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How to get motivated to start unpacking

Ah, the moving day is finally over. Is there a better feeling? I don't think so. Just think about what you went through in the past weeks. You've had to find reliable movers, avoid moving mistakes, deal with the paperwork and make sure that everything goes according to plan. And, if your move is like 99% of others, everything didn't go according to plan. You had to deal with will surprising circumstances and unexpected mishaps that plague every relocation. But, it is over. Now comes the time to settle into your new home. But, one thing can be a hassle to do, and that is unpacking. Well, here is why unpacking is important and how to get motivated to start unpacking.

Why is unpacking good for you

The main reason why people postpone unpacking is that they do not realize how important it is. They may seem perfectly content with living out of their moving boxes for weeks if not months. Well, that is not only wrong but can even be unhealthy.


We, as humans, like to nest ourselves. A certain place doesn't feel like home until we make it one. And the way that we do so when moving, is by unpacking. Only when we see our possessions spread around the place and we, therefore, put our personal touch on it do we actually experience the room as our own. There is a whole psychology of decor behind this. It has been with us since the dawn of time. Even the prehistoric cavemen like to paint on cave walls in order to bring some uniqueness to their place of living.
Only when you unpack will your house look like a home.
It is simply the way that we are built. You can most easily see this with pregnant women. Just as dogs like to mark their territory, so do we. The only difference is that we do so with possessions and they do it with... well... you know...

Getting settled it

Beside simply nesting, you will have a much better time settling into your new life if you unpack. Unpacking will give you the opportunity to go over your possessions once more and see where they fit in your new life. You should not only find a place for them in your new home but think of the ways in which you will use these items in your future adventures. This should give you a jump start in avoiding nostalgia and force you to look to the future. This is mentally much better than being stuck in the past. This is, unfortunately, how most people are after moving.


Unpacking has the great benefit of being relaxing. Now, you need to understand that this doesn't have to be the case. If you do it simply because it has to be done, you will find a little relaxation in it. But, if you take your time and got at it at your own pace, you will find yourself enjoying the whole ordeal. Luckily, if unpacking is not your cup of tea, there are some ways that you can help yourself get motivated to start unpacking.
Relax while unpacking
Unpacking can be tremendously relaxing if you do it without rushing.

How to help yourself get motivated to start unpacking

Not all people like to unpack. And, since you are reading this article, you are probably one of them. Even though you now know how important unpacking is, you still cannot get motivated to start unpacking. Well, worry not. There are a couple of tricks you can use to give yourself the necessary motivation to start.

Play music

The first thing that gets unpacked should be your phone and your speakers. In order to get motivated to start unpacking you should put on some of your favorite music. Try not to play songs that are sad or calm. Play something that will bring your energy up and help you start unpacking. Something that you can sing along to while you tackle the numerous boxes that you have moved with you. A good idea is to play some old songs that are bound to make you cheerful and that for which you know the words.

Invite friends

When people think of unpacking they usually think about being alone and surrounded by boxes. Well, if you have that attitude, no wonder you cannot get motivated to start unpacking. A good idea is to invite a friend to help you out. You can invite multiple, but don't invite more than three. With some good friends by your side, you will be unpacking your possessions in no time. Or, if you move with kids, you can let them help. You will laugh, joke, sing your favorite songs and unpack, all at the same time. A good idea is to treat your friends with a well-deserved pizza for helping you unpack.
In order to get motivated to start unpacking invite some friends
Friends can help you get motivated to start unpacking.

Set a goal

If having friends and playing is music is not how you imagined unpacking, no problem. Then it is a task that you need to do. But, even then you can get motivated to start unpacking. Think of it as a goal. Give yourself time until which you want to see your possessions unpacked and go at it will full force. A good idea is to not stop until you are completely finished. Once you start unpacking keep on going until there are no more packed boxes left.

Go at it room by room

And finally, good advice for both unpacking on your own and with your friends. When you unpack, do so room by room. Just make sure to label your boxes so that you know in which room you should unpack them in. The problem with packing is that there is always a mess involved. In order to make it as small as possible, you should start unpacking a room and not go to the next one until you finish. That way you will have a clear sight of what you have accomplished, which is a great motivator for further unpacking.


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