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How to declutter your SA garage before relocation

Home decluttering was always a part of each relocation. Of course, if you have time to do it in the first place. But let’s say you have at least a month to cover your relocation project. If you do, you should definitely clean out the garbage and the unnecessary hoarding residues from your home. Or at least declutter your SA garage before relocation. Your garage is the place that usually contains most of the clutter. Therefore, before you schedule your movers San Antonio, you should cover this part thoroughly. Today, we will help you with this moving task. Let’s go!

Evaluate the situation first

The first thing you should do is to evaluate the whole situation. You must inspect your garage and figure out how many items you are relocating and how many throwing away. Your residential movers San Antonio TX must have this information as well to know what kind of moving truck to bring. Also, you will know how many packing materials are required to pack everything. Moreover, you should apply this process to all areas of your home. But at the moment, we will focus on your garage. So, check each corner and note everything down. Once you are done, start sorting your stuff out and get ready to declutter your SA garage before relocation.
create a plan to declutter your SA garage before relocation
Inspect your garage and figure out what kind of clutter is in question. Then, approach the situation adequately.

Prepare to declutter your SA garage before relocation

Ok, now when you know what is in front of you, you must prepare for decluttering. Basically, you must gather all packing materials dedicated to this occasion. Of course, you’ll need a few boxes, trash bins, and garbage bags as well. You’ll use those for the items you are about to remove. From the packing materials, you’ll need the following:
  • Packing tape.
  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Labels.
You can purchase everything from the nearest home depot, order online, or from your Texas movers. Once you have your materials with you, it is time to declutter your SA garage before relocation and pack for the journey ahead.

Declutter your SA garage before relocation and get rid of the excess items

Find a place where you can sort good items from the bad ones. Preferably a table or a flat surface. If you must sort everything on the ground, do it in front of the garage where you’ll see everything better. Shuffle through your belongings and set aside everything you do not need anymore. You surely have many of those unusable, outworn, broken, or simply not-needed items in your garage. People use their garage to park their vehicles and hold their tools. But usually, the garage gets cluttered with old clothing, toys, seasonal decorations, and other family items.
heavy clutter inside a garage
Set aside all the excess items and get rid of them once you are done.
So, sort them all out and if you have more than you expected, you can organize a yard sale. If not, you can donate to charities, to a local church, or simply recycle. Or give it to friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues if you like. Just make sure not to throw them away on the field. If you decide to throw it all away, make sure to dispose of it adequately.

Pack and get ready to move

On the other hand, you can’t do one or the other because it is waste of time. But people can choose to do it their way in the end. So, you can either pack good items or dispose of your clutter simultaneously. Or you can create two piles and pack them separately. Your choice entirely. Just make sure both are packed appropriately. One should be packed safely for the road ahead. And the other should be packed and wrapped well enough to survive the journey to the donation or the recycling center. Now you know how to declutter your SA garage before relocation. The key is in good preparation and obtaining enough packing materials. You can get those at your local movers Texas but make sure to obtain enough and get everything on time. Good luck and stay safe.


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