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How to combine two TX homes into one

Reasons to decide to combine two TX homes into one may be various. Maybe you are a couple who decided to start living together. Or you decide to share a home with a roommate, to cut costs. So, you can do savings for a startup, travel, or whatever reason you need additional money for. You can also decide to move in with a close family, to help them with health issues. Whatever the reason, the best moving company Texas will know how to handle this challenging process. They will do planning and coordination, so the moving will pass easily.

Shall we move to your home, my home, or our home?

When deciding to combine two TX homes, the first question will be: where to move. If both of you are living in small condos, there is no place for another person in them. In such a case, it is logical to buy or rent a bigger home. So, both of you will leave your previous accommodations. Or, one of you has a place suitable to accommodate two persons. Then, it is easy to decide where to move.
Two friends seating, behind them is a wooden wall and one is holding a white laptop, while they are discussing to combine two TX homes into one.
When combining two TX homes into one, choose a place suitable to accommodate two persons.

Discuss, plan together, make agreements and adjust from the very beginning when moving homes into one

When living alone, all persons are developing their own habits. When spending just a few days together, of an on, the differences will not matter. But, the moment you start living together, the different habits could become the stumbling stone. To prevent it from developing into an argument, discuss openly what you like and expect. Before moving homes into one, discuss the daily routines:
  • Who is bringing which item into the combined TX home (to avoid duplicating)
  • Discuss the financial plan and agree on how to follow it
  • Agree on cleaning schedule in the combined TX home
  • Make an agreement about buying groceries and cooking (especially with roommates)
After reaching agreements you can call local movers Texas, to make relocations. It will soon show that adjusting from the very beginning was a particularly good idea. After a hard and turbulent day at work, a harmonious home is a paradise.

A couple, cousins, or roommates, set your own quarters

You agree on sharing a home. Still, it is very important that each of you have your own space. Define it from the very beginning, while combining two TX homes into one. It could be a small home office if one is working online. Or simply a corner where you will meditate and practice yoga. A place where you will have a home bike and a couple of exercise weights. Or simply, a corner to read or watch TV. When each of you has such a space, it will contribute to overall peace and relaxation.
Two cups of coffee with same coffee cream decoration in a shape of leaf, on the wooden tavle with two coffee spoons which lie on a piece of cloth.
There will be many things that will duplicate.

Before combining two TX homes into one, pick your favorite pieces from both homes

When you combine two homes, you will not be able to squeeze all of your possessions into one. Thus, you both must decide what to sell, donate or present. The best is to go together in both places and make an inventory. There will be many things that duplicate. You can decide together which one goes to a new home. Of course, you will take things that are newer. Or which fit better into your new space. In case you cannot agree on which one to keep, especially a larger piece like a bed or an armoire, sell them and buy a new one. There will also be some things of sentimental value to you. Still, they are not matching your new place. When moving to Dallas, you can consult with the moving company about the possibility of storing some of them.

Can a moving company move two TX homes into one simultaneously?

It is as simple as moving a single household. All you have to do is to hire the moving company for both tasks. And to arrange with them to move things from both apartments on the same day. And bring them to your new address. On your demand, the moving companies will coordinate such a move. So, just make sure to:
  • Find a moving company that is accepting such a job (to have manpower and resources to make simultaneous moves)
  • Ask the company to provide you with the cost estimation (based on the items they move from both home - unified cost estimation)
  • Agree about the moving date and time
  • Prepare by purging and packing (so that you are ready to move from both places)
You can also make a different agreement with the moving company. If it is more convenient for you, ask them to complete things from one place first. After unloading them, they can bring your belongings from the second place. However, whatever move you chose to combine two TX homes into one, and having the unified cost estimation, the two household moves will be more expensive. In such a case, the amount of work and time spent on moving things from two into one location is much higher, thus the costs are higher.
Alarm clock, flowerpot, notebook with inscription and ballpoint pen on the white surface of the table.
When decorating together, make a space where both of you will feel comfortable.

The moving coordinator can help with the demanding task of how to combine two TX homes into one

To complete such a demanding job, it is good to hire a moving coordinator. Especially when the two TX homes you are moving into one are not close by. You will be occupied with many other things and living the coordination with someone else is a huge relief. So, before you dismiss the idea, believing that you can do everything yourself, think. The experienced moving coordinator will know how to supervise the whole moving process. He will make sure that:
  • Your belongings are properly and safely packed
  • That  transporting truck is clean, and your things are correctly secured inside it
  • Informe you about possible problems regarding paperwork, documentation, insurance, or delay
  • He will be in constant contact with both you and the moving company, to prevent any misunderstanding and react to possible problems related to combining two TX homes

When moving together into one home, decorate it together

Your moving company has successfully brought your things in. Now is the time for the final challenge. How to decorate your new home to match the needs and preferences of both? And how to successfully combine two TX homes into one. Again, you will have to make some compromises. And again, seat together, talk and make an agreement. There are also many home decorating pages or magazines, to help you when moving to a new home. They can inspire you to combine your new and old furniture, colors, and shapes. The bottom line is that by decorating together, you will make your new TX home space where both of you will feel comfortable.


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