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How to avoid damaging furniture while moving to San Antonio

When moving, transporting smaller pieces of furniture is not a problem. However, your heavy and bulky pieces need special attention. If you plan to move them yourself, you should learn few things about moving. That will help you to avoid damaging furniture while moving to San Antonio. First, you will need proper planning. And you will need proper tools and equipment to safely move your furniture. What could go wrong? Well, when moving heavy pieces, you will need help. It is not possible to move them alone. So, you and your helpers should know how to navigate such pieces. And how to safely carry them down the stairs. Also, you will need to disassemble some of your furniture. Or you can simply hire movers Texas to handle it for you.

Hire professional movers to avoid damaging furniture while moving

Maybe you and your friends are not skilled in furniture moving. If so, it is better to hire professional movers. They are trained and they have all the necessary tools to move your furniture safely. When you decide to move to San Antonio, call several companies and ask for their quotes. They can send someone to your home. Or, they can make the virtual-home estimate. The best movers in San Antonio will make the estimate taking into consideration several factors. These factors are the number of your possessions, their size, and how easily they can be moved outside your house.
The man unscrews the legs of the table, and the woman sits on the floor next to the table, to avoid damaging furniture while moving to San Antonio.
Disassemble everything you can, to avoid damaging furniture while moving to San Antonio.

Some furniture has to be disassembled before packing and moving

Most of the furniture pieces in your household can be disassembled. So, it will be easier to pack them. And they would be better protected during the move. It is also good to check the manuals. That will help you to disassemble your furniture properly. When disassembling, put the connecting pieces, screws, nuts, and bolts into a plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag, label it and keep it with the belonging furniture pieces.

Remove all handles and metal parts to avoid damaging furniture

When it is possible, safely remove handles and small, protruding metal parts from the furniture. Wrap them and keep them together with the belonging furniture parts. Once in the moving truck, your furniture may move. And such metal parts can easily cause damage.

Properly wrapped furniture is safer during moving and transportation

Always use proper padding when preparing your furniture for the move. The bubble wrap is ideal for smaller pieces. And also for the table or dresser legs. For the detached larger pieces of furniture, like the wardrobe doors, you can also use bubble wrapping. Additionally, you can wrap them in moving blankets, for better protection. Moving blankets are tick and they are excellent protection for your furniture. They will also protect your walls, and door frames, while you move furniture. To prevent the blankets from unwinding, wrap them with duct tape. Piano movers San Antonio TX also recommend paying attention to legs that couldn’t be detached. You should whap them carefully. Also, add the additional protection layer to all furniture corners.
Chairs wrapped in protective covers that will protect them during transport.
Wrapping your furniture properly is important.

Remember that wrapping is extremely important to avoid damaging furniture 

When wrapping furniture, never try to save on the packing material. The better you wrap your furniture pieces, the safer they will be during moving and transport. So, always take care to use good quality moving supplies. And use them in a sufficient amount. That will guarantee better protection of your furniture.

Always pay attention to walls, floors, and door frames when moving furniture

On a moving day, your household will be full of people. They will carry your moving boxes and pieces of furniture to the truck. To prevent slips and falls, damaging of your belongings, and your walls, floors, and door frames, protect them. You can use:
  • Non-slip runners for floors and stairs
  • Padding to protect door frames
  • Blankets to protect walls
  • Also, assign someone to navigate movers so they don’t bump into walls
Also, be careful when lifting and carrying heavy pieces. Improperly lifted, the piece can be easily dropped down. And thus, it will be damaged. Moreover, the movers can get injured.

Before moving measure your furniture, hallways, and staircase

Before moving bigger pieces of furniture, make sure they can pass through your halls, doors, and down the stairs. The measurements will also give an idea to movers how to turn items. Some pieces will be carried upright. And some they will need to turn to the side. The better overview they have, the easier they will bring furniture down to the moving truck. This is one more way to protect your furniture when moving to San Antonio.

Dragging instead of carrying furniture when moving

Whenever it is possible, you can drag your furniture. It is easier and doesn’t demand so much strength. However, if doing so, make sure to protect your floor. You can use furniture gliders, towels, or cardboard to move your furniture. This way, you will not leave a single scratch on the floor.
Two movers carry the couch through the door of the building.
Before moving bigger pieces of furniture, make sure they can pass through your halls, doors, and down the stairs.

Be sure you have a clear place to park the moving truck

Ensure to have a clear parking lot for the moving truck on a moving day. And that it is as close as possible to your home. This way, the movers will easily access the moving truck. Also, make sure that there are no things in hallways and doorways. The route for movers must be clean from any item. Carrying the furniture, they will not see it. And that may lead to disaster.

Check the valuation coverage and insurance options when moving your furniture

Despite good preparations, accidents can happen. So, do not take for granted that accidents won’t happen if you have hired professionals. The professional movers will use caution when moving furniture. Still, accidents can happen. So, check the valuation coverage and insurance options. This way, you will even better protect your furniture when moving. The serious movers are usually offering several valuation coverage options. The better the coverage, the more expensive it is. But you will also get better compensation in case of damage or loss of things.

When moving to San Antonio, it is better to be careful and avoid damaging furniture

By following tips for furniture moving you should easily bring your precious items to San Antonio. It is better to take a few cautionary steps than deal with the consequences. Use all you can to avoid damaging furniture while moving to San Antonio. Make sure that people don’t get injured during the move. Also, use the proper equipment. And always ask for professional help. Especially for moving the most demanding pieces. By using common sense and being careful, your move will be successful. And you will feel relief and joy when you finally come to San Antonio.


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