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Guide on packing your SA condo before the move

Packing your condo is no easy task. Luckily, in most cases, it will be much easier than packing a house. However, it will be essentially the same, besides the sheer amount of work. The main thing when packing your SA condo before the move is not the work itself, but planning and organizing beforehand. Depending on how well you did on that part, the rest of the job may be hard or easy. It’s not that hard to do everything right when you know what to do. If something goes wrong, you can always turn to hire local movers San Antonio.
chair and sofa in a condo, representing packing your SA condo before the move
Packing your SA condo doesn't have to be too hard if you know a few packing tips.

Making inventory before packing your SA condo for the move

You should be very thorough when making your inventory. It’s important to not leave anything out of it so you get the right picture of what you have to deal with. You will need some time to finish doing your inventory so it’s best if you plan. Don’t be surprised if it turns out to be a few days' works. This part of the job you will have to do yourself, but everything from here is optional, as you can always hire residential movers San Antonio TX to help you out.

Boxes and duct tape

If you are packing alone, you will need specialized boxes. You will also need duct tape and paper to round it all up. Be mindful when packing rooms that contain a lot of fragile items. The kitchen, for example, will require special care because most of the kitchen stuff is breakable. To relieve yourself of the most stressful part, start with the kitchen when packing your SA condo before the move. Roll every item in paper and create cushion layers inside the boxes. Lay your glasses bottoms down and plates sides facing down. This way you’ll provide maximum support and nothing will break. The rest of the rooms won’t be as much trouble because there won’t be so many things that can break. However, it’s wise to repeat the process just like you did with kitchen items. You don’t have to roll every single item in the paper but you should place layers of paper between items in the boxes. Finally, stick crushed paper into any air pockets. This will make the box hold firmly and it will be easier for transportation. If you think it’s too much to bear on your own, you can consider using packing services San Antonio to make packing your San Antonio condo before relocation much easier.
labeled boxes
Labeled boxes will make unpacking much easier.


You should organize your boxes categorically. For example, separate the boxes used to pack each room. This part will make it much easier for the movers to place everything in the correct place. If you want to bring efficiency to a maximum you can create sub-labels and organize what type of items from a certain room go into a box. By doing this when packing your SA condo before the move, you will have a much more structured and easier time unpacking. You will make sure nothing gets lost, and the best time to start thinking about it is while doing your inventory.


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