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Guide to moving to Denver from San Antonio

Have you ever considered moving to a new city? Maybe now is the time to make this big decision. There are many benefits if you decide to relocate. For one, you can find a better job and earn more money to afford a living in the house of your dreams. In addition to this, you can also finally live in the neighborhood of your dreams or a completely new city.  Many people decide to move when they feel like their old home, job, or city is starting to suffocate and bore them out. If your goal is to live in Denver, you should get to know your city better before moving all your belongings. For this reason, Evolution Moving Company gives you a guide that will help you when moving to Denver from San Antonio.

The biggest differences between Denver and San Antonio

San Antonio and Denver are the biggest cities in their respective state. Even though they are quite popular, these two cities are different from one another in many ways. Learn about these differences before moving since they will make your adaptation much easier. Denver is the capital city of Colorado. It is a middle-sized city in between the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains. It was incorporated in 1861. and was an indigenous land. Today, Denver has around 711 000 residents and is the most populous city in Colorado. Colorado has a diverse demographic; most of its residents are White, Latin, and Black Americans. More than 1/4 of its residents speak both Spanish and English. Due to its geography, it is full of hilly areas, which is not typical for bigger cities. On the other hand, San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas. It was incorporated in 1718. and was also a territory of indigenous people. Unlike Denver, San Antonio is not in the foothill of the mountain but close to lakes Victor Braunig Lake and Calaveras Lake. San Antonio has 1,4 million residents, which is twice Denver has. San Antonio has a diverse demographic, with more than 70% of its residents being Latin Americans. After that come White, Black, and Asian Americans. It is no wonder San Antonio residents are bilingual and use English and Spanish languages daily.
A view of a city
People choose to move to Denver for various reasons: school, new jobs, starting a family, retirement, etc.

Places and neighborhoods to consider 

Choosing a safe and affordable neighborhood is essential when moving to Denver from San Antonio. If you are moving with your family, you might have a list of things that will constitute a perfect neighborhood for you. You are most likely not looking for a busy, downtown area with nightclubs and crowds. Taking this into account, an ideal area is not too loud and too close to main roads. It also has a couple of shops, pharmacies, ATMs, and a park in its vicinity. With this in mind, moving companies in San Antonio suggest the following areas of Denver:
  • The Highlands - is probably one of the most popular places to live in Denver. It is full of interesting restaurants, trendy places, and shops. In addition to this, the average rental price is around $2000. If you need musical instruments to be transported as well, piano movers San Antonio usually deliver to this neighborhood
  • Capitol Hill - is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city, with rental prices of $1500
  • River North - this neighborhood could be described that is the coolest one in the city due to street art, unique bars and restaurants, and similar. Hiring furniture movers San Antonio is the best option for moving your belongings

Moving to Denver from San Antonio – the cost of living and safety

Denver is more affordable than other major cities in the USA. However, do not let this deceive you. Even though it is more affordable to live in Denver than in Los Angeles or New York, it is still a little bit pricey. The median home prices are around $421,900, and the rental prices are around $1500 or more. That is 40% more than average prices in the USA. In addition to this, property, sales, and income taxes are relatively lower than the national average. Health care, on the other hand, is almost 17% more expensive than the national average. Lastly, groceries are a bit more expensive than the national average. As for safety, Denver had 40 000 incidents, and about 6000 were violent. That is a huge number, but just like any bigger city, it has safer and unsafer parts. On the contrary, San Antonio has more than affordable livability. Housing prices in San Antonio are 25% lower than the average price. Utility, transportation, and groceries are much cheaper than average in Texas. Moreover, even healthcare is 7% cheaper than average in the USA and Texas. As for security, San Antonio also has problems with violent crimes. There were 70 000 crimes last year, and 11 000 were violent. Therefore, Denver is similar to San Antonio when it comes to the safety of its residents.
A grocery store
Research livability and affordability before moving to Denver from San Antonio.

Job market and economy 

The average median income is almost $60,000 in Denver. It is almost six percent lower than the national average. However, there are many higher-paying jobs available. You should start searching for a job as soon as possible. The situation in Denver might become unfavorable as housing costs are increasing each year, but the salaries remain the same. For this reason, you should find a job that offers security and ensures a comfortable life. In order to see if you can find a job easily, here are the top Denver industries and companies. The first one is the tech industry with popular companies like Google and HomeAdvisor. Next, aerospace is quite popular in Denver. You can find major companies such as Raytheon, The Boeing Company, and so on here. The other industries include agriculture, food, and marijuana, which is legal here.

The weather in Denver

Because of its location, Denver has pretty interesting weather- it is located about 5,280 feet above sea level. That means a lack of oxygen. You will need some time to adjust to this new living environment. How can you achieve this? First of all, you need to drink a lot of water. The air is dry due to the location. In addition to this, you need to take it easy after the move. Most people prefer to unpack everything as soon as possible. If you used the packing services San Antonio, packing and unpacking might seem like a piece of cake. However, due to the difference in air quality, long-distance movers San Antonio suggest unpacking your boxes slowly. Make sure to eat regularly and get enough sleep. If you want to go outside, make sure to wear sunscreen as the sun is more intense. In addition to this, you should rest as much as you can. After learning about Denver in general and comparing it to San Antonio, you are preparing or moving to Denver from San Antonio. Now that you know all about its affordability, safety, job offers, and weather, it will be much easier to adapt to your new home and new surroundings. Good luck, and we wish you a nice relocation!
A family of three moving to Denver from San Antonio
Getting used to a new home might take some time.


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