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How to avoid moving day disasters?

Scratched walls from moving furniture. Broken dishes from improper packaging. Unable to find anything because you have not marked your moving boxes Texas. And you do not get proper insurance when you need to claim. Those are all moving day disasters.
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Be smart and avoid the most common moving day disasters
Have you been the one that used to make these moving mistakes in the past? You do not want to be the person who understands that you missed the Moving 101, having forgotten to know about these things in advance. When you want to move easily, make sure you start by learning what not to do. So then you can focus on what you actually need to do. Take a look at the five common moving day disasters that occur to families. And how you can avoid them so that the big move is successful.

Here are the most common moving day disasters and how to avoid them

The movers do not show up because you forgot to hire them soon enough

The first rookie mistake families make is trying to hire a local moving company at the last minute. And all of that because they procrastinated. This is a classic moving mistake, because you have so much to do that you have to put it off for something. You should plan ahead for at least one month, if not more. Especially when it comes to hiring your professional moving team. This is a team that is going to protect your items while moving, make sure everything moves efficiently on the day of the move. And make sure that you are covered in things such as where the truck will be parked to unload your belongings and how you will move these home plants without killing them.
Professional movers
A professional moving company will ensure that they can move all your belongings, protect your home from damage in the process, and bring the right equipment for the job
Your professional moving team will guide you through the process from where you move the boxes to what time of the day you should move. If you do this at the last minute, you may have a team that does not know how to properly protect antiques, does not call ahead to make sure that the truck can fit on the street you are moving in, it appears late or without experience or it is, in fact, a fake moving company that takes advantage of the unconscious families that actually hired scammers.

You pay for your move much more than you expected

Like airline tickets, moving companies often charge more, the closer you book to a moving day. They know that people become more desperate as the date approaches. To avoid paying more than you need, book your moving company as soon as possible. Compare prices with local and national services and ask for any discounts - such as AAA, veteran status and more. Some of them may be available only by phone, so always remember to call to confirm. Another way to overpay is to hire a truck, which is much more than necessary. Ask the company to send a representative and make an accurate assessment of what you need. You do not need to pay for a place that you do not use.

Broken items because of not packing or labeling boxes correctly

The next mistake to avoid is improper packaging and not labeling well. Have you packed a large box with an entire library of books that hurt someone's back? Or did you try to pack debris with other items casually into a box that will beat in a moving truck and collapse? Did you have old boxes that are in poor condition? And try to pack lampshades and dinner plates that need extra support? It is important to pack correctly with heavy objects in small boxes for convenient transport. And strong boxes for your malleable objects. And pack everything in good quality boxes that are not going to break. Then, marking items with content and the room in which they enter, and not just the word "fragile". That ensures that you can find what you need when you come to a new home. You do not want to arrive at your destination and do not know where to find a first aid kit, dog food or bath towels.

Cracked walls from attempting to move heavy furniture yourself

Hiring a professional moving company Texas will help you avoid beating the house you just sold. Or the house you just bought. These things happen when you are moving furniture and other bulky items yourself. These heavy couches and furniture can easily crack walls and corners. But your moving company will have proper supplies to make sure everything is well protected from floors to walls and stairs.
Broken window
And not to mention windows

Broken items you cannot cover because you did not get the insurance you needed

Finally, do not forget to carefully study your insurance policy. You may not buy it at all or try to get a cheap coverage plan. But then you need to make a claim for a work of art or family antiques. It is important to cover those fragile items that cost a lot of money. And don't worry about the furniture from the department store that you put together. Put your insurance on your high-yield or sentimental items. Avoid these common moving day disasters by planning ahead, getting proper insurance. And take a long time to pack and inventory your items for successful moving day experience.


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