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    Moving Preparation - September 23, 2020

    New Braunfels is a great place to live. It is a popular hub for outdoor activities, such as camping, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and similar. However, you might need a change of scenario. This change might be Seguin in Texas. Although Seguin might not be as popular as some other major Texas cities, there are still many reasons why you should give this city a chance. In addition to this, you don’t even have to worry about your relocation as you can book movers Seguin TX to help you. If you’re interested in living here, here is a great guide to moving from New Braunfels to Seguin TX. 

    Moving from New Braunfels to Seguin TX – get to know the city 

    Before you start preparing your relocation, you need to do little research about your new city. First of all, Seguin is a pretty small city with only 30,000 residentsAs you might know, it is located in Texas, or to be more specific in Guadalupe County. Seguin has a rich and long history. It received its name from Juan Seguin, a Tejano freedom fighter. The city first came to be in the early 19th century when people built all the important institutions such as schools, churches, the courthouse, and houses. Interestingly enough, almost twenty of these buildings have survived until this day. During this time, the city was wealthy due to many farmlands and ranches surrounding the area. Today, the National Register of Historic Places includes the city’s Main Street as one of the historical sites to preserve. For a such small town, it certainly has great importance. 

    compass on the map
    Before any relocation, find out more about your new city

    You will love all the outdoor activities 

    Just like New Braunfels, Seguin’s residents also lead a very active lifestyle that includes spending time outside. Who wants to stay inside their houses when one of the biggest parks in the city has everything that you need? Max Starcke is the place you should visit after your relocation. When New Braunfels moving company delivers your items and boxes, you will spend most of your time unpacking. For this reason, it is important to relieve some stress by walking, breathing fresh air, and spending time with your loved ones. You can play tennis, golf, have a picnic in order to relax after a stressful period behind you. In addition to this, you can also visit Lake Seguin and Lake McQueeney. You can also try kayaking or canoeing in one of the two lakes. Of course, you can take a slow and comfortable boat ride any even enjoy some fishing. 

    Moving from New Braunfels to Seguin TX – it has all everything and more 

    Some people believe that it is better to live in a big city. That is why they move to Houston, Denver, Austin, other large cities in Texas. However, when you want to raise a family, it is always better to live in a smaller city. The reasons include the following. 

    • Stronger sense of community 
    • Better schools 
    • Safer city 
    • Less traffic 

    In addition to this, people usually know all their neighbors when they live in a small town. You also have more freedom, for example letting your kids play outside. Even though Seguin is a small town, it still has all the important institutions, such as schools, post office, doctor’s office, banks, and so on. It is also pretty close to San Antonio and Austin. Therefore, if you ever need something from these two cities or you simply want to go on a small trip, they are only a short drive away. 

    bridge and buildings
    Seguin is close to Austin

    The city is quite diverse 

    Again, even though it only has around 30,000 residents, Seguin is pretty diverse. All age groups are equally present in the city. If you are a retiree, there are plenty of senior activities to do in this town. You will also never lack company. The same thing applies if you move here with your kids. There are many popular places for young people, such as amusement parks, playgrounds, and so on. For young adults, there are places to go out, such as The Oak, where they can have fun and hang out with their friends. The population is also quite diverse. It is better for young children to grow up in an intercultural community. They will learn to be tolerant and friendly. Since Texas in general has a large community of Latin Americans, you can learn how to speak Spanish. 

    Moving from New Braunfels to Seguin TX because it is affordable 

    Living in a large city is often more expensive. You can hardly find an apartment to rent for less than $1,500 a month. If you plan to purchase a house, you will need to get a pretty large mortgage. Then, the cost of living is quite expensive too. On the other hand, living in a small town is more affordable. Seguin is one of the most affordable cities in Texas. This is good news, especially if you want to raise your family here. In addition to this, you can be eco-friendly and get a bike. Most residents own one and they use it as their main mode of transport. It is better to ride a bike to your work as opposed to driving a car. Not only is it good for the environment, but also for your health as well.  

    white house
    Houses are more affordable in Seguin

    All the reason why to live in this town 

    As you can see, you will definitely not regret moving from New Braunfels to Seguin TX. As for your relocation, you should start with preparations at least two months in advance. Then, find a reliable moving company to help you with relocation. Make sure to pack your items properly by using suitable packing supplies. After a couple of weeks, you will get to enjoy your new house and the city. After the move, you can relax and explore your new town at your leisure. You can also meet new and interesting people as well.  


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