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Evolutionary guide to packing and moving your bedroom

Packing and moving your bedroom out from a studio apartment, house, or even dorm room can be quite challenging sometimes. No matter if moving to Dallas, New York, or any other city in the US. It is stressful and at the same time exciting. Especially when you consider other rooms and things. Here are some tips and tricks on packing and transporting your bedroom, which can be really interesting and fun.

Packing and moving your bedroom

First of all, make a plan and list of all the things that you have. The organization is the key. Having that plan helps you stay calm and organized. You won't lose sight of your belongings or leave them behind. Before you start packing and moving your bedroom, look through your closet of any clothing that no longer fits you. Or you don’t wear them anymore. You can donate these items to a non-profit organization or sell them on a yard sale. Not only does this create less packing for you, but it also gives you less to unpack later.
notes, to do list
Make a plan and go step by step.

Packing supplies for packing and moving your bedroom

Before you start, it is a good idea to gather the right packing supplies. Here is a list of the most needed one:
  • Moving boxes
  • Book boxes
  • Shoe boxes
  • Mattress Bag
  • Packaging Tape
  • Mirror and picture box
  • Furniture pads
  • Bubble bags
  • TV kit
  • Flatscreen TV cover
Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that you can move around in, such as sneakers or other closed-toed shoes. Keep tools like screwdrivers and cleaning supplies prepared as well. Be sure to pack all your essentials in a backpack or small suitcase that is easy to carry around. It should include a few outfits and toiletries like deodorant that you may keep in your bedroom. Also, pack any electronics that you’ll need during the days of your move.
Packing your bedroom can be challenging.

The bedroom closet

The bedroom closet should come first when packing and moving your bedroom. Be sure to wash your dirty clothes as well as your bedroom linens. That way you will have one less thing to worry about when you arrive at your new home. Packing your bedroom closet clothes is one of the most time-consuming things you will do. However, stay calmed and relax, don't rush. Instead of throwing everything into boxes, organize your clothes by season. Put all your spring and summer clothes on one side, and your winter and fall clothes on another. Make separate piles for underwear and socks, as well as for shoes. If you own any clothing items like a tuxedo or a very delicate dress, keep these items on their hangers. Instead of packing them in boxes, hang them in a wardrobe box. By folding your clothes, they will be less wrinkled when getting them out of the box. And one more thing, they take up less space which means you will pack more. When it comes to books, pack them so that the spine side is facing down. Use book boxes in order to pack them. When it comes to lamps, picture frames, wall decoration we recommend that you wrap and pack them in small boxes. And be sure to label every box, so you won't spend additional time searching for the items when unpacking.
man carrying a cardboard box who could help you with packing and moving your bedroom
Do not carry boxes by yourself, hire professional movers, and prevent injuries.

Furniture disassembly

You may have some furniture items that will need to be disassembled before moved. Make sure you have a screwdriver with you so you can remove the screws that keep the item together. When disassembling your bed frame, start by removing the bed slats. Then unscrew the screws in the frame to break the bed frame into several pieces. Place all the screws, nuts and bolts of the bed frame in a plastic bag, so you won't lose them. If you are not sure how to do that, try to find a manual that the item came with. Or try to find it online. If you hire a moving company, they can also help you with the disassembly. The best moving company Texas will provide you with full service for a reasonable price. After the disassembly, make sure to take your furniture out of the bedroom. That will allow you to thoroughly clean out your room. Make sure not to scratch your furniture especially if it's made out of wood. You can prevent that by taping the bubble bag onto the edges of each item.  When packing and moving your bedroom, you have also to ensure that your mattress comes undamaged. If you don't know how to pack a mattress, we can help you. The important thing is that it doesn't get ripped or stained during the move. The easiest way to prevent that is is to use a mattress bag. Which comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, as well as pillow-top varieties. Simply slide the bag over your mattress and it's ready to move. To pack your TV detach the cords, roll them up and place them in a separate bag or container. For added protection, use the Flat Panel TV Kit.

Pack the remaining items

It may be a possibility that you will leave a few things lying around in your bedroom. After you packing y0ur bedroom, pack them up in a box. Makin sure to wrap any items in a bubble bag if necessary. Label this box “Miscellaneous”, or a label that describes what most of the objects are. After that, your room should be empty. Your bedroom should be now empty and you should leave it in good shape before you start moving. During the move, your walls could be a bit dirty. Use a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner to scrub the walls. Make sure to also vacuum the floor thoroughly. You should also use a feather duster to brush away light dust. In the end, clean your windows. Spray a newspaper with window cleaner and rub over the entire surface of the windows. These are some tips and tricks for packing and moving your bedroom. In the end, make packing fun! Wake up early and stick to your plan. However, if you are not ready for it, your moving company will help you with everything.


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