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Guide to moving to Wimberley from San Antonio

Wherever you are about to move, you should know that moving can be really exhausting and time-consuming. So, you should be prepared in the best possible way. You can hire some of the movers Wimberley TX can provide you with or you can do it yourself. Here you can find some useful tips to help you organize the process of moving to Wimberley from San Antonio. 

Wimberley and San Antonio

San Antonio is the American fantasy. Affordable real estate, lower taxes, a small-town style, big-city luxuries, a prominent sports team, gentle winters, and a booming economy. What more can people wish for?  San Antonio has a unique culture making it a mesmerizing place to live and work. It is known as one of the most historic locations in the state of Texas. It is proud of being a melting pot of civilizations, and home to some breathtaking scenery. Of course, moving to Wimberley from San Antonio doesn't make it any worse. Just make sure that you find a moving company that will fit your tastes and standards. San Antonio is understood as a soothing and laid-back neighborhood. Even though it offers the rush and bustle, and luxuries that big cities have to offer, the surroundings are considerably more simple and comfortable. On the other hand, Wimberley is a small town in Texas. It has 3,168 inhabitants and it is located in Hays County. Living in Wimberley presents residents with a rustic feeling. Most residents are owners of their own homes. The public school is also excellent here. With educated professors and big hopes for its children. So it's not the least surprising that many people move here. Of course, when comparing the two places you can understand why people are moving to Wimberley from San Antonio. Although both places have different benefits. One is cheaper to live in while the other has more job opportunities. One is more serine and calm while the other is growing rapidly.

Make a good plan for moving to Wimberley from San Antonio

When you are planning to move there is a lot of preparation work, so make a detailed plan that will help you not to forget about something important. Here are the tasks you should put on your to-do moving list:
  • Declutter your home - This is something that will, later on, save you a lot of time when packing
  • Buy packing supplies - Get enough supplies to avoid going out to buy more in the middle of packing
  • Pack your belongings - Make a packing plan that will help you organize the packing
  • Gather the important documents - You can do this anytime when moving just take note that some documents might take time to get
  • Rent a moving truck - When moving alone this is the most important part
  • Rent storage - When moving storage is a nice way to keep your sensitive items
  • Find a moving company - When moving with professional help finding good movers is a must
  • Take the insurance - Insurance is an important part of the move
  • Find a new apartment - You can't move without knowing where your moving
  • Make a goodbye party when everything is over -Gather all of your friends
So, this is a list of important tasks. You can always add something. Before you start it is important to set your budget. Make a list of your expenses and your income so you can estimate the amount of money you have in your disposition. If you don't have enough yet, you can start saving some money. The next step is to find a new house or apartment, check the real estate market in your new city, the costs of living, etc. You can start by renting an apartment and then you can decide to buy one.

Time to pack

Before you start packing you should decide what you won't be needing in your new home. Go through your stuff and declutter your home. Get rid of all the items that you haven't been using for a year now and that haven't any emotional value. You can give some items to your friends, family, and neighbors or you can donate the items that are in good condition to some charity organization. Once you sorted your belongings you should buy enough packing supplies. You will be needing a lot of cardboard boxes, then plastic bins, garbage bags that you can use to pack the clothes, packing paper, moving blankets, packing tape, ropes, a furniture slider, a dolly, etc. It will be good to have some tools so you can disassemble some massive furniture pieces if needed. You should clean and wash your belongings before packing them. Make sure you unplug the appliances like the freezer and the fridge 24 hours before packing. Remove all the hoes and additional parts and pack them separately. If you have saved original boxes for certain items, mirrors, appliances, and electronic devices make sure you use them. If not, try to find a suitable cardboard box. In case there is some free space in the boxes you fill it with some paper, blankets, or towels. Keep in mind that you will have to carry all of these boxes so don't overpack them. Do not carry alone heavy boxes, ask for some help, and use a dolly to move heavy items from the home to a moving truck. Or, you can hire movers and packers San Antonio residents have to recommend. You will avoid buying and choosing packing supplies and hours of packing after that.

Find a storage unit

If you figure out while sorting your items that you will take a lot of items with you but you do not have that much space in your new home, you can store them. Find a storage unit that suits your needs and budget. Make sure it is clean and well-secured. Choose a climate-controlled storage unit. Storage options are rapidly growing in the market. As more and more people started using them for both moving and other purposes. So you will definitely find something that will fit your needs. From air condition storage all the way to average outdoor storage. Depending on your needs and the items that are stored, you will find the best pick for yourself.

Get to know your city

When you are planning to move it is good to know some things about your new city. Check its costs of living, schools, and public transportation. neighborhoods, job opportunities, etc. This is how you get prepared for the unknown. Wimberley is in central Hays County between Austin and San Antonio. It has a charming downtown Square, beautiful vistas, delightful boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and renowned art galleries, but also delicious wineries and breweries. Summers in Wimberley are hot, and winters are mild-averaging 300 days of sunshine a year. Wimberley Public Schools are part of the Wimberley Independent School District which has one primary school, one elementary school, one junior high school, and two high schools.

Find reliable movers for moving to Wimberley from San Antonio

It is important to find movers you can trust. If you hire a Texas moving company your belongings will be treated with care and respect, and they will safely relocate them to your new home. There are a lot of advantages when hiring a moving company. Maybe you think that you will save some money if you do it all yourself but the truth is that you can end up spending more. You will have to buy packing supplies and pack everything yourself. If you do not do it properly, your items can end up damaged, or broken and you will have to replace them or pay for the repair. In case you are moving across the country or to another country you will have a lot on your mind. Besides all the packing, you will have to gather all the documents, apply for a visa, etc. Instead, hire long-distance movers Texas residents recommend. Check the reviews, contact several companies to get a free estimate, and choose the one that suits your needs. One of the benefits of hiring a moving company is also the insurance they can offer you. You will not have to worry if anything will happen to your belongings while in transition between your old and your new home. Hope you will find useful these tips for moving to Wimberley from San Antonio. A good plan is key for a successful relocation. Stick to it and everything will be just fine.


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