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Guide to packing a china cabinet

Packing a china cabinet is some very delicate work. Most of us love our belongings and do not want to damage or break them, and china cabinets are very prone to breakage. So, before your long-distance movers Texas come to pick it up, your china cabinet must be perfectly protected and packed. We are here to help you with a guide and some tips on how to do this.

Packing a china cabinet step by step

So you are relocating to Texas and you have a china cabinet that screams for protection. Before we tell you all the steps you should take to protect your china, let us give you some tips first. 
  1. Do not rush when packing a china cabinet.
  2. If something does break, do not have a meltdown. 
  3. Inform your movers about the box containing fragile items and label that moving box differently. That is if you consider your china cabinet a fragile item.
Cabinet-packing a china cabinet
Packing a china cabinet can be done in a few easy steps. The first one is being calm and the next one is cleaning.

Cleaning and disassembling

The first step should be cleaning, as it usually is. Clean your china cabinet with products for cleaning wood and start disassembling it. When cleaning, make sure you are very thorough because wood must be clean before being packed. If not, it can get damaged and ruined. Now, when you disassemble your china cabinet, you must be very careful not to damage it on your own. If you do, all of this was for nothing.

Packing and protection

The perfect protection for the disassembled parts of your china cabinet would bubble wrap, soft fabrics, foam padding, and similar. We suggest that you do not put all of the parts in one box, try to arrange them in a way that is logical. Take all the shelves and put them into a special box but remember to separate them with protection so they do not get scratched during the transfer. If there is some room left in the box containing the parts, make sure to fill that room up with newspaper or, again, bubble wrap. During the relocation, if the road gets bumpy, the parts can move inside the box and get damaged.
Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is great protection. When combined with foam padding and good boxes, your cabinet will be perfectly safe and no damages will appear.

You can start packing a china cabinet

This was a simple and short guide that we made so you can follow simple instructions. Packing a china cabinet should not be something that takes too much of your time, especially if you follow these steps. We hope that this was helpful and that your china cabinet will arrive in perfect condition so that you can assemble it again and just let it stay there, looking perfect as always. Be careful and do not forget to clean it and pack it properly for transportation. We wish you good luck!


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