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Finding movers and packers when moving from Boerne to Live Oak

If you are uprooting your life and moving somewhere new - like a new city, or state even - chances are you will need to hire professional packers and movers. Relocating by yourself can be an exhausting process and you might lose or break valuable items. So, if you want help with packing and moving all of your possessions a professional movers and packers company such as Evolution Moving Company NB will help you transport your items in the safest possible manner. Using the help of reputable packers and movers will surely speed up the moving process.  There are many professional packers and movers to choose from so make sure to find the best packers and movers company available. Here are tips on finding movers and packers when moving from Boerne to Live Oak.

4 Tips for finding movers and packers when moving from Boerne to Live Oak

Research movers and packers in Boerne and Live Oak in advance

The most important in the moving process from Boerne to Live Oak is finding the right movers and packers company. You will need at least 2 to 3 months of research beforehand. This way, you will have time to find what suits your needs best.
Finding movers and packers when moving from Boerne to Live Oak
A professional mover counting boxes.
Local is good! Look for reputable moving companies near you. Boerne TX movers are in luck because Evolution Moving Company can help them save time and money when moving. They know the city layout and traffic. Make a list of your top choices, compare them and start calling to see if there are available spots!

Get References from moving companies

Another option is directly asking companies for references. You can request contact information from three customers who have moved with this company in the past month and are located in the same area. This way you are able to call customers, ask about their experience, pros and cons and make your decision based on that.

The importance of a thorough walkthrough

In order to give you an estimate, the movers and packers will come to your home and do a walkthrough. Pay attention to whether the person doing the walkthrough is engaged and careful. They should be asking you questions and looking at every room.

Read the movers and packers contract carefully

When you get an estimate and accept the offer, you will be asked to sign a movers and packers contract. Read it carefully! Otherwise, you may oversee unnecessary extra fees. So, take your time, and slowly read through the contract and inventory list before you sign and before the truck leaves.  Signing a contract that is empty is really dangerous and might expose you to huge unexpected expenses. Do not sign a blank contract!
A person packing a box
Carefully pack valuable items.

 Avoid packing expenses

You may bring down additional packing expenses by providing your own packing materials. You could also pack your belongings yourself, but then you are also responsible for any damage that comes to them. If the company packs them for you, they are responsible. Weigh the pros and cons, make a list and decide! Live Oak TX movers can make moving from Boerne to Live Oak easy and stress-free with the right movers and packers.


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