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How to declutter your San Antonio home before relocation?

Experts say that the perfect time to declutter your home is right before a move. This makes sense, because why spend time and money to move things you don't need or want anymore? It is a fact that you will save a lot of money on packing supplies and movers if you pack less. Therefore, before you contact your Texas Movers, consider going through your stuff and getting rid of the unnecessary items. If you are not sure where to start we will give you a few tips on how to declutter your San Antonio home before relocation!

Make a decluttering plan

Decluttering your San Antonio home before relocation can be a very stressful process. You probably already feel overwhelmed and not sure where, to begin with preparing for your upcoming relocation. To make the whole relocation process much easier, make a plan on how to declutter the home. First, give yourself time to declutter your home. Decluttering is a huge project, so you will need more than one week to do the job properly. Create a schedule and decide on which day you will tackle each room in your home. Also, make sure you set aside 1 to 4 hours a day to declutter. Do not overwhelm yourself with spending a whole day going through the stuff. Some people can tackle several rooms in two days, while others are comfortable working one hour every afternoon. That’s why it is important to make a decluttering plan and find what timeframe works for you before you hire residential movers San Antonio TX to relocate you to your new address.
declutter your San Antonio home before relocation is important and a woman decides what to take with her
To declutter your San Antonio home before relocation better you should make a solid plan and stick to it

Start with sorting and packing less-used rooms

The best way to be organized during the move is to start decluttering your home in San Antonio by going through the rooms with the most items that you don't use. The garage or attic are good places to start with decluttering since we tend to accumulate things in there. It is usually the stuff we haven't used for a couple of years o stuff that we use seasonally like Christmas decorations or Halloween decorations. Children's rooms are also a good place to start with decluttering. Kids tend to keep toys they have grown out of long ago. So, go through their stuff and purge the items they don't use anymore. Once you start with decluttering, gather the stuff you use together and the stuff you want to get rid of. This way it will be easier for you to see what you have and easier to let go of those items.

The importance of using the right tools

As this is a pretty big thing to do, doing it unprepared will not do the trick. If this is your first time decluttering your home you should know what tools to have close as well. Apart from having packing supplies and similar materials, you will need to have:
  • Scissors: You will use them for many different tasks, including removing packaging and similar materials. Avoid using substitute tools as that could be too dangerous. Once you begin, make sure your kids are not around.
  • Spatula: Chances are huge that you will need it to scrape something off. Be careful with delicate surfaces though as you may damage them for good.
  • Pencils or markers: You may need to label something important at the moment and pencils are usually not anywhere to be found when we need them the most. To make sure you won't be wasting any time, get yourself a couple.
These may not seem like essential tools to help you declutter your San Antonio home before relocation, but they are. Using them will make the entire process much easier and you will not have to waste time looking for them in the middle of decluttering. Most of them people usually keep in their homes, so you probably already have them somewhere.
scissors and pencils on the table
Surround yourself with good supplies and tools to declutter your San Antonio home before relocation

Questions to ask yourself when it's time to declutter your San Antonio home before relocation

How to know what items to toss away and what to let packing services San Antonio prepare for relocation? There are a few questions you should ask yourself if you are not sure whether you should take the item or leave it:
  • Have I used this item in the past year? – If the answer to this question is no, then there are great chances that you do not need it and you can leave it behind.
  • Does this item have sentimental value for me? – If you care about the item in question, if it brings some good memories and feelings, then you can consider keeping it and taking it with you to your new home.
  • Do I want to have this item in my new home? – Think about whether you want or not to have that item in your spotless brand-new home. Is this item worth packing and moving with you?
  • Will I use this item in my new home and where? – If you decide to take the item with you, think about how often you will use it or visualize it in your new home. If you plan to put it back in storage then you probably shouldn’t take it with you.

Benefits of decluttering your home in San Antonio

So, deciding to leave San Antonio means you made some big changes in your life. And since you think it will do you nothing but good, you should make sure you do it right. Your current home has around 1.452 million residents and is one of the most popular cities in the state of Texas. If you decide to move far away, you should use all the benefits this city has to offer. Before you make all the plans with long distance movers San Antonio makes sure to visit some places and locations that can help you move easily and prepare for that.
Two people looking at clothes
Before you decide to toss an item away, ask yourself whether you have used that item in the last two years
Apart from being famous for many attractions like SeaWorld and Alamo, San Antonio also has a title of a recycling master. That means that you can get rid of so many items and benefit from them. Once you start decluttering your home, set aside items that are suitable for recycling and take some time to find a place to take them. There should be at least one green solution in your area, so it shouldn't be difficult to reach it.

San Antonio also has many charity organizations

Declutter your San Antonio home before relocation doesn't mean you have to throw or sell your things. Your relocation could be a great way to make someone else happy as well. Once you begin this entire process make sure to check out some charity organizations in your area. Since San Antonio has plenty, you will manage to find one that is not only close to you but suitable as well. Take all those things you don't need anymore and give them to someone who needs them more than you do. By the time, moving companies San Antonio send their movers, your inventory will be ready to go. Besides having everything under control you will feel much better knowing that your items found a new home.
A garage sale sign
The items you won’t need in your new home you can donate, sell, or simply through away.

Rely on your San Antonio community to help you out

Apart from having friends and family members to help you out, you can also count on your community. Residents of San Antonio are famous for their hospitality and sense of community. As soon as you schedule your relocation make sure to inform them about the decluttering process that will soon take place. Expect a lot of them to show up and help you in the quickest way possible. San Antonio may be a huge city, but people living there are ready to help those closest to them no matter the occasion. Those who will be moving somewhere in the area will have even more reasons to do this. Before local movers San Antonio begins your relocation, ask neighbors to come and help you out. This entire process will be much faster and more effective when more people are involved. Let's not forget about all that fun you will get to enjoy with the people you love!

San Antonio is a great place that everyone loves

San Antonio is the largest city in Texas, after Huston. It has a big population that growing, mostly because of great job opportunities. The average salary is around $45,000, but the rents are as low as $900 for a one-bedroom apartment and $185,000 to buy a home.  There is no state income tax, and that is what attracts a lot of people here. The weather is amazing, and it's no wonder that the tourism industry is thriving. However, you can also find a prosperous job in tech. And if you are moving with your family, there are a lot of top-rated schools and colleges that you kids can attend.
two women talking
Your community and neighbors can help you declutter faster

What to do with the items you do not need?

Once you have separated and gathered the item you do not need anymore, there are three things you can do with them. You can simply toss them away if they have no value and no one can benefit from them. But, you can also sell the item. If you have stuff that could sell online it would be a great idea to post them and wait for a perfect buyer. Nowadays, this method is one of the best you can use to sell your things, especially those that have been previously used. On the other hand, you can always organize a garage sale and even make some money out of the whole relocation process. Furniture movers San Antonio will have less stuff to move, and you will spend less money on relocation and even earn some money. A great reason to declutter your San Antonio home before relocation, isn’t it? Moving to a new home is a perfect opportunity to go through your stuff and get rid of the items that have been stuck in your home for years. Yes, you will need time and a good plan, to start with the decluttering process. But do not despair.

Learn from your mistakes when and declutter your San Antonio home before relocation

When you finalize your relocation, try not to repeat the same mistakes twice. When you set up everything and decorate your new place, avoid piling things up again. If you are well organized during a move, you will have an easier time unpacking. Just think of all that time you spend decluttering back in San Antonio, and try to come up with some clever solutions. The amazing idea will be to get rid of items as soon as you realize you don't need them anymore. You can even use vacuum bags until you find a way to remove those items from your place.
cleaning mop on the floor
In the meantime don't forget to prepare your new home and find space for your items

Conclusion on how to declutter your San Antonio home before relocation

And just like that, your home will be neat and ready for the moving-out day. Keep in mind that this process may last, so make sure you have enough time for it.  As soon as you schedule your relocation you should begin sorting out your items. If you are not moving alone include the rest of the family members in the process to save even more time. Before you know it, you will manage to declutter your San Antonio home before relocation and you will do it like a real pro.


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