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Guide to avoiding typical packing mistakes

Avoiding typical packing mistakes, whether relocating to Texas, another city or going on holiday, can be very challenging. On the other hand, it might also be stressful for some people. People often forget to pack some things and leave them behind from that stress. And make mistakes while planning the whole relocation. One of the mistakes you will be avoided is when you hire some of the most reputable and reliable moving companies, such as Evolution Moving Company. For the rest of the information, check out this guide to avoiding typical packing mistakes! Packing at the last moment is one of the common mistakes you will make. The best way to avoid that is to start packing as soon as your move is confirmed and you are definitely relocating to Texas. Preferably two months before moving day. So that you can take your time going through your belongings and also get rid of the unwanted ones. Sometimes there may be a reason you can't start packing early. Move out on short notice, or you may be too busy completing other important tasks before the move, etc. Or you may simply underestimate the time it will take you to sort out and pack your belongings for moving. In that case, long-distance movers Texas can help you with your relocation. Either way, packing at the last minute is likely to result in a number of big packing mistakes that may have an effect on your relocation adventure.
woman sitting on boxes trying her best in avoiding typical packing mistakes
Make sure you start on time

Packing without a plan

Avoiding typical packing mistakes such as this one is really crucial. No matter how early you start packing, boxing up your items without a packing plan will likely result in wasted time and nerves. Put everything on a piece of paper. Create a detailed packing schedule and try to really stick to it. Make sure you know what to pack and how to pack it in order to avoid some frequent packing mistakes. Set up a reasonable deadline for the completion:
  • One month before the moving day: pack rarely used items and items you can easily do without
  • 3 - 4 weeks before the moving day: pack artwork, books, and other similar items
  • two weeks before the moving day: pack office supplies, jewelry, and other things you don’t need on a daily basis
  •  1 week before the local movers Austin come to pack your electronics, kitchen items, clothes, shoes, and toiletries
  • Day or two before the moving day, pack furniture and appliances, as well as any miscellaneous items you kept out until the last moment
If you stick to this plan, you will be packing in the most efficient and proper way. You will have plenty of time to deal with any other problems you might have during the process of the relocation. By making this plan, you will be avoiding typical packing mistakes, and your items will be packed and ready for movers Austin has to load the truck.
couple packing
Following your schedule will help you in avoiding typical packing mistakes

Additional tip - be careful how you choose the moving company

Also, a thing to consider when you are moving is to check your moving company. Compare companies by researching their pricing policies (including flat rates and additional fees), online reviews, mission statements, truck sizing, and the number of movers. Be sure to check that your moving company offers insurance in case your things get damaged or lost. read all the terms and conditions that the company is offering you. If there is anything you do not understand or you are not familiar with, make sure you ask for the meaning; there is no point in signing any contract if you do not understand the terms and conditions. By reading everything twice, you will be in the chance to avoid fraudulent moving companies. The best way to recognize them is that they will be giving you blank pages to sign, ask for all the money in advance and try to misguide you through their services. Keep in mind that the references of the company are also very important. Some of the reliable and reputable movers, such as furniture movers Austin have some of the best references ever written.

Avoiding typical packing mistakes by packing an essential box

Not packing an essential box is another mistake that you need to avoid when packing for a move. Once all of your items are loaded on the moving truck, you cannot access them. Until they are delivered to your new home. Therefore, you need to have some items in a separate box which will travel with you. Also, be sure that your essential box doesn't get loaded in the moving truck by accident!  It should contain all the essentials you’re going to need in order to survive for several days without the rest of your possessions. Those are:
  1.  Bottled water
  2. Healthy snacks
  3. Basic toiletries
  4. Prescription medications
  5. A first aid kit
  6. A change of clothes for every family member
  7. Some basic kitchen utensils
  8. Your phone and tablet, together with their chargers
Keep your documents and valuables, such as jewelry, with you as well. Do not pack them with the rest of your things. You may need some of your documents along the way or before your items have been delivered. When it comes to your most valuable possessions, the best way is to take care of them by yourself. When it comes to your phone and tablet, make sure you have fully charged them the night before the move. This is something that most people forget. You never know when you will need it and what for. To be sure, keep it fully charged and near you.
couple eating on boxes
Discuss with your partner what are your essentials

Do not forget essentials for your kids if you are trying to avoid typical packing mistakes

If you are relocating with your newborn or with toddlers, there are some more items you need to have along your side. These are the essentials for your baby. Make sure you have enough food and water. There should be packed some diapers and most importantly a lot of clothes. One more important thing is packing toys for your kids. They need something to entertain them. If you have forgotten to pack toys, you need to be prepared for hours of entertaining them. But if you are moving a long distance, make sure toys are there. No one will manage tho whole trip without their favorite thing.

Avoiding typical packing mistakes can be done if you pack room by room

This has been shown to be the most efficient way of packing. You need to have a list of all the rooms in our home. If you are not sure where to start, think logically. You always start with a room you are not using on a daily basis. This is a basement, maybe another toilet, or a guest room. Pack the items in boxes and keep them in the room that is the biggest one. Of course, in the room that you are not using. You can also hire packing services Austin and make sure that the movers pack only the rooms you tell them to. But if you hire services, the professionals already know about this hack, so that you will be in good hands. Leaving the rooms, you are using the most to be packed the last. These are usually the kitchen and the bedroom. You can take some items from these rooms that you do not need all the time. The rest o stuff that has been used almost multiple times a day should be left the last to pack.
woman packing snickers
Avoiding typical packing mistakes will make your relocation go smoothly

Packing your items the wrong way

Another thing you should avoid when moving is failing to follow the special packing requirements required by various sets of goods. For instance, packing fragile items as if they were non-breakables. Or packing books as if they were not that heavy. And last but not least, pack your furniture before disassembling it first. Fragile items are very delicate and need most of your attention. Use plenty of soft packing paper and bubble wrap sheets to protect them from accidents. Also, just to be sure, use a sufficient number of padding materials for your moving truck in order to keep your fragile items safe! Books are surprisingly heavy when packed together in moving containers. In order to pack your books for a move, use small to medium-sized boxes. Avoid any accidents or injuries by making the containers lighter. Keep in mind that 50 lbs. is the standard limit. When it comes to your furniture, the safest and best way is to leave it to the professionals. They are trained to take all the safety measures. Not only for your prized furniture but also for the well-being of your property as well. If you yet decide to do it on your own, be sure to disassemble them by using the manuals that came with them. You can also find those manuals online, in case you lost them.

Label your boxes for avoiding typical packing mistakes

Avoiding typical packing mistakes such as not labeling your boxes can cost you a lot of time and nerves! Even if you have a great memory, there is no need to put it to the test! Take a marker and write down the content, and destination room on each packed box, preferably on at least two of its sides. A tip you might consider is assigning color labels corresponding to a different destination room. This way, you will find and assign those boxes quicker to the desired room. Which makes the process of unpacking easier. Labeling is also important if you hire professionals. Make sure that you inform the movers how and where you want your boxes to be labeled. This is also the way to make your unpacking process easier. So get some markers, colors, stickers, anything that will help you write on the box.

Pay extra attention to fragile items

These items, no matter from which room they come, need to be extra secured and packed. They should also be labeled on each and every side of the boxes. If you are not sure how to pack these items, you are more than welcome to contact the moving company and search for the details. Make sure that the box with fragile items is not overloaded. Most people think that they should fill the boxes all the way u. But when you think about it, you are getting a chance of breaking the box if it is too heavy. Meaning that the fragile items will probably be damaged.
"kitchen" label on a printer
Labeling the boxes is very important
By following these tips, you’ll have easy access to anything you might need before the move, and all your items will be ready for shipment by moving day. You will be able to get ready for the relocation day in no time. And most importantly, you will be ready for avoiding typical packing mistakes people are making. Make sure you do everything on time, and most of the mistakes you can make will be avoided. The time is crucial. Good luck.  


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