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Disinfecting your home after moving – how to do it right

The process of moving can be exhausting. But after moving tasks can be even more exhausting. However, they are still necessary. Amongst them is disinfecting your home. Disinfecting is a process that kills 99% of microorganisms. There are many types of natural and chemical disinfectants. Even though this step might seem silly, disinfecting is crucial after the move. It prepares your new home, and it prevents many diseases. Disinfecting can be done by professionals, or you can do it yourself. If you opt for the second option Evolution Moving Company offers you tips on disinfecting your home after moving!

Disinfecting your home after moving - how to do it right?

If you decide to disinfect your home on your own, you will need some plan. Planning makes everything much easier. It's best to disinfect everything before you move your furniture via residential movers Austin TX since you will have more space. However, you can do it even with furniture. You can use both natural and chemical disinfectants. Natural disinfectors are:
  • Alcohol
  • Hot water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Vinegar
  • Some essential oils
A picture of a disinfected home
You can hire professionals for disinfecting your home after moving.

Natural disinfectants for disinfecting your house

Alcohol, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are natural disinfectants. These liquids kill bacteria and viruses and prevent them from reproducing. They are great for glass, doors, wooden furniture, metal, plastic, and even clothes. They are also very cheap, which makes them very affordable. You will get great results if you opt for them. But how do you use them correctly?

How to disinfect using natural disinfectants

If your reliable long distance movers Austin transported your furniture to your home, you will need to disinfect it. Before you do that, make sure to clean your furniture. Disinfectants will kill bacteria and viruses but will only work if you use them on clean surfaces. You can clean surfaces by using hot water and soap, or you can buy a cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the surface and gently wash it out with hot water. Only then can you use the disinfectant. You can apply any of these or use a mix of vinegar and water or essential oils and water. Apply it to the surface, wait about 10 minutes, and then you can clean it all up. This goes for windows, doors, cabinets, and tables. Cleaning is a bit different for beds, mattresses, couches, and big carpets. First, you need to vacuum them and spray them with a mix of essential oil and water or water and soap. Then rub them in using a cloth, which will help you spread the disinfectants. After disinfecting your furniture, leave it to dry out. You can disinfect your clothes, pillows, sheets, and smaller rugs by washing them in a washing machine. You can add a bit of vinegar into the washing machine, which will help kill germs. It is best to use natural disinfectants when disinfecting your home after moving since they won't damage your furniture. If you want to disinfect your walls and floors, you can use a mix of water and vinegar.
Bottles of bleach
Bleach can cause skin irritation.

Chemical disinfectants

There are many types of chemical disinfectants. They are as efficient as natural ones are. The first thing you should do is open all the windows and doors. Chemical disinfectants can cause nausea and dizziness if used for too long. Then you have to protect yourself. Wear gloves and glasses, and it is advised that you cover your arms and legs. The chemicals they contain are dangerous for your skin and eyes. You should prepare yourself by reading the etiquette on the back of the disinfectant. They usually offer a guide for use. They also warn you of an important thing- you must not mix disinfectants. That can cause a chemical reaction, which might be life-threatening. It can also cause damage to your furniture.

How to disinfect using chemical disinfectants

Chemicals such as bleach, soaps, and cleaning liquids are usually the best options. If you used moving and packing service Austin, you can disinfect the furniture in your home. Before disinfecting it, you must clean it. However, to avoid mixing chemicals, it's best to clean everything with hot water and a bit of vinegar. You can also use water and a bit of detergent. After cleaning the surface, you can spray the disinfectant. It is crucial to leave it to "do its job". That especially goes for counters, sinks, toilets, and baths. Rinse them off after 15-30 minutes. It is crucial to have fresh air in the room you are cleaning. You can disinfect your floors with liquids specially made for them. Bleach can often cause damage to the wooden furniture, especially floors. If you want to disinfect your walls, you will have to dust them. After doing so, use a product that is for walls. Spray them with chemicals and gently rub the cleaning product all over the walls. After doing so, clean the wall by using a new wet sponge. After you do this, leave the walls to dry overnight. Leaving the windows open can speed up the drying process.
A professional cleaner disinfecting her home
It is important to protect your skin and eyes when working with disinfectants.

Other tips for disinfecting your home

Even if this seems obvious, it is worth noting. After your long distance movers Austin ship your furniture, leave it in a sunny spot for a day. Fresh air and sun are great for killing bacteria. If you open your windows and let the fresh air in, it will lift and eliminate dust and bacteria. UV raids can damage bacteria and viruses. It will also boost your serotonin, which will make your cleaning job much more fun! In conclusion, there are many great ways for disinfecting your home after moving. Whether you choose natural options or chemicals, rest assured that your home will be disinfected and as good as new! Other than using disinfectants, use the benefits of the sun against microbes, and do not forget to let the fresh air in your newly disinfected home!


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