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How to file a moving damages claim in Texas

Americans are moving by millions each year. Understandably with such a volume of relocation out there on the field, you are sure to have a few moving mishaps. Some are simply caused by the game of chance and some are due to incompetent movers. It happens rarely, but it can happen to anyone. And when it does, you should know how to file a moving damages claim. Today we will teach you how to do it right and ensure you have a safe moving to San Antonio. Let’s take a look.

You can prevent unpleasant situations if you find a reliable moving company

Before we even begin covering this unpleasant topic, we must tell you that you can prevent and avoid any unpleasantries. Simply by hiring one of the reliable and trusted moving companies San Antonio. But how to be certain movers you have found are the right choice? The answer is – you can never be. The only thing you can do is to research your movers and use are sources available to confirm their legitimacy. And if you can obtain referrals that would be great as well.
if your movers break something you can file a moving damages claim
All you need is a reliable moving company to take care of your relocation.
Hence, check if your movers are accredited on one of the moving-related websites, if they have a physical address, contact info, licenses, permits, tools, equipment, all needed moving services New Braunfels, etc. Dig as much info you can through moving reviews and social media before you give them a call. To file a moving damages claim is easy but why do it in the first place when you can prevent damages completely.

What is the reason for making claims against movers?

You can file a moving damages claim for numerous situations. It does not have to be a broken item or poor furniture handling. There are quite a few examples when you as a customer can legitimately pursue reimbursement. Take a look at the following:
  • Misplacement – Your movers can lose an item or two. This is an obvious reason to file a claim against your movers.
  • Missed delivery – If your movers miss a date or time for pickup or delivery, it is yet another reason to file a claim.
  • Scams – This topic is huge and there are hundreds of different moving scams out there. But it all comes to one thing. You paid for the service and you got something else in the end, or even worse, you never got the work done at all.
  • Slow movers – This example is very common and you should pay attention to it. Movers can prolong the packing, loading, transporting, and delivering so they can charge for the extra hours.
  • Unexpected costs – Of course, there are always additional costs and unexpected charges.
These were a few examples. So, if you encounter anything similar, you can file a claim against your moving company.

When you can file a moving damages claim?

You can file a claim as soon as you are done with the moving process. Your movers will deliver your cargo and provide a copy of the bill of lading and proof of delivery. At that point, you should inspect your cargo and if anything is damaged or missing, you can file a complaint. Or as we stated earlier, you can file a complaint about bad behavior, mistreatment, or anything else you think was done wrong during the relocation. Hopefully, you’ll end up with professional Texas movers who will make sure you have a pleasant moving experience.
a woman stressing out after relocation
You can file moving damages claims right after you are done with the relocation.

How to file a moving damages claim?

Even if it seems complicated, filing a complaint is pretty simple. Just go to FMCSA or any regulatory agency and fill in the form. You should previously review your moving contract and gather the most important info. Just follow a guide on their website and you’ll need to populate the basic info like address, contact info, number of moving contract, date of the pickup and delivery, costs, name of the customer and provider, etc. There will be quite a few legalities but when you populate your form, you’ll hit submit and that will be all. Then you can give your moving company a call to check if you can settle this without pursuing them legally. This is it. Now you know how to file a moving damages claim against your moving company. Hopefully, you won't have to do it at all and you’ll find a trustworthy moving team to relocate you safely and affordably. As long as you do your research before hiring movers, you will lower the chances for moving mishaps significantly. Good luck.


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