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Ways to help your dog settle into a new home

We all know that moving is stressful. First, you need to figure out where you are going to move. Then you need to find the best moving company in Texas. After that, you need to work out a moving plan with them and do all the things that go into moving. Finally, you need to take care of all the surrounding things like notifying people and changing your address. So, it is no surprise that in all that hubbub, people forget to take care of their pets. And even if you do, you will need to help your dog settle into a new home once you are done with relocation. Luckily, this is not such a rare situation, and we've got the perfect guide to help you along.

Why is moving stressful to a dog

The main reason why you need to help your dog settle into a new home is stressful. Moving is tremendously stressful for everyone involved since there are so many moving disasters that you need to avoid. And, why dogs usually do not help out with relocation, they do experience all the stress that their owners experience and then some. You need to be aware of these causes so that you can help reduce them. This will make your dog much more relaxed. And if your dog is calm and relaxed it will get used to its new surroundings much faster then a stressed dog would. So, here is what your dog experiences during relocation.
Keep your dog healthy
Always remember to keep your dog healthy and safe, even when dealing with relocation.

Everything is changing

Dogs are territorial creatures. They like to have their own piece of land and remain quite familiar with it. That is why most dogs will go around and research any new area in which you bring them into. But, that is also why moving is stressful to a dog. They do not like leaving their old household. They do not understand the fact that you are moving them to a new home. All that they experience is the fact that they are leaving their old home behind.

People around the house

Preparing yourself for relocation often means that you are going to have people come over and help you out. Now, if your dog knows those people they will get stressed by their presence. But, any new people in their surroundings in a non-familiar object to which dogs are on high alert. Therefore, even if you have friends help you pack, and therefore deduct your moving expenses, your dog is going to be stressed once movers come over. A dog doesn't know the difference between a mover and a burglar. Both are coming in and taking stuff out. Therefore, it is no surprise that the moving day is going to be quite stressful for your dog.

Should you keep it while you relocate?

A good solution to these problems is to simply keep your dog away from relocation. Either give them to a friend or a relative for safe keeping. Or, give them to doggy daycare. This will give you time and room to properly prepare for your relocation and not worry about your dog. Furthermore, by doing so you will keep your dog happy and healthy which will make them much more enjoyable and relaxed after moving. So, do yourself and your dog a huge favor and place them far away from moving at least during the moving day.

Help your dog settle into a new home

If you've done everything properly, you should find yourself successfully relocated to a new home with a happy dog. What remains is the question of how to help your dog settle into a new home. There are a couple of ways you can do this, but the key point is love and patience. Your dog is going to get used to your home much more quickly if you are relaxed and loving.
You will have to help your dog settle into a new home
No matter how happy or healthy your dog is, you will have to help your dog settle into a new home.

Take it to your local vet

Health should always come first. Find out where your local vet is and take your dog for a checkup. Do this even if your dog is healthy. This will give the vet an opportunity to get familiar with the dog. And, it will give both you and your dog the opportunity to get familiar with the veterinary station. This will come quite handy if your dog gets actually sick and you need to get it some fast medical attention.

House training

If your dog is housetrained, this should be easy. If not, well, you are in for at least a couple of weeks of the soiled floor. Try to limit your dog's movement around the house while you are training it and use the cardboard from the moving boxes Texas to cover to the floor. Also, remember to not punish it if you see it making a mistake. This will cause it to be afraid of you. It is much better than you clap or yell once it does something that it shouldn't.

Going for walks

Taking your dog for a walk is a must. Especially if you live in a small apartment. Dogs are primarily outside creatures. They love walking around and running in parks, and you shouldn't deprive them of such joy. Not only is it healthy for them, but it is healthy for you as well. Plus, buy doing so you will have the opportunity to meet all the other dog-owning neighbors.
Walking a dog
Walking your dog will help get rid of both its and your's stress.

Petting and playing

Finally, and most importantly, what dogs need is love. Rember to play with it as much as you can. By know, you should have figured out the preferred ways to play with your dog, but it never hurts to experiment. The more time you give to your dog the better you will help your dog settle into a new home. Plus, dog petting reduces anxiety, which is fairly common after moving into a new place.


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