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How to declutter and downsize your home effectively

A lot of people tend to hoard stuff and hold on to them because of some memories. Over time just a few things become a pile of unused stuff that you just do not have the heart to throw out. That is a lot of things that you have to clean and are smothering you and your house. When you are done, you will find yourself to be more happy and content. There will be fewer things to worry about. You know you have to start somewhere and we are here to give you some tips on how to declutter and downsize your home effectively.

Start small

If by any chance you hoarded a lot of things over the course of several years, by now that pile should be enormous. A lot of memories are tied to some of those items, but the fact is, you have not picked them u and used them in quite some time now. Those items are now piling up and collecting dust and that is a lot to clean. We suggest that you start decluttering in a small area, preferably one you use on a daily basis. Start here and build your way around it.
Declutter and downsize your home effectively by starting small first

Clean up a bit

Keep that area as clean as possible as you work your way around. There is a huge chance that you have a lot of work so a big cleaning session is not an option. It may sound like a big of a deal, but starting small and dividing your work into small parts and sessions can really help you stay calm and on the right track. Bonus stress is if you are to move and have to work as quickly as possible. Furthermore, be sure to first hand off your important items to packing services San Antonio to help you be on your way and stress-free. To be even more organized, keep a note pad on hand and write yourself some tips on how to declutter and downsize your home effectively from coworkers, friends, and family.

Get some boxes

Our advice on how to declutter and downsize your home effectively is to have four types of boxes. Perhaps those boxes will serve some of the purposes. Number one will be your ‘’to keep’’ box. Second is the ‘’throw away’’ box, and number three is the ‘’ maybe’’ box. And ‘’number four’’ is the charity box. If you are to move, label and seal some of the number one boxes for the professional movers San Antonio, and be carefree about your number one. You can, of course, move the items from box to box, but make sure you do not add stuff to your number one. Anything that can be used and of use to people in need, you can put in the number four. If you pick an item and can not remember the last time you used it, it probably belongs in the number two. Box number five can be added if you are to sell some stuff. Do you keep asking yourself how to declutter and downsize your home effectively without only losing something of yours? Sell! Sell your clothes online, it is a win-win situation. You will downsize a lot and will put more stuff in the number two box if you are to make some money. You will set an example for others. A question on how to declutter and downsize your home effectively can be raised amongst your friends so be sure to help:
  1. Be there when they need you
  2. Share your notes and tips with them
  3. Help them realize what they need to throw away
  4. Make the process fun
  5. Share some struggles you went thru during the process
Always have some extra boxes when you decide to downsize your home

Declutter and downsize your home effectively by using shelves

Other than being effective and playing a huge roll in space making, shelves can be pretty fabulous. They take up no space on the floor whatsoever, keep the place neat, and do not restrict moving around your new decluttered home. You can use selves for storing important papers for your work, but at the same time keep a treasured memory or a piece of art. Furthermore, stop and look around for some tips on how to redecorate your office, and find some cool DIY on shelf making. They can be made of simple materials like cardboard, plastic and hot glue, and they are made very quickly. Pick up to 5 items that you use and cherish and place them on your new shelf close at hand. It surely is amazing how a simple piece can be so functional, and at the same time give the room a fresh look.
Shelves are great if you want to downsize and get some extra room

Have some fun

Well, it technically works, and you have a lot to go thru! But it sure can be made just a bit more fun. Invite some friends over to help you. Make some snacks and get ready for big decluttering sessions, if you’re not into doing baby steps. Recall some good old time as you sort thru the memories and make some new ones. Bonding time does not always have to be over coffee or lunch. You can be creative and active as you bond with the people you love. When people start cleaning up, it can be a tad overwhelming. Here you are, in front of all this work, maybe feeling a bit lost. There is nothing to worry about tho. A lot of people feel that way in the beginning, but keep in mind the end result. You will feel lighter and free as if a ton of weight has been lifted off of you. Cleaning sessions after will be shorter. Your house will almost always be tidy and guest-ready. And your mom will be so proud! Here we shared some tips with you on how to declutter and downsize your home effectively! The sooner you start, the closer the feeling of joy after you finish. Good luck!


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