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How much should you tip movers?

The time has come, and you are getting ready to move out of the new home. You are packed and ready to leave. If you don't own a wan and don't have enough friends ready to jump in, you probably hired some help. There will be one or maybe two moving groups, depending on the nature of the move itself. Are you moving somewhere near or long-distance? If you are moving long-distance, there might be two crews, one loading the truck and the other driving to the destination and unloading it. This raises the question- do you tip everybody? Do you tip at all? How much should you tip movers? Who do you hand the money to? When should you do it?

Is it mandatory to tip the movers or do you have a choice?

There are a lot of stress factors when you are moving to your new home and just some of them are:
  • are you able to pack yourself without damaging the belongings?
  • how much should you tip movers?
  • will your kids be able to adapt?
  • is there something you should leave behind?
All of these questions can boost stress and you definitely want to avoid that. The important thing to remember is - tipping is not mandatory. Moving companies are in the service business and you can tip if you want to, but you don't have to.  If you feel, at the end of the move, that the movers did a good job, and feel like you want to tip them, go right ahead. The same goes for the packing services New Braunfels. If you feel like they gave their best, you should go ahead reward them.

Who should you tip?

If you decided you want to tip the movers, you should tip everybody. And the amount of money should be the same for each of the movers. You can tip someone more if you really feel like it, but try doing it so it is not obvious. Some workers work harder than the others and if you want to reward them, it is totally ok. Make sure you found the most affordable movers.
Stacked boxes
Movers are doing a hard job, so tipping them is appropriate if there are no damaged items

Who do you hand the money to?

When it comes to moving companies, it is not unusual that one of the crew members stands out like the one in charge. He is usually the oldest, most experienced in the job and he usually drives the truck too, especially when it comes to long distance movers. You might want to give the entire tip to him, so he could distribute it to the other movers later on. But if you want to be certain that it all goes as you would like, hand each worker their tip. Make sure you have an exact amount of cash and the right banknotes so you can tip each mover individually.

When and where should you tip?

You might be wondering- when should I tip? You can do it at the beginning when the movers come to your old home. This might be a problem since the movers might not be as motivated to do a good job. The point of tips is to motivate the workers to do as best as possible so they can be rewarded at the end. So the best solution might be to tell the workers you will reward them at the end of the move and give them a small amount of money at the beginning. This can be $10 or something like that, to show them that you are serious about tipping. In the end, once they finished the job, and you are in your new house, give each worker his tip. Thay will do pretty much all of the work, so reward them if they deserved it.
100 dollar bills
Tip a small amount at the beginning and say you will be tip more when the job is done

How much money should you tip?

There is a couple of different situations and depending on them, you will tip movers more or less. Movers can be local or long-distance, they can do a good job or not be as good as you would like.
How much should you tip movers? Jar with tips
How much do you tip the workers depends on a couple of things

Depending on the job they did

You won't give the same tip to the workers who did an amazing job and workers who were rude and slow. To give you an idea on how to do this:
  • In the case of workers doing an amazing job, you should think about the range of $6- $8 per hour, per worker. If you feel like that is too much, you should give less, or more, if you feel so.
  • If the workers did ok, no amazing but not a bad job, you should tip them $4-$5 per hour for one worker. This way, it usually gets to about $40 a day for one worker.
  • If they didn't do well, wasn't careful or have been rude, no tip is totally ok. It is your money, after all.

Long-distance or local is not the same

If you prefer, you can just give the crew 20% of the moving bill as a tip. Sometimes it turns out it is too much, or not enough so use the guidelines but make sure you feel comfortable with the tip. For long-distance movers, moving bills can get pretty high, so 20% of that kind of bill can be a small fortune. Do not feel pressured to tip movers more than you are able to. A professional mover will do a good job without expecting to get a tip, but it's always good to reward somebody's effort. They will also know right away if the tip is coming or not by the quality of the job they did.
How much to tip movers? A moving truck on the road
Is the move local or long distance? There is a difference in tipping
Remember, taking care of your workers isn't only about tipping. Make sure you have a cold beverage, prepare the toilet so it has soap and towels, and be prepared to go once they get to your place. It will save time and make them feel appreciated. Tipping is not a must so don't do it if you don't feel like you should. But if you feel like you would like to tip movers for a good job they did, go ahead an do so.


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