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How to find affordable dorm room movers?

College is a huge and irreplaceable experience. It’s where we learn (and I’m not talking just about your curriculum), grow, mature, fall in love, make new friends, cry, change, and make memories that last a lifetime. Most of those memories are the ones we create right there in the dorm. It’s where we start building the network of people we will interact with at some point in our future, be it professionally or personally. That’s why it’s never easy when we have to say goodbye to it, even if it’s just for the summer. In order to make that transition at least a little bit easier, we’ve made this guide to help you find affordable dorm room movers. No matter where they went to college, be it a community college, or a state university, students should have a solid plan prepared for when the graduation comes and it’s time to move out of their dorm rooms for good. If you’re studying in your hometown, then one of the local movers will be a great option for you. However, if your college is far from your hometown (say, if you’re moving to Texas), you will need a reliable cross-country moving company.
Graduation - a girl blowing some glitter towards the camera
Graduation is one of the most important events in your life, but it comes with the fact you have to move out of your dorm
So, how do you find affordable dorm room movers? As a fresh college graduate, you’re practically expected to be with very limited funds. It’s only natural you’d want to spend as little as possible. Here are some tips you should follow in order to get your money’s worth, and also be satisfied with the experience.

Ask around

Surely there are many other students like yourself who are getting ready to graduate and move back home? How about you start asking other people on the campus if they’ve heard of any good and inexpensive dorm room movers? Or, even better, ask people who have graduated the year before what company’s services they used. It is best to ask people you trust to give you their honest feedback on the movers they hired. Aside from asking about the prices, you can also ask them what kind of services the moving company provided, in order to know what to expect.

Checking for online reviews

The Internet is a great place to find information, but it’s also full of trolls and bitter people, so you may want to be careful with this one. Plenty of positive reviews from happy customers is generally a good sign that you’re dealing with a good mover. Online reviews can be a solid reference, but you should not trust every single review you read.

Call around, collect info, compare

The key is finding the moving company that best suits your needs and your budget. Call multiple movers, tell them exactly what you need, and ask about the estimated price. You can compare the info you've gathered and narrow down the options. There are so many college campuses and even more moving companies - you just need to find the one that's best for you (and your budget).
A man in a white shirt holding a smarphone - trying to find affordable dorm room movers
You have to make lots of phone calls in order to find affordable dorm room movers

How to find affordable dorm room movers: FAQs

Moving is strenuous, stressful, and zero fun. And if you have very limited knowledge about the moving process, then it's even worse - can cause a serious headache. Luckily, we are here to answer some very common questions about finding dorm movers. Hopefully, the answers to your questions are somewhere on this page.

What sort of services do the dorm room movers offer?

If you are new to the moving game, you want to know exactly what you're gonna get for the price you pay. So let's start with the basics:
  1. Do the movers pack and wrap my stuff? - They can pack and wrap everything if that's the kind of service you want. If you go with the cheaper moving plan, you can hire the movers to only relocate your already packed things. Obviously, packing and wrapping are paid extra. However, it is totally worth it since it's usually the worst part of the moving process.
  2. I have some fragile items, will the movers be careful? - You are hiring professionals for a reason – it is highly unlikely that you would be able to pack and wrap everything as well and as quickly as the professionals do. It is their job and they have been trained to make sure all of your things are properly stored during the shipment.
  3. Do I have to provide packing materials, boxes, bubble wrap, etc.? - If you're going with the full-service moving plan, then no. Everything is provided by the moving company, including things such as furniture blankets and additional padding.

What kind of packing supplies do I need? (For those who want to pack everything themselves)

A dorm room is luckily smaller than the average apartment, not to mention a house, so you probably couldn't clutter (even if you wanted to). That means you don't have that much stuff to move. However, we promise you that, once you start packing, you'll see it's much more than it initially seemed. Get lots of boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap (to protect sensitive and fragile items), padding for furniture. We recommend plastic bins for liquids (in case anything is spilled, the liquid stays within that one box) or heavy items (plastic is sturdier than cardboard).
A person giving another person a cardboard box
Make sure you have enough boxes before you start packing

Can the movers move my piano?

As you can expect, it is paid extra to move heavy objects such as pianos. It is totally feasible, though. You can check out some piano movers Texas has to offer and see if they can offer a good deal.

What do I do to simplify and speed up the process of moving?

Start planning ahead. Categorize your belongings. Start packing early, first pack some things you know you won't be needing before the move. Keep the essentials box (toiletries, change of clothes, etc.) somewhere you can easily access it even on the moving day. Label every single box. Hopefully, this has been helpful. You can now easily find affordable dorm room movers and focus on what's most important - your studies.


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