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    Packing Tips - July 6, 2020

    Moving is a big cause of stress, especially if you have to move a lot of massive furniture. Beds are usually large and heavy but when you are moving and packing a king-sized bed it can be a real challenge. So, it wouldn’t be bad to hire some moving and packing company with the experience to do the work for you. Whatever you decide, here are some tips about moving and packing your beloved bed.

    Is he worth keeping

    The first thing to think about is whether is the bed worth keeping or not. Think about the general condition of your bed. Is he well preserved, how old is he. Try to remember when did you buy the bed. Is he going to fit in your new home aesthetically? Measure the frame of the bed to see if he can pass through the doors and doorways, and in the end if it is too big for your new bedroom. And maybe the most important thing to think about, do you feel more tired when you wake up. If you have all the favorable answers to these questions then you can decide to keep it and start planing for the packing a king-sized bed and its relocation. So, good luck with that!

    king sized bed
    Moving a king-sized bed is only worth it if he is well preserved.

    Packing a king-sized bed

    You need to prepare well for packing your bed. You should be very careful, make a good packing and moving plan, and stick to it. If you do not want to bother your friends to help you, you can hire some moving company to do that for you. But if you decide to do it yourself, it is necessary to purchase some packing supplies, such are:

    • furniture pads
    • moving blankets
    • bubble pack and tape.
    • plastic sheets
    • moving straps or ropes and a few
    • mattress bag or box in the right size
    • a rental trolley if your bed is especially heavy
    • hand tools for packing a king-sized bed

    The first thing to do is to disassemble the bed. If you by any chance have a mattress box, you can put the mattress in. If not, you can just wrap it in plastic sheeting to keep him safe and clean. In case you have a special variety of mattresses, you should maybe check with the manufacturer. This refers to memory foam, gel, and air-filled style mattresses. These types of mattresses should never be stood on the edge for the relocation. Remove all the pillows, blankets, sheets, and pack them separately. If your bed has the storage units you should take out the drawers from the frame. When you have finished with all of that, you should disassemble the bed frame and the headboard if it comes apart. Disassemble all the parts so you can pack the bed easier.

    couple on the mattress surrounded by packing boxes
    Remove all the pillows and sheets so you can start packing your bed and mattress.

    Wrapping time

    Before loading the bed into the truck, wrap the bed frame completely in blankets to prevent scratching. This is important if you have a wooden bed frame. Once you have wrapped it, cover the bed frame completely in blankets or towels and secure it with duct tape, to avoid scratching and you are done with packing your king-sized bed. This will provide extra safety during long-distance relocation. When you arrive at your location, make sure you unwrap it carefully so you don’t damage the frame. If you don’t want to relocate the bed immediately to your new home, you can store him for a while. Just do everything you can to have a smooth relocation.

    Preparing the bubble pack for packing
    Packing your king-sized bed and mattress properly will prevent them from damaging.

    Moving truck

    Now when the bed is disassembled and wrapped the next step is to find a suitable moving truck. Some of them may be too small to fit a king-size bed. You need to know the measures of your bed and to measure the moving truck before you rent it. Check all the details before you make a move.

    You can do it that way or, you can simply hire a moving company that has a suitable van as well as a reliable means of transportation and they can help you with packing and relocating to Texas. Instead of thinking about all of that, let the professionals do all the work and you can explore your new neighborhood, city, or state.

    Hire a packing and moving company

    If you are moving for good you should consider hiring a moving company for relocating and packing your king-sized bed as well as the rest of the furniture. You should do a little research and find a moving company that fits your needs and budget. Although you may have the strength to lift heavy things, you maybe don’t have appropriate equipment and experience to avoid injuries.

    Professional movers have experience in shipping heavy furniture and items. They will easily move your bed. You won’t have to lift heavy things, find an appropriate size vehicle, and bother your friends to help you. It may cost you a bit more money but it will save you a lot of nerves and time that you can use to spend some more time with your friends and family given the fact that you are moving away. In the end, if you want to save some money, you can follow the tips we gave you to disassemble the bed and to pack it appropriately, and then just hire the moving company to relocate the bed.

    So, if you are moving across the country for example you can check out what long-distance mover Texas has to offer and let them relocate your belongings. The professional moving companies are licensed and insured, so you can be sure that your king size bed will be well taken care of. They can provide you with the full service so you don’t have to think about packing, unpacking, or relocating. In case of damage or loss, your money will be reimbursed.

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