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Guide to moving from Dallas to New Braunfels

Guide to moving from Dallas to New Braunfels

So you would like to move away from Dallas to a quiet place, while still being close to a big city. Well, moving to New Braunfels might be the right decision for you, since it offers both of those things. You can actually choose whether you would like to go south to San Antonio or north to Austin. Here is a guide to moving from Dallas to New Braunfels.

A wider variety of neighborhoods for all tastes

There are a lot of neighborhoods to choose from in New Braunfels, and you might be wondering which one would suit you best. You can either choose to live downtown Gruene which has some historic gems, or more outlying communities with plenty of space. If you are on a budget, check out the neighborhoods of Highland Grove, Pecan Crossing, and Avery Park. If, on the other hand, you are looking for riverfront luxury, check out Riverforest or River Chase. When you are ready to make the move hire long-distance movers Texas to help you out with your relocation.
A tree in a field
New Braunfels is quite peaceful and has a lot of nature around it

A city founded by German immigrants

The city was founded by German immigrants in the 1840s, and still proudly displays its Deutschland heritage. One of these is the world-famous Wurstfest, which is a festival based around beer and sausage. Another one would be Naeglin’s, which is Texas’ oldest continuously operating bakery, which offers old-school kolaches. Many locals have cherished and continued practicing the German language, despite the 5,000 miles distance from Germany. In Gruene Hall, you can tap your toes to a diverse lineup of nationally acclaimed acts. It is the oldest dance hall in Texas. Additionally, it hosts events like Two-Ton Tuesdays and Gospel Brunch, which are local favorites. Local venues attract plenty of talented acts, both big and small. Other places to visit are the Phoenix Saloon, Whitewater Amphitheater, Pour Haus, River Road Ice Hous, and Freiheit Country Store. If this is your kind of fun, look for movers and packers San Antonio to get you ready for moving.

Consider available schools when moving from Dallas to New Braunfels

Although New Braunfels may feel like a small town, there is no shortage of school options for local families. It has two highly acclaimed school districts, Comal ISD (Comal High School) and New Braunfels ISD (New Braunfels High School). This gives the parents and students the option of choosing an area of town zoned to their preferred district. In the San Antonio area, they are ranked 10th and 15th respectively. There are quite a few small businesses that are worth your while in New Braunfels. Despite the city’s rapid growth, they manage to keep the small-town vibe alive. One of the staple small business spots is the resident-owned Stahlman’s, which is a brick-and-mortar farmers market offering seasonal foods. You should also pay a visit to the makers and artisans selling goods at the Old Gruene Market Days and New Braunfels Farmers Market.
A man sitting in a store right after moving from Dallas to New Braunfels
Make sure to visit pay a visit to the local stores once you finished moving from Dallas to New Braunfels

Making the final decision for moving from Dallas to New Braunfels

Now that you have the most important information in this guide to moving from Dallas to New Braunfels, decide whether to move here or not. You can organize the move yourself, but that usually takes too much time, effort, and ultimately money. Instead, hire the reliable movers of Evolution Moving to pack and move your stuff for you. Our crew of experts will be able to handle the entire moving process for you.


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