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    After the Relocation - October 26, 2020

    Lockhart TX is a pretty good city to live in. It has mostly everything you need for a comfortable life. However, it is a small city with almost 14,000 residents. It might not offer as many opportunities as some larger city in Texas. For this reason, you might want to consider moving to San Antonio. It is a larger city with a good economy, plenty of job opportunities, and great schools. It will be even easier to organize a relocation with so many good moving companies in Texas. Therefore, here is a guide to moving from Lockhart to San Antonio. You will see why life in this Texas city is suitable for you. 

    Moving from Lockhart to San Antonio – what to expect from the weather 

    Texas is a pretty big state so the weather in one city depends on its location. Lockhart is around 70 miles away from San Antonio so they have almost the same climate. What does this mean? Well, falls are warm when compared to the rest of the USA. You can easily organize a comfortable move in the fall since it is one of the most pleasant time of year in both cities. For this reason, you should book movers Lockhart TX either in the fall or spring. The fall would be a little bit better options since of the rain. In addition to this, winters are also quite comfortable. San Antonio has never seen snowfalls since the temperatures never go below 40. Lastly, you should definitely avoid moving during the summers as there are extremely hot and humid. 

    buildings during the day
    It is almost always sunny and warm in San Antonio

    Get to know your neighbors 

    When you are moving, it is extremely important to meet new people. Otherwise, you will feel lonely and find life in San Antonio miserable. Just as movers and packers San Antonio will help you to relocate your entire household, locals will help you to adjust and settle in. As already mentioned, San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas since it has over 2 million residents. San Antonio is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Many people would want to live in the city because of its many advantages. One of those advantages would be a welcoming and friendly community. You will have no problems making new friends in this city. Lastly, San Antonio has one of the largest Hispanic populations. Therefore, better work on your Spanish skills.

    Moving from Lockhart to San Antonio – the life in the city 

    Usually, when people describe San Antonio, they would mention it is a quite relaxing city. Even though it has over 2 million residents, they prefer to lead a relaxing and laid-back lifestyle. This is not surprising considering that the weather is either extremely hot or mild during the winter. Instead of spending their time at home, you can see locals enjoying their free time doing some of the many outdoor activities in the city. For this reason, once your long-distance movers Texas deliver your items, you should spend your free time walking around the city. This way, you can get to know the city and its people better and also reduce the stress caused by relocation. If you have a pet, make sure to visit local parks. Both of you can make friends, enjoy fresh air, and slowly adjust to your new life. 

    man and woman working out
    Residents of San Antonio are always active

    Neighborhoods to choose from 

    Of course, you will need to choose your future neighborhood where you can start your life in San Antonio. Some of the neighborhoods in San Antonio that deserve your attention would include the following. 

    • Boerne – this is actually a suburb of San Antonio but it still deserves your attention. It has great schools, a friendly community, and a large number of entertainment options. 
    • Alon or Castle Hills – more neighborhoods with a more suburban feeling. However, unlike Boerne, these two are quite close through the downtown area of the city. 
    • Downtown San Antonio – probably the most exciting area in the city. Here you can find all the best shops, restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment options. 
    • Stone Oak – the last neighborhood on this list includes Stone Oak which is one of the most peaceful areas in the city. It is great for raising children. 

    Moving from Lockhart to San Antonio for schools and education 

    Since San Antonio is a much bigger city than Lockhart, it has more schools to choose from for your children. Almost all the schools in the city are one of the best in the entire country. The best high schools in the city would include Reagan High School, Health Careers High School, Johnson High School, and Young Women’s Leadership Academy. In addition to this, the best middle schools and elementary schools would include Lopex Middle School, Bush Middle School, Roan Forest Elementary School, and Wilderness Oak Elementary school. These schools are not only great for children but also for people who would like to seek an employment position in education. Apart from education, other popular fields include manufacturing, military, health care, and so on. San Antonio has one of the lowest employment rates in the USA but the median average income is slightly lower than national averages well. 

    a boy in the school
    San Antonio has great schools from elementary to high schools

    What to do in the city? 

    A complete guide to moving from local to San Antonio also includes some popular entertainment options in the city. Luckily, San Antonio has many popular events and festivals throughout the year. First of all, there is Borderfest in March. Then, there is Fiesta San Antonio in late April. El Dia de Los Muertos is held in late November and it is organized by the Mexican community in the city. Then, you have the Texas Folklife Festival in early June. As you can see, these are just some of the events and festivals happening in the city. You can never be bored in San Antonio. Every part of the city is exciting, so go out and explore your new surroundings. 


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