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Hiring movers vs. moving labor – which to choose

It can be quite difficult to organize your relocation. Moving is basically all about making decisions almost every single day until your moving day. You start with the basics such as your moving day, your new address, job, and so on. Then, you need to decide what to do with moving services. You can choose between hiring movers vs. moving labor. Is it better to find the best moving company in Texas or to take a different road? Here are all the pros and cons of each option. 

Hiring movers vs. moving labor – pros of hiring movers 

Why do people hire professional movers? First of all, there are professionals for a good reason. They have years and years of experience under their belts which means there are extremely well prepared for any type of moving tasks. As you might know, it is not easy to move certain pieces of furniture. For example, if you need to move your grand and expensive piano, it would be much better to hire piano movers Texas instead of trying to move this heavy piece of the instrument on your own. Moving your piano is only one of the examples when your relocation might be more complicated than usual. You don't even have to have a special piece of furniture to move. Maybe you are leaving on the 12th floor and your elevator is not big enough for all the furniture. Again, you need professional movers help.  In addition to this, when moving to Texas, you need to pack your entire household. This is where most of the problems would come up. If you do not have relevant experience, skills, or equipment, you might end up injuring yourself. Spending time in hospital recovering from your serious injury is extremely inconvenient and expensive. Apart from this, you can also cause damage to your property or to the personal items that you are moving. Since organizing relocation is already expensive enough, most people cannot afford to cause any type of damage or to pay for hospital bills. For this reason, when you have professionals handling everything, you can avoid these unpleasant situations. If you also get good moving insurance, your movers will be responsible for every piece of furniture in your house. If they damage something, they will have to pay for replacement or repair. 
people loading the truck
Full-service movers will take care of everything during your relocation

Cons of booking professionals 

Using professional moving services can be extremely expensive. This is the biggest disadvantage of hiring movers. For example, if you decide to hire long distance movers Texas, you will need to spend at least $4000. Of course, this amount depends on the size of your household, distance, special moving services used when moving, and so on. Still, if your relocation is classified as a long-distance one, do not expect anything lower than $4000. In addition to this, you need to be careful when hiring movers. In order not to get scammed, you need to pay attention to every detail about your potential moving company. This can be quite tiring for most people so they need some other moving option. Sometimes, it might be impossible to dedicate your time to check the credibility of a moving company. So, here is why moving labor might be that new option for you.  
coins spilling from the jar
Hiring a moving company can be expensive

Hiring movers vs. moving labor – pros of moving labor 

First of all, what is moving labor? Are they also moving professionals or not? Moving labor also includes professional movers but without the moving truck. As opposed to traditional movers who have their own movie track, movers that work as moving labor do not have one. This means you need to rent a moving truck on your own. How can this work as an advantage? Well, it is less expensive. You will get all the necessary moving services that you want and you will spend less money. This means movers will come to your house, load, or unload the truck that you rented for your relocation. Again, you can avoid injuring yourself or damaging your property and items during your relocation. They of course charge less since they don't come fully equipped. You will also need to discuss with them who will drive the moving truck.  In addition to this, another big advantage of hiring moving labor instead of full moving services would be more freedom. When you hire full-service movers, they will be completely in charge of your relocation. This also means packing your entire household. This might be a little bit uncomfortable for some people. You will have complete strangers going over your precious items. However, when you use moving labor, you can decide which items you will pack. If you want to keep your privacy, you can pack certain parts of your household. Movers will take the boxes to the moving truck for you. Your only job is to put items inside, sealed the box, and label it. 
a woman carrying a box
You can pack some of your items by yourself

Disadvantages of the second option 

As you might have guessed, the biggest disadvantage of using moving labor would be their lack of equipment. A moving truck is an extremely important part of your relocation. Since these movers do not have their own moving truck, this means you will have to rent it. This includes the following problems.  
  • Finding a driver for your moving truck 
  • Renting fees 
  • Gas fees 
  • Organizing your travel route 
  • Possible bad weather and road conditions 
When you take all of this into account, it might be easier to hire movers. After all, it can be extremely difficult to drive when it is snowing or raining heavily outside. Hot and humid summer weather can also be a problem. 

What to choose? 

In the end, what should you choose between hiring movers vs. moving labor? The answer depends on your moving situation. You can see all the pros and cons of each option. See if movers or morning labor would be more suitable for your relocation. This is the best way to make your final decision.   


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