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How Do You Maximize Space in a Studio Apartment?

If you live in a small apartment or studio, you will surely be happy to find out how to maximize space in a studio apartment. Small studios have always been interesting to young people and couples with no kids. For others, studios are a great way to pay a small price and still not share the apartment with a roommate. As one of the best moving companies in Texas, we've seen and relocated our fair share of studio apartments. We want to help you to maximize space in a studio apartment. Along the way, we picked up some practical advice and ideas on what works best for those types of properties.

Ways to maximize space in a studio apartment?

In the past decade, more singles have chosen studios for living, especially those who live in large cities. The artist especially likes studios. They find them comfortable and cozy, with a touch of mystery and elegance. After all, everything they need is a place where everything is at their fingertips. So, if you plan on moving to New Braunfels TX, and one of those studios, there are a few ways to maximize space in a studio apartment.
  • You should learn to pack things properly – also buy or find as many boxes and packing materials you can, so everything that you do not use every day could pack there;
  • Accept that you do not need so much stuff in your life – learn to donate, give, sell or simply throw away things that you do not use;
  • Everything that you have stopped to use you should give away – it is especially worth for children's cloth and old toys;
  • Using practical folding furniture is one of the ways to maximize space in a studio apartment;
  • Also, declutter the furniture that you do not use anymore – learn interesting solutions on how to use a baby crib or old drawer.
Two men going around the warehouse thinking about how to maximize space in an studio apartment;
If you don't have enough room, you can always maximize space in a studio apartment by renting storage.
  Unfortunately, many people cannot get rid of stuff, no matter how much space they use. They feel an emotional connection with their things. However, that is not a good way to maximize space in a studio apartment. You should learn how to use space in a studio smartly and still keep only things that you need. Especially if you've recently moved, you're going to have to deal with post-moving exhaustion. Anyway, proper declutter is a must, but we'll explain that later in this post.

Maximize space in a studio apartment smartly

Luckily, there are a few tricks that you can learn and save space in your studio. In some cases, it is enough just to repack stuff and put not needed in drawers. There are cases where you should make a completely different layout in your wardrobe. Whatever it is needed, just accept that this is a huge change in your life and act on that. We, as residential movers New Braunfels would like to provide you with another decluttering trick. So take five boxes and label them as sell, donate, store, keep or throw. Knowing what to do with your things will make decluttering easy. You should do this every six months or once a year, or whenever your apartment seems filled with messy or filled with unnecessary things.  Don't be a harder and declutter often.
Pile of books;
Don't collect too many things that you don't need, or you'll have to declutter every month.

Make sure that you will save money before moving

Maybe sounds not that relevant, but you will need money for maximizing space in your studio. In most cases, you will need to make shelves and new drawers that fit in your small studio. You will also need new boxes and plastic bins. So, you should save money for moving, so the rest of them use it later for redecorating the studio. That is why is taking moving quotes New Braunfels TX so important. Do not forget that as much money you save, you will have more interesting ideas to apply later.

Learn tips for maximizing space in a studio apartment

People who live in small apartments and studios know that they do not have much space for usage. They have learned how to behave in those situations. You will not see in their studio shoes that are not for that season in the hall. However, you should inform about tips and ways to save space and use as much space as possible in your small studio. Also, they tend to build a vertical shoe rack, and they should go as tall as possible to the ceiling we go!  Furthermore, you should use your couch, sofa, or any type of living room furniture as storage too. When you go to buy a sofa, pick one with a drawer underneath; that way, you can store shoes or anything, and it usually has a lot of space inside.

Try to hide everything you can

When living in a small studio, people are always in a mess. Whatever you put on the couch or chair is too much. The first thing you should learn to maximize space in a studio apartment is to hide things you do not use every day. You will need boxes and plastic bins for that, but also new shelves and storage. If you don't have enough space, you can always use more moving boxes New Braunfels so that you can put them in storage. Renting storage, especially climate controlled, is perfect for hot summers, rainy autumns, and cold winters. Also, if you didn't declutter the property, you'll have to put extra stuff somewhere.
A wooden white desk with a golden flower pot and a golden lamp on it;
By using drawers and hiding everything, your interior design will appear neat and clean.

Try to make storage in every corner of NB your studio apartment

No matter how much stuff you have, you can always make a list of things that you do not use every day. You simply should put them away so you can easily find them when needed, but they do not make a mess in your studio. Also, there are great ideas on how to make storage of the abandoned laundry room or janitor space in your building. Of course, use these methods only when nothing else is possible. Although this could cause certain security concerns, someone could steal your things if you don't have a key to this abandoned room.

Use the bathroom as storage, too

People avoid putting towels and laundry in the bathroom. Mostly they do that because they feel their stuff will have mold or get dirty. Do not worry about that. You can use preparation for mold and humidity and protect your stuff. However, when you put things in the bathroom, you will save another shelf in the wardrobe. Also, you should install Shower Cubbythis is aesthetically pleasing, and it's easier to keep clean and more organized. Use the boxes that you used for packing jewelry to pack small items in them, like toothpaste or new toothbrushes. Also, you can put all of the big items under the sink.
A modern bathroom with a shower that maximize space in a studio apartment;
By installing a shower, you'll maximize the space around the bathroom, plus you can use the cabinet under the sink to store more items.

You can always rent a storage

This is the latest but still very smart option when you want to maximize space in a studio apartment. It includes a very simple resolution – renting storage for things you do not currently need. You can rent it seasonally, like for a winter wardrobe or furniture that you have not sold yet. We've already talked about this, so without proper decluttering and a good plan plus storage, you can't change a lot of things. There are numerous options nowadays to choose from, so do the research, pick one, and start decluttering. This is one of the best ways to Maximize Space in a Studio Apartment.

Hang stuff on the wall

You can even hang a bicycle on the wall. There is no reason to avoid that. The only you need is a good tool and equipment. Find extra strong hooks and ropes. You can also mount your TV on a visually compelling wall, which is quite affordable. Depending on the model and manufacturer, you can buy wall mounts anywhere from $50 to $500. Some of the most famous wall mounts are full-motion, tilting, in-wall, door, fixed, etc. There are many more, and if you don't want to risk doing any extra damage, installation is on average from $100 to $300. The price will mostly depend on the TV size and the complexity of the installation process. But if you want to save extra money, there are numerous amounts of videos on Youtube and step-by-step guides on Google that you can follow.

Save boxes after moving

Since you will use boxes for keeping the stuff there, do not throw away moving boxes after moving. You can clean them, wrap them in colorful paper, and put them on shelves. It is great if you can use moving boxes after moving for that. You will protect the environment in that way, too. Now, if you want to be extra eco-friendly, consider when moving and storing use suitcases. You can fill them with things when you move, but also they can be a good storage container for maybe some winter clothes or old (but cleaned) shoes.
A man sitting in a room full of boxes meditating while thinking about how to maximize space in an NB studio apartment;
By saving boxes, you're not only helping yourself to store more items, but you're also saving the environment. 

Label boxes and plastic bins

You cannot open every box every time you need something from them. The easier option is to pack things there by room, color, and several usage frequencies. After that, simply label the boxes, so you will always know what is there. It is a cheap and very smart way to maximize space in a studio apartment.  If you think that it's aesthetically unpleasant, consider looking up some ideas online. There are specially designed boxes for each interior design, or you can craft them yourself.

Try minimalism design to maximize space in an NB studio apartment

We, as local movers New Braunfels can tell you that minimalism is one of the most popular interior design styles nowadays. It's simply clean, and it's perfect for studios and small apartments. It's much. You'll have no extra things hanging around, just the necessities. You'll want to keep just the things that you need, something like stoicism in a designer since. You can check Google, Youtube, Instagram, or Pinterest for extra ideas. There is plenty of material, or you can hire an interior designer to help you. Although it's not complicated, one of our top pieces of advice is to keep the furniture close to the walls. You'll avoid roadblocks and have more space in your walkways, which is important.  So this style is simple with clean lines, and usually, it's in monochromatic colors.
Minimalist living room;
The interior design known as minimalist relies on as few things as possible being exposed to the naked eye. 
That would be it for this post. We sincerely hope that you liked our ideas on how to maximize space in a studio apartment. This isn't a hard process, but it requires planning and patience, especially the decluttering part. We can help you with the move as well as packing; feel free to contact us. Have a great move, and we hope that maximizing space will be done without a lot of unnecessary stress.      


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