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How to Compare Moving Companies

Let’s be clear: there are so many professional moving companies and people can easily get confused about which one will suit their needs. You need to have in mind that moving companies are competing for a better place in the market. And they will do everything to be one step further than their rivals. A better-advertised company does not have to be a better company. Choosing a relocation company at random won’t work. Because you need to be sure that moving partner you selected will be competent, reliable and affordable. You have to compare moving companies to find the best option. There are also bad relocation companies that can ruin this big project. Most complaints to moving companies are mainly about delayed or poorly executed services, and also about secret costs that are not pre-determined.

Compare relocation company rates

The first thing that people notice about movers are service costs. You will want to pay as little as possible to have your belongings relocated to the new location. And it’s common for most people to lean toward the cheapest price estimates in the beginning. And they think that this is the best way to save money during the relocation, and they are wrong in most cases. However, the cost of relocation will be one of the deciding factors which company you’ll choose. Local moving companies usually calculate their price on an hourly basis. It is important to calculate costs before signing a moving contract. If we talk about long distance relocation the price will usually be set and it will depend on the move distance, the total weight of the belongings for relocation, additional services, etc.
Be sure you check company rates when you compare moving companies

Compare moving companies and their services

It’s important to take a closer look at the extra services that each experienced mover offers in their disposal. As we mentioned before, it is not only about the final price. It’s how that moving cost has been formed after you’ve signed a moving contract. The written estimates you will receive should list all additional cost of all services that either you requested or the company has deemed necessary for the successful job performance. Carefully read the paperwork you will receive from the moving company and inquire if they have any hidden costs. This can be a boring task, but it will save your money and it will help you avoid moving stress. It's also important to get acquainted with all the services that moving companies offer. The most common relocating services are packing, loading the moving vehicle, transport of your belongings, unpacking, custom crating, temporary storage, etc.
You have to compare moving services that each company offers to its customers

Compare moving companies reviews

Comparing moving companies costs and services alone may not be enough to pinpoint the right moving company to cooperate during the relocation. If you have almost made up your mind, we recommend that you take this step before you make a final decision. Check for other customers reviews in order to recognize fraudulent movers. The most respected companies in the industry know how to keep their reputation with the people they work with. Especially good online reputation brings new customers and a bigger income. So their aim is to provide you with high-quality services and affordable prices. For example, if they help you avoid moving mistakes and help you to accomplish relocation, you will recommend them to other people. And once a moving professional achieves a good reputation, his company will start appearing on reputable movers reviews websites.
Compare reviews in order to choose the right moving company

Compare movers’ professionalism

If you managed to compare moving companies prices and moving reviews of several relocating companies, you might possibly choose a few good offers. However when moving day comes you don’t really have much time to spend in comparing local moving companies or long distance moving companies. First, you need to contact reliable moving companies that not only support your route but also have an appropriate license to operate. You need to be sure that your mover will adequately insure your belongings against the risks during the relocation. Assessments that movers make via phone are usually unreliable. We recommend that you ask the moving company to send the representative to your address in order to personally evaluate the whole situation.
If the moving professionals are polite, it is a good sign

Mind the details

Even if you go through the things we mentioned above, it does not guarantee that everything goes well. Be sure you take care of the little details for the perfect relocation.  And usually moving estimates will be too similar, the consumer reviews will be inconclusive or even fake, and all of the companies will be licensed. All this can be very confusing. When you compare moving companies you need to look for all details. Contact the moving company of your choice and pay attention to these signs:
  • How responsive were the moving company representatives during the first contact?
  • Were the movers polite and professional during the in-home inspection?
  • Did they answer all your questions related to relocation?
  • Did they offer you a reasonable and competitive moving price?
  • Do they offer you insurance for your belongings?
  • Did the moving company offer you moving discounts?
  • Did they avoid any of these questions?
Moving is a stressful process and it takes a lot of effort when you have to do it on your own. This is why many people decide to hire professional mover’s help. But it tends to get out of their hands when they do not choose the right moving company. The best way to avoid this problem is to learn how to compare moving companies. When you do this properly you will avoid any moving problems. We wish this article will help you make your relocation as easy as possible with the help of professionals.


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