How to disassemble and pack a bunk bed

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    Packing Tips - August 13, 2019

    No matter how practical having two kids is, it is difficult to disassemble and pack a bunk bed. Do not forget that those are two beds in one, so it is hard for moving and packing, too. Even a single bed is hard for moving, so taking two beds with you might make you ask yourself – do I need this? There are reasons why taking a bunk bed with you can prove challenging:

    • Firstly, it is made of two beds, connected to be strong and protect children when sleeping – separating them on two is as hard as disassembling;
    • You should disassemble and a pack a bunk bed just right before moving – since it needs space for this job and you still use it until the last night before moving;
    • Do not forget that you have two mattresses there. Even the one is hard for moving – two are too much, especially if you need to clean them, too;
    • Resembling is also hard for beginners and demands special tools and knowledge – sometimes people do not know how to put back all parts of the bed;
    • Like in any other moving security is in the first place – mostly because two beds could easily harm somebody.

    There are many reasons to leave your bunk bed behind when moving. Even though if that means that you should buy a new one. However, in case you have to move and keep this functional bed, there are tips on how to do it quickly.

    Bunk beds that are great for children but hard to disassemble and pack for moving
    It is hard to disassemble and pack bunk beds

    Think twice if you need to disassemble and pack a bunk bed

    As we said, you should consider all the reasons to leave bunk bed when moving. However, some people love their beds and furniture the most. This especially worth for children. They easily make a connection with things and very hard to get rid of them. So, you should put all the reasons on the paper and decide, with the children if it is necessary should you disassemble and pack a bunk bed.

    Consider using a professional help

    It is the easiest and safest option, so do not hesitate to ask professionals for help. Do not worry about the price, though. There are many affordable movers New Braunfels that could help you. For a small amount of money, you will have an excellent service and job finished on time.

    Ask friends to help

    Well, friends are there to help. Even when moving to Fort Worth from any other distance, some of your friends could help to disassemble and pack a bunk bed. Choose those who know how to pack furniture and have a proper tool.

    Speaking about tools

    When we talk about tools, you know that you will need a special one for this job. In case that you do not have friends with the professional tool in their homes, you can ask professionals. There are many moving companies, like piano movers Texas that are specialized for these types of moving.

    Be careful with transporting

    Like we said, packing is not that hard as transporting of the bunk bed. It could cost a lot, but professionals who know the job have no price. That could be a good reason to choose one of the moving services New Braunfeld for help.

    Disassemble and pack a bunk bed like any other piece of furniture

    It should not be hard to pack any piece of furniture. The reason why we warn you on this step is that you will need to prepare everything before moving. You will surely need a proper tool and maybe expensive transportation. Nothing is impossible if you know-how and have money to pay for it.

    Use guide

    Every piece of furniture that demands special resembling come with a guide. It is good to save all those papers when buying new furniture. However, you will do this job much easier if you use a simple guide for disassembling. Use it for putting all back after moving. It allows you more time for exploring New Braunfels.

    Remove all small parts

    There are parts of the bed that we do not see at first. However, you should remove all of them before starting with the main job. Also, although it seems as simple advice, remove sheet and pillows from the bed.

    Bunk beds
    The hardest for disassembling a bunk bed is frame

    Disassemble frame as much as possible

    The frame is the largest part of the bunk bed. Luckily, manufacturers in the past decade make it in a way so you can easily separate on small pieces. Learn how to do it and save time and space later.

    Mark everything and write on the paper

    It will be much easier later to resemble the bed following a guide. However, if you do not have it, make your guide. Simply write and describe the steps you have made when disassembling the bed. Also, mark every part and put in a box separately.

    Do not forget on the mattress when to disassemble and pack a bunk bed

    The mattress is a significant part of the bed. It is a place where we sleep and live. For those reasons, it is full of dirty and small animals. That is why you should include yourself in this situation smartly and clean the mattresses. You will be sure for a long time that you have done the right job. Thankfully, cleaning of the mattress is not a hard job at all.

    Bunk beds
    Do not forget to clean mattresses after moving

    Use mattress as a protection

    In case you are moving, the mattress can have a great function. You can put it on the bottom of the box or transport truck when moving. Not only that it takes much less space, but in that way, it represents the best protection ever. However, wrap the mattress in plastic to protect it from damaging and dirt.

    Clean the mattresses

    That is an excellent opportunity to clean your mattress and have it refreshed for a long time. You can use preparation or natural organic things if you do not like chemicals. Even though you should concentrate on how to disassemble and pack a bunk bed, this should be important as well. After all, you will have a small satisfaction after this job.

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