insurance, Damage Waivers, Personal Accident and Cargo Insurance and Auto Tow Protection. 

What are the differences between local and interstate truck rentals?

The majority of local truck rentals are family-owned and operated agencies. They rent out trucks only for local, usually domestic purposes. The reason why they aren't suitable for long distance or interstate relocation is that they are individual agencies, which means customers need to return the rented truck at the same place where they rented it. On the other hand, interstate truck rentals are typically national chain companies. Unlike local truck rentals, they have service centers in most major cities. Therefore, it is possible to rent a truck in one city and return it in another. This is a notable difference between local and interstate truck rentals.

Why rent a local moving truck?

The cost is a major difference between local and interstate truck rentals. Usually, local moving truck rentals charge by the day. You'd normally pay for every mile. This type of truck rental only pays off if you are moving to a local location that is relatively close by. With a smaller, local moving truck, making a few additional trips might be necessary. Still, if it's cost-effective, many people don't mind the additional trips. This type of truck rental is a good option when you can manage to return the vehicle within the same day. For example, a lot of renters opt for these trucks when moving their children to a college that's not too far away.

Why rent an interstate moving truck?

Interstate moving truck rental is the obvious choice when moving across the state or to another state. In other words, you should rent one when moving over a long distance. You don't have to return the vehicle to the original location.
A long road in a mountainous area, mountains in the background
With their national coverage, interstate rental agencies are the right choice for long-distance moves.
This is particularly convenient when you cannot return the rented truck on the same day. In case you need the truck for a few days, getting a discount on the cost may be possible, and a set number of miles are normally included in the price. Interstate agencies' trucks are often larger, which means that you might be able to move all of your items in one trip.


It is recommendable to take both types of truck rentals into consideration before making your final choice. If you are looking for ways to save money on a move, always read the fine print and make sure you completely understand the costs of both options in order to find the most affordable solution.

Tips for renting and driving a truck

A driver behind the wheel driving after learning the difference between local and interstate truck rentals
When relocating to a new home or office yourself, you must be a careful driver.
  • Plan your transportation budget on time.
  • Do research on your rental company before signing a contract.
  • Learn the difference between local and interstate truck rentals before opting for one or the other.
  • Make sure you are insured.
  • You can't have many passengers. A moving truck can usually accommodate two to three people, maximum.
  • Get familiar with the truck before you start driving it in order to check whether everything is working properly.
  • Of course, you must respect the speed limits and traffic laws.
  • Keep a distance from other vehicles on the road.
  • You will have to make much larger turns when driving a moving truck.
  • Stay on main roads. Avoid driving down narrow, winding roads.


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