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Furniture you should sell before your San Antonio move

The great dilemma: to sell or not to sell? There are various advantages and disadvantages to each. But it all comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Because we recognize your struggle to decide upon keeping or selling certain furniture we are going to help you make up your mind. The biggest pro of selling furniture would be easier and cheaper relocation. The counterargument is that you are going to spend a fortune on buying new furniture. Therefore, you need to make a selection. We are going to explain to you which furniture you should sell before your San Antonio move and why. Your great help during the moving process will be Texas movers who will ensure you have an easygoing relocation!

A list of furniture you should sell before relocating

Starting with a list of furniture. Furthermore, we are going into a deep dive into each item on a list. Contact residential movers San Antonio TX, which newcomers love, and hire them on time! Now, grab a pencil and a piece of paper and write them down. The furniture you should consider selling before the TX move is:
  • broken and nonfunctional furniture
  • too heavy and bulky furniture
  • furniture that won't fit your new home
  • items you haven't used in a year
  • everything you want to update
professional movers carrying the furniture
Getting professional help will make your relocation process faster and easier!

You should sell broken and nonfunctional furniture immediately

It is common sense that you won't be having much of a use for broken and nonfunctional furniture. If you decide to keep it you will pay for transportation and have to update it soon. Keeping broken furniture rather than being a bad financial decision is also dangerous.  Of course, you won't be getting too much money for the nonfunctional beds or cabinets, but selling them is a better option. If you can't seem to find a buyer there is always an option of donating your stuff. your little one will mean a lot to someone. When it comes to San Antonio you can donate to charities such as Arms of Hope, Goodwill San Antonio, Salvation army, Arc of Texas, and many more. A big plus is a lot of charities will come to pick up the furniture! It's a win-win situation.

Heavy and bulky items

Now, you have great furniture that fits your current home and would like to keep it. But, how will you relocate that full wall wardrobe?! Think about selling it. You will pay a lot more for the transportation of heavy and bulky items, as well as for their disassembling and reassembling into the new home. Check with your moving company about the way of charging. However, most companies will charge you more for heavy items. Even if you decide on a cheaper option - van liners it will cost you more. Get in touch with furniture movers San Antonio and decide if it is worth relocating that huge wardrobe or bed. This leads us to the next part of our list.
Heavy furniture you should sell before your San Antonio move
By selling heavy and bulky furniture you will save money in advance.

Don't think twice about selling the furniture that won't fit your new home

This is especially important for the big furniture we discussed. Get the measurements of rooms in your new home, make a plan of interior design and see what fits. It is fully impractical to relocate furniture that won't fit your new home at all. This is not reserved only for downsizing a home and is a necessary part to check the measures. How to be sure it is going to fit? The room's length and width should be measured. The walls' height should be measured. Measure every window, radiator, fireplace, entryway, and other structural element. It's crucial to measure the distance between the floor and the bottom and top of windows.

Should you sell it if you will need it in the future?

A lot of people have this dilemma and tend to keep things they are not needing actually. Should you sell it will you need it in the future? If you haven't used it in a year, chances are you won't use it in the future or it will be just a couple of times. It is more profitable and smarter to sell it right away. That can be everything from the guest room bed, furniture in the attic or the basement, old tables, and decorations. Throw them on the San Antonio Craiglist right away! Some things you won't sell right away. In that case, you might need Texas storage solutions to keep them safe and secure till you find a buyer.
A couple decorating their new home
Sell furniture you want to update to match the aesthetic of your new home.

Sell furniture you want to update

Of course, you are moving to a new home and you want it to feel welcoming and renovated. You can decide to buy new furniture just to update the old one and choose the more aesthetically pleasing one. This applies to dining tables, couches, scratched furniture, smaller and newer items, and many more. Not everything has to be a decision motivated by practical reasons. However, are some more ideas. It is a good option to replace kids' beds with more convenient furniture that can be used as a bed and couch for instance. Especially, if your kids are away from home and coming from time to time. Some furniture will not match the aesthetic of the new wall color and other furniture. You can replace it or you can paint it to match the rest of the vibes.

The furniture you should sell before your San Antonio move: Conclusion

To sell or not to sell? That is a great dilemma. Each has a variety of benefits and drawbacks. But ultimately, what matters is what you like and need. We are going to assist you in deciding because we understand your difficulty in determining whether to keep or sell specific furnishings. The easiest and least expensive relocation would be the main benefit of selling furniture. The argument in opposition is that you will spend money on new furniture. Thus, a decision needs to be made. We'll go through which furniture you should sell before your San Antonio move. Additionally, find out how to measure space for furniture in your new home. Moving companies will be a huge assistance to you during the relocation process and will make sure everything goes smoothly for you!


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