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The easiest way to pack your shoes for moving

Shoes can be a real puzzle when it comes to moving with movers Austin. They are bulky, come in different shapes and sizes, and are usually dirty for loading. However, your shoes should go with you to your new home, and they are not going to go there themselves. Packing shoes for your move takes a little ingenuity and a little time. But it’s no more difficult than collecting other items in your closet. These hacks will save you from guessing how to pack your shoes for moving, which will allow you to quickly complete a task and focus on other items in your home.

Get rid of the ones you don't wear

Most likely, you have a lot of shoes in your closet that you haven't worn for years. So why bother with them? Instead of packing shoes that are just thrown into your new home, use your move as an opportunity to get rid of it. If you have used shoes in good condition, Soles 4 Souls can help you figure out where to donate them. Or you can donate them to a local Goodwill or other charitable organization that can use it.
Pile of shoes
And if they are not in good condition, be sure to dispose of them properly instead of just throwing them in the trash

Fill each shoe with a pair of socks

To help the shoe keep its shape while moving, take a folded pair of socks and tamp it down. Depending on the shape and style of the shoe, you can add another pair of socks to the heel. Not only does this help prevent your shoes from breaking during transport, but this hack also performs a double duty of packing your socks too. Are you reading this too late and have your socks already packed? You can also stuff your shoes with plastic wrap or clean wrapping paper.

Pack better pairs individually

You are probably not too concerned that the old pair of sneakers will be damaged while moving to Austin. But the same does not apply to this expensive pair of heels or your perfectly shiny loafers. Protect your favorites by packing them individually, wrapping the paper around them to keep them in place. If you have not saved the boxes of the shoes, this is not a problem. You can purchase basic cardboard shoe boxes in several packages or use small plastic containers to pack your shoes for moving.

Tie your sneakers with laces

For shoes, such as sneakers, which are likely to simply be thrown into a box or other type of container together, keep the pair intact by tying their shoelaces together. That way, you won’t dig in a pile, trying to find the right shoes if you need a pair before you fully unpack.

Pack a few necessary pairs in their own box

Shoes are often not one of the first things that you unpack. Because as long as you have the ones you need, you are unlikely to need others at once. However, you must ensure that you have easy access to two or three main pairs during the unpacking process. You will probably wear running shoes for the move itself. So put aside a pair of comfortable shoes when you need to quickly go to the car. A pair of shoes that you can style with working clothes for at least a week. And a pair of shoes in case you decide to rest for a good dinner or another type of break.

Pack shoes that are out of season separately

Saying that the shoes are at a later stage of unpacking, it makes no sense to spend time unpacking shoes out of season, when there is still so much to do. If you move in the summer, deal with things like winter boots and comfortable slippers. If you move in the winter, select a separate box for sandals and slippers. Clearly label the box and don’t worry if you won't be able to unpack it during the first few weeks.
Shoe boxes
Or if you don’t touch them until the time comes when you really need those kinds of shoes

Use only clean wrapping paper to pack your shoes for moving

Although a newspaper can be an effective replacement for wrapping paper when it comes to other items in your home, the same cannot be said for packing shoes. Printed newspaper, used wrapping paper, or even colored tissue paper can leave stains that will later be difficult or impossible to remove. For peace of mind, use only unused wrapping paper to wrap and fasten shoes. Clean paper towels are also suitable.

Use tea bags to keep shoes fresh

Before you pack your shoes for moving, leave them to air overnight to give them the opportunity to get rid of any unpleasant odors. For shoes that have a distinctly unpleasant smell, you can try putting them in the freezer that will kill all the hidden bacteria in them. And when it comes to keeping your shoes fresh while moving, put unused tea bags in it. You can just put them under the socks with which you stuff them.

Pack heavy shoes on the bottom

Whether you use boxes, plastic containers, or even laundry baskets to transport your shoes, make sure you put the heaviest and largest shoes on the bottom. This will even out the weight and make it safer and more comfortable to carry. In addition, if you put heavy shoes on top of lighter ones, you risk damaging more delicate pairs.

Use bubble wrap instead of plastic bags

Packed sneakers
Spending time to correctly pack your shoes for moving is always a reasonable step
Resist the urge to wrap shoes in plastic bags that can be easily broken. Instead, use plastic wrap, which is much stronger and provides significantly greater protection. You will want to use it on any sharp heels and buckles. And it will also come in handy to make sure that dirty shoes do not wear off on other pairs. Just make sure your shoes are dry before wrapping them, as plastic can trap moisture and cause mold.


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