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Guide to moving from Dallas to San Antonio

If you are moving from Dallas to San Antonio, you have your reason for that. The reasons why people choose to move are different. We also hear that no relocation is equal. That is also true. However, the preparation process follows certain steps. So, here we give a brief guide, based on the experiences of Texas movers. Instead of wasting precious time thinking about what to do, follow this guideline. It will easily lead you through the moving preparation process. Also, you will be able to complete the preparations much faster. And the faster the preparations, the lower the cost. This way, by following the suggested instructions, you will also save on your moving budget.

When moving from Dallas to San Antonio, make a good moving plan

So, what the moving plan is? Basically, it’s a set of tasks you have to complete, arranged in a logical order. To make it, write down all tasks you have to do. Then, divide the tasks into groups, or segments. And finally, assign the timeframe to each of these segments. We can roughly divide the moving plan into the following segments:
  • Planning
  • Packing
  • Moving
Panorama that you will see after moving from Dallas to San Antonio.
When moving from Dallas to San Antonio, make a good moving plan.

Planning for your move to San Antonio

Every moving preparation starts with planning. Things you have to plan are:
  • Moving date - this will give you a timeframe for moving preparations
  • Inventory - check how many possessions you have. The quantity of the possessions is a base for moving cost calculation
  • Declutter - to cut on moving costs, get rid of all things you don’t need
  • Find several moving companies and ask for their cost estimation - choose the one that is reliable and offering the best services for reasonable prices
  • Purchase good quality moving material - in case you book the full-service moving company, they will provide the packing material as well
  • Determine your moving budget - be sure to include all costs like fuel, highway toll, food.
Once you make the move planning in this way, all other phases will develop easily.

Packing your possessions

You have decluttered your possessions. You have also bought the good moving supplies. Now, you have just to decide what to pack first. Our recommendation is to start with out-of-the-season clothes. Also, pack room by room. And make sure to label all your moving boxes properly. When packing, prepare also the essential moving bag. It should contain the items you are most likely to need on a moving day. Such things are medications, important documents, basic toiletries, change of clothes, snacks, and water.
Buildings in Dallas are lit by colorful lights as night falls over the city.
Dallas is the 3rd largest city in Texas.

Moving day to San Antonio

Following our guidelines for moving all your possessions will be packed on time. So, when the trucks come, you will be ready for moving to San Antonio.

What else you should complete when moving from Dallas to San Antonio?

So far, we have discussed moving your possessions. However, there are several other things that you have to check during preparation time. First, check if all your utility services in Dallas are canceled. And if all the bills are paid. Also, call providers in San Antonio and arrange utilities for your new home. Unless you have already done so when buying a home.

Several interesting facts about Dallas TX

Dallas is a modern metropolis, located in north Texas, on the Trinity River. It is known as a commercial and cultural hub of the region. Dallas is the 3rd largest city in Texas. It is well known for fast industry development. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (also known as DFW), is home to over 6 million people. The climate is subtropical, with hot summers and mild winters. The town of Dallas is also known for the infamous event of President Kennedy’s assassination. Besides, it is well known for its Museum of Art and the Crow Collection of Asian Art.

How far is San Antonio from Dallas?

The distance between Dallas and San Antonio is 273.8 mi. via I-35 S. So, it will take about 4 hr 30 min to moving companies San Antonio, to move you to your new home.

Comparison of living costs between Dallas and San Antonio

Overall, San Antonio is 11.1% cheaper than Dallas. The biggest factor in the living costs difference is the median home cost. It is 15.2% lower in San Antonio. The median home cost in San Antonio is $220,300, and in Dallas is about $259,800. The other costs as groceries, transportation, utilities, and medical care, are also higher in Dallas.
River, greenery, concrete paths and a restaurant located on the other side of the river.
San Antonio downtown - the River Walk.

Moving from Dallas to San Antonio - some interesting things about your new town

San Antonio has a rich colonial heritage. However, it has a lot of modern attractions too. One of the main attractions is the old Alamo Spanish mission, where a famous battle for Texan independence took place in 1836. San Antonio has many nice neighborhoods, like:
  • Downtown - the  River Walk
  • Eastside - Sunset Station
  • South Town - the Arts-district
  • Northeast - Morgan’s Wonderland
  • Northwest - SeaWorld - Alamo Ranch
  • Pearl - Broadway Cultural Corridor
  • Westside - Deco District - Monticello
  • The Monte Vista - Alta Vista - Olmos Park
We have listed here just a few of them. Your choice of neighborhood depends on many factors. These can be your lifestyle, vicinity of the school, job, etc. Regardless of which one you choose, the right moving company will make moving easier for you.

A few more things you should know when moving to San Antonio

Here, we give a few more things about San Antonio,  which you should know.
  • The living costs are affordable
  • San Antonio job market is constantly growing
  • Climate - the town has very hot summers and mild winters
  • In San Antonio is stationed one of the largest military bases in the country - Joint Base San Antonio
  • San Antonio doesn’t have a metro, but it has an excellent bus system
  • This is an excellent place for bike lovers
  • The crime rate corresponds to the average for the USA

After moving from Dallas to San Antonio, explore your new town

After moving from Dallas to San Antonio you will have to complete the last task - unpacking. However, this task you don’t need to do in one day. Start with unpacking essentials. Then, go room by room, unpack, reassemble furniture and put your things in. However, give yourself some free time too. After finishing one part of unpacking, go for a walk. There are so many attractive places to visit in San Antonio. After a refreshing walk, come back and restart unpacking. Also, in a new home, you may want to be creative. And to experiment with the arrangement of furniture and decorations. Take your time, and make your new home as beautiful as possible.


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