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Easiest way to reassemble furniture after moving

When moving home, probably the hardest part is to handle robust furniture. Most of it must be disassembled if you want to get them out of the house in the first place. But this part is easier than the next one. Yes, you must reassemble furniture after moving. This is a stressful process, and it bothers most of us. Not to mention that you can assemble your furniture wrongly or even break something while doing so. Therefore, you’ll need assistance from furniture movers San Antonio and a few tips on how to participate in the process. We will also cover the procedure in case you want to do it yourself. Let’s take a look.

Your movers can reassemble furniture after moving for you

Obviously, the easiest way to reassemble furniture after moving is if you let your Texas movers do it. They have the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to do so. Although, some movers charge this service extra. While fraudulent movers do it without notifying you, you’ll be charged for this service even if you never asked. So, be careful and work only with legit moving companies. Ask them beforehand if they have to disassemble and reassemble services. Some moving companies offer only disassembling, but they can’t be bothered to assemble it back once you move in. Hence, you must communicate this part clearly to be sure you know the price of this service and that the company you hired is able to do this task correctly.
professional movers will reassemble furniture after moving
Let a professional moving team handle all your furniture. It is much safer that way.

Should you reassemble furniture after moving by yourself?

Maybe you can, but you must know exactly what you are doing. Simply because some furniture is not meant to be taken apart while others are too fragile for such an endeavor. Other pieces of furniture might be too hard to handle or complicated to be disassembled. Not to mention that you can easily break a screw or a bolt if you do not know how to handle the tools required. And you will end up with an expensive piece of furniture that must be repaired or refurbished to be used again. So, we would highly advise you to let professionals cover this part unless you are absolutely sure you know how it is done. Decide right from the start if you are purchasing packing services New Braunfels along with the assembling package. Or you will do it all by yourself. If you choose to make this a DIY project, make sure to bring a friend or two to assist. It is easier that way.

Some furniture is not worth reassembling

Some furniture you have is not worth disassembling at all. Just inspect all the furniture you have before you take any steps. If you find a piece or two that you can simply replace with a new piece, do it. It will be easier for everybody, and you will have more space inside the moving truck. Not to mention that you and your residential movers San Antonio TX won’t waste time on old and unusable furniture. And you won’t have to reassemble furniture after moving almost at all.
Antiqued furniture and a blue chair
Some furniture is not worth the trouble. Either relocate them in one piece or toss them away.

How to do it right?

In the end, no matter who is doing the disassembling and reassembling, it must be done right. Firstly, you must have all the essential home tools and, in some situations, even specific tools not all households have. Once you have everything, cover the following steps:
  • Measure everything – Yes, you should measure all your pieces to figure out if they can get in and out of the house without disassembling. Maybe you can skip this process for some of the furniture
  • Take photos – Snap a few photos of the original state, and you’ll have a much easier time reassembling the furniture
  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines – This is important for appliances and electronics. If you must disassemble them, use the original user manual for guidance
  • Label everything – All small pieces like bolts, screws, and fasteners should be inside dedicated bags or boxes and labeled correctly. This way, you won’t misplace any of it
  • Use proper cover – A plastic tarp, bubble wrap, stretch foil, or blankets and sheets you have at home. Use it all to cover and wrap pieces individually. Even though you have disassembled everything, it can still be damaged if not protected
This is it. Now you know how to disassemble and reassemble furniture after moving. Remember, once you start assembling, do it in the room the furniture belongs to. You do not want to drag wardrobes all over the place unnecessarily. Hopefully, you’ll have a stretching budget and purchase a reassembling service from your movers. Good luck.


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