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Guide to moving from Lockhart to Austin?

Are you interested in moving to Austin? It is one of the biggest and most popular cities in Texas. Austin is much bigger than Lockhart which means it offers more possibility to find a better job or send your kids to better schools. In addition to this, Austin has great entertainment options, a tech market, warm weather, and affordable living costs. It is no wonder that the best moving companies in Texas are always busy with moving services. If you are still not sure about moving from Lockhart to Austin, here are all the reasons why you should live in this Texas city. 

Moving from Lockhart to Austin – the cost of living 

As mentioned before, Austin is one of the biggest cities in Texas. Therefore, it might be more expensive than Lockhart. In comparison to the other large cities, like New York or San Francisco, it is much more affordable. You can save money by hiring moving companies Austin that are affordable yet reliable. In order to get an idea of living costs in Austin, here are some examples. The energy bill is usually around $150. If you like to eat bread, you will have to pay around $3 while for a gallon of gas around $2.50. The median income in Austin is around $77,000 which is higher than the Texas average of $60,000. You should start saving money before your relocation. This way, you do not have to worry about the living costs for the first couple of months.  
aerial view of the city
You should see what the housing market in Austin has to offer

Housing options –renting vs buying a property 

It is always a big decision to make whether to buy or rent one property. Most people prefer to own a place instead of living as tenants. However, if you plan to buy a house, you will have to pay around $369,000. This is only the median home cost as the real price depends on the size and location. The most expensive properties are the ones close to the city center. As you go closer to the outskirts of the city, it gets more affordable. The same applies to the renting market as well. The average rent is around $1,200 for a one-bedroom apartment and the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is almost $1,500. You can tell your long-distance movers Texas to deliver your items to more affordable neighborhoods which include. 
  • South Congress 
  • East Austin 
  • North Austin 
  • Westgate 

Moving from Lockhart to Austin – the weather 

The weather is pretty much the same as in Lockhart since they are pretty close to each other. However, Austin has something that Lockhart might not and that would be purplish light over the hills during the winter. The city also got its special nickname because of this light - "Violet Crown City". Why is the weather important if it is the same as the one in Lockhart? It is important for your relocation. Summer months are usually the busiest for movers Lockhart TX. This means you should avoid scheduling your relocation during the summer since moving quotes are higher than usual and it gets extremely hot and humid. For this reason, you should move to Austin either in fall, winter, or spring. The weather is perfect for relocation as it is not hot or humid.  
people on the boat
Use the hot weather for relaxing outdoor activities after relocation

Job market and education 

In order to afford relocation and all the living costs, you should get a job before your relocation. As mentioned before, the tech industry is booming in Austin. You can easily find a job in this sector, especially since huge popular companies, such as companies like Google, Facebook, PayPal, Intel, and others, all have their headquarters here in Austin. In addition to this, other popular industries include education, business, and health services. Education is very important in Austin as the city is also known as a college town. One of the best universities can be found in Austin such as the University of Texas, Huston-Tillotson University, and St. Edward's University among others. This means Austin has many young students here so if you are moving alone to attend the university of your choice, you will make friends in no time. 

Moving from Lockhart to Austin – what to do in your free time? 

Since it is a student town, you can expect many interesting activities and events to be held in Austin. First of all, there are many big festivals. South by Southwest is dedicated to the music, film, and tech industry. It is worth visiting if you are interested in technology. Then, there are the Old Settler's Music Festival and Austin City Limits, both attracting thousands of music lovers every year. In addition to this, you can also visit the Austin Food and Wine Festival. The names of the festivals explain their content well, so if you enjoy delicious food and wine, make sure to mark these festivals on your calendar. Apart from this, Austin has one of the best live music scenes. There are many famous bars and clubs where you can listen to live music. These places include the Mohawk, the Continental Club, and others. 
moving from Lockhart to Austin to street art
Austin is an exciting and fun city

Transportation in Austin 

Lastly, when you are moving from Lockhart to Austin, you should know in advance how to use public transport. Since Lockhart is pretty small when compared to Austin, you can easily reach any place with your car. However, the situation might not be the same in Austin. Be prepared for rush hours, traffic jams, and a long commute time. Luckily, public transport is pretty good in the city. You can use either the Metro or buses. A monthly pass for the Metro is around $41. Additionally, it is important to know that you need to require a temporary parking permit for the moving truck. You can get this permit through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Make sure to have this permit since if the moving truck is found to be parked in the residential area without it, it will be towed or asked to be moved.   


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