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Relocation is never an easy process. However, it's easier when you have a life companion to share it with. Then you can share the bad times, but also the good times, such as getting to know the new place together. So once your movers in Austin, TX, finish their job, it's time to start exploring Austin as a couple. Here's our simple guide!

Exploring Austin as a couple - where can you go?

No matter if you move because of your job or just need to relocate your residence, exploring Austin as a couple can be a lot of fun. Here are some of the places we choose that we feel can be interesting when you visit them with your partner. Still, this is just our choice, and this list is in no way definitive, so feel free to explore some other places as well.
two people creating a plan to start exploring Austin as a couple.
Once your movers in Austin, TX, finish their job, it's time to start exploring Austin as a couple.

Our top picks to explore when it comes to Austin:

Go swimming in Zilker Park

There are many enjoyable activities available in the 351-acre urban park located south of the Colorado River from downtown Austin. Beautiful picnic areas, play areas, volleyball courts, botanical gardens, outdoor theaters, and a nature center are all nearby. The Barton Springs Pool, however, is the main draw. The water in this 3-acre body of water, which was created by natural springs, is always about 20°C warm. In the summer, Austin residents frequently go there to unwind and cool down.

On Lady Bird Lake, pedal a swan boat

Lady Bird Lake is more like a minor enlargement of the Colorado River as it flows through Downtown Austin and isn't actually a lake in the traditional sense of the word. In any case, you may set out onto the calm waters in a pedal boat designed for two and shaped like a huge white swan. The scenery along the shoreline, with the towers of the city center in the background, is beautiful, and you get a nice chuckle and a little exercise in the process. Even the renowned Austin bats might be seen flying overhead if you visit in the dark.

From Mount Bonnell, take in the sunsets

One of the city's highest points is Mount Bonnell, which is northwest of Downtown Austin and stands 785 feet tall. The view of Lake Austin and the Colorado River from the large viewing platform at the summit is definitely worth the 106 stairs it takes to get there. Don't expect to be able to take in the vista by yourself, but it is especially lovely (and romantic) around sunset. You should also bring a flashlight for the dark descent back down.

Dine together on a date at Mattie's

Although Austin has a fantastic eating scene, Mattie's stands out as a true "special occasion" type of restaurant. The location is very lovely because it is a stunning historical mansion with peacocks prancing around the grounds' old oak trees. The mansion that gave rise to John Henry Faulk, a writer and radio personality, and his parents, Martha and Henry Faulk, is whence the restaurant gets its name. Mattie's serves up fine-dining renditions of regional specialties, including fried chicken and top fillet steak.
the Alamo
Renting a place downtown means you will be within walking distance of the major tourist attractions

Alamo Drafthouse dinner and a movie

Around Austin, there are a number of these well-known movie theaters. They give a special chance to go on a "dinner and a movie" date both at the same time and venue. You can order pizzas, burgers, salads, and other meals to be served straight to your seat, in addition to the outstanding projector and audio equipment screening current and vintage movies. The Royale with Cheese burger is a must-have, especially if Pulp Fiction is playing.

Attend a performance at the Paramount Theater

A variety of entertainment is presented in the historic Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue, including stand-up comedy, ballet, and movies. It was constructed in the Art Nouveau style in 1915, and it has quite a unique and elegant appearance, with the ceiling being especially extravagant. Despite the lack of a formal dress code, it creates the kind of setting where you feel the need to dress very smartly. Make sure to purchase tickets for the opera boxes by the stage for the ultimate romantic touch.

The Continental Club offers live musical performances

The Continental Club is the live music epicenter of Austin, which is referred to as the live music capital of the world. Since its doors first opened on South Congress Avenue in 1955, the legendary venue has hosted legends like Wanda Jackson and Robert Plant. Even though it has a small stage and is quite unassuming, it still regularly presents top-notch roots, rock, country, swing, blues, and rockabilly performers. If you own a piano, hire professional piano movers Austin TX, because you will be prompted to play by amazing artists performing here.

Dance the night away at The White Horse

The White Horse is a fixture in Austin and houses essentially everything that makes the Texas state capital famous. Everything a great Austin honky-tonk should be is present here, including excellent live country music, inexpensive beer, and a taco truck parked outside. Even while it has a great vibe, when the floor is packed with experienced dancers, it can be a little daunting. Fortunately, free lessons are available every Saturday starting at 7 p.m. and are great for exploring Austin as a couple.
people with their hands in the air
Explore the nightlife and experience Austin as a couple.

Laugh it up at a comedy club

Austin is a terrific place to laugh because of the comedy scene's ongoing growth and drive. The Moontower Comedy Festival in April is unquestionably the highlight of the year, but excellent shows are happening all the time in the city. The Velvetta Room (also known as the Velv) has a lively open mic night every Thursday in the center of Austin's nightlife on 6th Street. Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison, two comic greats, have performed at the Cap City Comedy Club in North Austin, which continues to draw the best names in the industry. Visit The Hideout Theatre on Congress Avenue between Thursday and Sunday, but especially on Fridays starting at 8 pm for their "Big Bash" if you enjoy improv acts. Talking about laughing - have you heard this joke: I thought moving was a great idea until I started packing. Well, this doesn't have to be true in your case - just get a professional packing service Austin, and we'll handle everything.

Drink specialty drinks in welcoming bars

The nightlife in Austin is famed, and there are a staggering number of bars to select from, some of which are sexy. Contigo on Anchor Lane is based after the Contigo Ranch in South Texas and boasts a year-round terrace where you can relax with a drink and top-notch bar food while huddling around a fire pit. As its name suggests, Vino Vino focuses on wine, but it's also well worth the journey up Guadalupe Street for their artisan cocktails. Go to Midnight Cowboy on 6th Street for something more convenient. This establishment is a posh cocktail lounge with reservations only that is arguably the best in town, hidden among the garish entertainments of Austin's nightlife district.

Visit Jeffrey's

Jeffrey's in Clarksville, a venerable Austin fine dining establishment, boasts a modern American menu and a stylish ambiance that makes it a special occasion destination. Intimate tables and a fireplace at the bar in Jeffrey's warm setting, which was renovated in 2013 with the best materials and elegant furnishings, are perfect for a romantic portrait.

Here are some things to keep in mind when exploring Austin as a couple

Many people can confirm to you that you know a person best if you go together somewhere far away, preferably only with a backpack, to an exotic country. But relocation is somehow different. It includes hiring the best movers in San Antonio and going through the agony of moving together. But maybe even a short trip to Austin, for example, over the weekend, is already a good opportunity to better get to know your future location.

Relocation is a turning point in a relationship

The first move as a couple is the first turning point of any relationship. And hiring professional movers in TX can surely help. This is when you start to get to know the person better, when you are with them almost 24/7, in good and bad. And you know that not everything goes according to plan, and then you have to face complications together.
A picture of Austin
Maybe even a short trip to Austin, for example, over the weekend, is already a good opportunity to better get to know your future location.

When the suitcase with expectations is bigger than the suitcase with clothes

We know that many of you have great expectations, insecurity, and endless wondering about relocation. But a lot of questions can be answered by simply exploring a new place. A successful relocation together also means raising relationships to a new level.

Consider the choice of your future exploration

You certainly can't decide to go on a trip somewhere you don't want to go just to please your partner. So you both need to agree on where you will go in Austin TX. You both need to agree on where to go, what to see, and even where to stay, so you need to talk a lot before you go. Think about what kind of excitement you want: is it an active type, or is it a vacation where you don't want to do anything? If you have completely opposite desires, try to reach a compromise. You don’t need to play the role of a victim, and definitely don’t do what your partner wants if you don’t want to.

Take finances into account

Agree on who will pay for this exploration. Will you or your partner do it, or will you share the costs? You have to answer this question before booking any tickets. If your income is significantly different, you need to make sure that no one feels undeserved or deprived of anything.

Agree on how long the visit will last

Long trips do not necessarily have to be better, so agree on the length of the visit that suits both you and your partner. Maybe you just want to see something for a few hours, or maybe you want to stay the night.

Determine the style of your exploration

For some people, just relocating is stressful enough. Find out how you react to going to see a new place altogether. Do you have to buy tickets before departure, while your partner thinks that coming a few minutes earlier is enough? Do you prefer to travel by car? Talk about this with your partner and agree on the best solution.
living room
Maybe you just want to see something for a few hours, or maybe you want to stay the night.

Go sightseeing

If the goal of your exploration is not just to see one thing, you can check which sights your destination is famous for. So see if there are there any cultural events, concerts, or parties nearby.

Don’t plan every detail

Although this rule may go against all the previous ones, it is still worth mentioning. When exploring Austin as a couple, do not forget to be spontaneous, unpredictable, and simply relax. When you were relocating, it was good to plan and hire moving service Austin to help you out. Now is the time to breathe and relax a bit. It's good to know what's going on, but that doesn't mean you have to know and see everything.

Separation for a moment is not a cause for panic

While you do want to see things together, it doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time. If you want to do something on your own (morning walk, reading the newspaper, etc) that is very important to you, you do not have to give it up. Or simply include your partner in this.

Be flexible

Even though you plan everything, including hiring expert local movers Austin, many unpredictable things can happen. Stay calm, and don’t worry about unimportant things or things that are out of your control. Stressful situations are the best opportunity to see if you and your partner really belong to each other. Have fun exploring Austin as a couple!


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