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If you are moving from Wimberley to Austin or any other city, you have to be prepared for a lot of preparation work, packing, etc. It can be challenging for many reasons. Wimberley is a small village in Texas and has only 2500 residents. It is much smaller than Austin, which has more than 1 million residents. Moving from a small community to a big city might be a big challenge for some. There are many things to adapt to -traffic, noise, more options regarding everything, a new social circle, a new job, etc. That is why Evolution Moving Company gives you a very effective moving guide. With this guide, your relocation will be as smooth as possible. Moreover, you will relocate in no time.

Guide to moving from Wimberley to Austin

Before you start doing anything, make a plan. You will have a list of tasks and will be able to organize your time. Having a list of tasks will help you remember and track your accomplishments. That is especially good for overachievers or those who tend to forget things. If you make a good plan and prepare everything before your move, you will have a stress-free relocation. Some of the things you need to do before moving to Austin include:
  • Declutter your home
  • Pack your items
  • Hire a moving company
  • Get to know your new city
A view of the city
A relocation to a bigger place might be challenging for some people.

Declutter your home before the relocation

Decluttering your home while moving is a good chance to throw away the items you do not need. If you have items in good condition, you have many options for what to do with them. You can sell these items on the internet, give them to friends or family or donate them to some charity organization. It is advisable to throw away things you have not used in the past 3 or 4 months, excluding non-seasonal belongings such as winter clothes during summer and vice versa. In case you have some items you would like to keep, and you do not have the space for all of them, you can store them. Measure each item you want to store and choose a suitable storage unit for your belongings. Contact some of the moving companies and check their offer. Make sure the storage unit is well secured and climate-controlled.

Packing before moving to Austin

When packing for the move, there is a lot to do. Once you have decided what to pack, you need to provide a lot of packing supplies. You will need cardboard boxes of different sizes, plastic bins, bubble bags, packing tape, moving blankets, and a dolly. Make sure you clean and wash all your belongings before packing. The day before packing your kitchen appliances, you should clean them and make sure you unplug your refrigerator and freezer, so they defrost. If you have some massive pieces of furniture, you should disassemble them before furniture movers Austin take over. Then you can start packing. Keep in mind that you will use all of your items in your new home. Therefore, pack them properly, so they do not get damaged. Be careful when carrying and lifting heavy items. Make sure to pack electronic devices and sharp objects correctly. Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap to protect them from damage. If you have some valuable items, make sure to treat them as gently as possible. If you worry about them getting damaged, you can insure your belongings. Also, if you do not have time or you think you can't pack yourself when moving to Austin, you can hire professional packers to pack your belongings.
Two moving workers moving a couch
Finding the right moving company is vital for moving from Wimberley to Austin.

Find reliable movers when moving

This is really important. A lot of people do not want to hire moving companies because they think this is how they will save some money. But they end up often spending more actually. So, do the research and check which moving companies Wimberley TX have the best services. A reliable moving company will already have packing supplies needed for packing. They can offer you packing and unpacking services, can load and unload a moving truck, remove waste after unpacking, or even do the cleaning. That depends on the company's offer and your agreement. Another benefit when hiring a moving company is that they can offer you insurance. So if your belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen, your money will be reimbursed. However, it is still best to take pictures of your belongings, to have them as proof if something unfortunate happens. Reliable movers will have different types of vehicles, so they will choose the right one to relocate your belongings when moving from Wimberley to Austin.

Getting to know your new hometown

Austin is the capital city of the U.S. State of Texas and the largest city of Travis County. It has a population of more than 1 million. The weather in Austin is amazing! It only has a few cold winter days per year. In July and August, temperatures will reach 100 + degrees. So air-conditioning is a must when looking for an apartment here. Luckily there are a lot of public pools and swimming holes where you can cool off the heat. There is a lot of traffic in Austin, especially during peak hours. If possible, find a job before you find an apartment. That way, you do not waste all your time stuck in traffic. When you have decided to move, you need to find a job and an apartment. Getting to know Austin will help you get used to it much faster. Austin has an unemployment rate of 3%, which is lower than average in the USA. As for livability, living in Austin is quite affordable. Transportation is 15% cheaper than in the rest of the country. Utilities and groceries are quite affordable in Austin. The only expensive thing is housing. Housing prices are 30% higher than the national average. That is why finding an apartment before moving is the best possible move.
A smiling couple moving from Wimberley to Austin
Getting to know Austin will help you get used to it much faster.

Moving to Austin- conclusion

To sum it up, to ensure a fast and trouble-free way of moving from Wimberley to Austin, you need to declutter and pack all your belongings. Then, you need to contact and hire a reliable moving company. After doing this, you can relax and start looking for a new job or a new home. Finally, learning a thing or two about Austin will help you adapt to your new area much faster. Good luck, and we welcome you to Austin!  


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